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  1. MindArkantos

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    I've played minecraft for a while, but I didn't know Sals had a server. :( I'm confused what the Ip is tough. Can someone post it?
  2. MindArkantos

    Official Wow Thread

    I'm low lvled, but Moon Guard seems to be a great rp server. If you join it add Thargaan for alliance Garshak for horde
  3. MindArkantos

    Official Wow Thread

    Im dling Wow as i type im gonna be a alliance druid on a rp server anyone on here know a good rp server for burning crusade
  4. MindArkantos

    Warcraft 3

    I play but i mostly play custom games and the rpgs. Im mindarkantos on there.
  5. MindArkantos

    Official Wow Thread

    what do the extra buttons on the mouse do?
  6. MindArkantos

    Official Wow Thread

    thank you for your help I have a friend with cataclysm i wanted to play with and im getting regular wow for sure for Christmas and im pretty sure im getting bc W00T. ok so now i need to find some people on here who are not epic gods who are lvl 80+
  7. MindArkantos

    Official Wow Thread

    i have a question can someone on regular wow play with someone on cataclysm?
  8. Um this sounds cool i am horrible at art/coding but i can help with pretty much everything else. off topic: this game will probably need a tutorial and for my easter egg Arkantos will be the name of they guy who guides you trough the tutorial
  9. MindArkantos

    Official Wow Thread

    I've never played wow except for roc, but i get to pick my present for Christmas, so i picked the wow battle chest
  10. MindArkantos

    What Religion Do You Follow?

    Ancient Greek Religion GO ZEUS
  11. MindArkantos


    I just made a nation The Free Land of the Olympian Council.
  12. MindArkantos

    Collect From Banks

    Sounds cool. I dont use G.E that much but i support
  13. MindArkantos

    Where Would You Most Like To Live?

    I would live in Greece. Go Zeus!!!! Zeus FTW!!!!!
  14. MindArkantos

    Diablo 2

    well if you go to the customs games menu there are a ton of role plays like mrp
  15. MindArkantos

    Diablo 2

    wow3 roc and tft have battle net im on roc and if you make 1 battle net account it travels between all blizzard games. So your diablo 2 account will work on wow roc or tft.

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