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  1. TehNoobShow? WHAT YEAR IS IT? At the very least I expected a "GUTHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX"
  2. Lizzard

    Automaton Killing Guide

    Well it technically is, isn't it. The pics left me a little confused, though. I'm not sure what those vial-looking thing are. Are they vials from Prifddinas? I'd assume so but can't be sure. And that item of which there's 1960 I've never seen before. What's its function in combat exactly?
  3. Now we just have to wait until the whole house can look as good and we'll be set. :P Gonna have to wait a bit until I can build one, myself. Getting rewards from your Aquarium sounds interesting.
  4. Hello, Sal's Realm. Some of you may remember me. I'm Rune Lizzard and was one of the Top F2Pers of the forum, but I stopped playing a while ago. Now, however, my passion for the game has returned. But not my passion for F2P. I started playing in January 2006 and have never been a Member. Until today. I spent a great amount of time and effort into honing my skills and was able to get ranked into the Top 200 Freeplayers list. But now I've gone from an awesome Freeplayer to a nooby Member. Well, at least I'll have fun being a nooby Member. I played a bit of the 2-week demo for new players and loved it. Here is what I achieved these past 6 years: And here's how I ruined it:
  5. Lizzard


    When I read about the clothes, I was like "Oh, nice, a few new options to choose from." But NO! I can spend freaking days trying out combos with these new clothes. o.O They could've said "We've added a truckload of new shizzle". Way to downplay it, Jagex. xD
  6. Lizzard

    Runescape's Next Top F2p Skiller

    Honestly, that's bull. To me, skillers are people who prefer to train non-combat skills, not people who never, under any conditions, train Combat. And the way I see it, you got 3 stats to 60. Either way, congrats.
  7. Lizzard

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    A wall that is meant to hold an entire Tailed Beast. And he was using a brand new power-up. It's still a gaping plothole that even now that he's mastered the Kyuubi's chakra, he can't even regenerate from a sprained ankle. Naruto simply acquired control over it, he's mastered jack. If you give me to fly a Boeing 737, that doesn't mean that I'll know what to do with it just because I have it. He still needs to train with it. And... a plothole? Can't you at least give Kishi time to explain? If he chooses to ignore this little detail after thing's have calmed down, then feel free to call it a plothole. After all, just... what? half a minute has passed since he sprained his ankle. Speaking of which, Naruto's always had fast regenration but he's still needed time to heal. He just heals faster than normal, not immediately.
  8. Lizzard

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    A wall that is meant to hold an entire Tailed Beast. And he was using a brand new power-up.
  9. Lizzard

    Cryptic Clue Fest Ii Answers

    Yeah, you don't have to do the clues once they come out. You can wait until the end to do them all and they'll be out for several days after the reward is revealed so you'll have plenty of time.
  10. Lizzard

    I Can Now Smith Rune Lizards

    When I was a low level oh so many years ago people would come up to me and ask "Hey, Rune Lizzard, where's your Rune?" (with much poorer grammar, mind you) WELL HERE IT IS!!! :/ After all these years, I can live up to my name and smith Rune! Now my plan for rule domination can be set in motion! You will all know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengance upon thee. yeah, I have issues
  11. I'd say it is. After coming back for the first time in over half a year, I also noticed that not as much is going on as it used to.
  12. Lizzard

    Take Your Pens And Exit, Stage Left

    Hell if I know. xD Suppose I'll go for 85 Smithing. Nothing else planned long-term, really.
  13. Lizzard

    99 Swords

    Now that's an awesome level to have. B) Grats, mate.
  14. I'll stick with swords, thank you very much. And on my birthday, too.
  15. Lizzard

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    And Kenpachi is on Aizen's side, which is how he'd get a hold of the Big Bang Bankai?

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