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  1. Justiiin

    Db V Cr

    i can always rely on 3x for a bit of flame ALL DB DONT WASTE UR ENERGY NO DB FLAME OR ANSWER BACK TO ANY FLAME BAIT OR 3X how about ft cause it is true
  2. Justiiin

    Veng + Smite

    when you recoil with veng and have smite on does the veng'd hit have the smite effect? ex. you veng a 40, does the persons prayer drop by 10?
  3. Justiiin

    Forgotten Templars Vs. Crimson Raiders

    102 kills 0 deaths i believe this is the fight where i survived on 2 food, lasted aprox 6 people? < - last 6 or some number like that
  4. Justiiin

    Ft V Ra

    i am so cool
  5. Justiiin

    Db Vs Bsk - P2p Mini

    from the last 2 posts i've read i gotta question if this was really all that clean
  6. Justiiin

    Db Vs 3xtermination

    whats even worse is the members dont really care that they are cheating
  7. Justiiin

    Db Vs 3xtermination

    im not the biggest fan of either clan but. if 3x was supposed to attack, db cheated 3x wins. simple as that
  8. Justiiin

    Triforce Vs Eo

    oh wow.
  9. Justiiin

    Sal's 99'ers

    add me, my total lvl to fletching
  10. Justiiin

    Ranked Members Should Take Initiative

    and if something happens to happen to the site? who is to blame?
  11. Justiiin

    Ft Karaoke

    Do it.
  12. Justiiin

    Biggest Upcoming Sals Clans?

    dunno how old they are but im saying insomnia

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