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  1. Mathedes

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    I agree! There's something inticing about this clan...
  2. Yeah, well we live and we learn. :D Some members were skeptical of having AC'ers considering the scale of our war, but I knew anything was possible. Next time I should just order the entire clan to take a stand and send them to Edgeville! ...and I might take you up on that AC job!
  3. The Phoenix Legions versus Descendant Guardians Video: Rules: WILDERNESS TREE-to-TREE MBR - FULL-OUT - KNOCK OUT - LOWEST PULL ATTACKS Ring On Dung/Corr/FoG/GoP/Sniping Off We warred Descendant Guardians at CWA a month ago. Now DG came back to us for a lengthy prep PvP war, which is our first. TPL Starting: 17? (113.2?) +Gorgy Porgy (level: 126) DG Starting: 13 (Average 102.1) +of Mushrooms (level: 122) We agreed to let DG rush in on us because they pulled lower opts as well as a lower average. Once they rushed, we got on DG Green (level 98) and downed him in a few seconds. (For much of this war, it was hard to avoid the AC Unit Blacknights because they were splashing binds on some of TPL. Right after downing DG Green, you can see an AC'er failing a bind on TPL's fall in. Not that we're complaining, just something to point out.) When looking for the second pile, DG rushed in on us but TPL grabbed another kill. Their decent take was Mojohaza who managed to elude us for a bit, but TPL was still in the lead. They piled one of our Warlords but he managed to survive down to no inventory before DG hopped off the pile. Near the end, it was getting pretty weird. DG was just sitting around and some people looked like either the AC unit or randoms. We were going to spare the last of them but Keanu was granted the honor to tank us to his death. ~Surprise Ending!~ As soon as Keanu was dropped, the BK AC unit rushed us. They had blasts and everything our war rules did not. TPL was ordered to take a quick stand against them and piled Fruitloops (level 116). The whole fiasco ended with our clan taking it to Greater Demons before calling it off and ordering everyone out of there. We're not sure if BK was bored and trying to avenge DG, but there was no point in fighting this. TPL bailed or logged out, keeping our heads high. Today, we entered a new realm of warfare. Be proud of yourselves TPL! Thanks for the fight DG! Great seeing them again.
  4. Lol i would be ticked by that . i noticed you and mathdedes have weird looking faces avatars. Must be a TPL thing Yeah I don't quite understand...It's The Phoenix Legions, not The Legions Phoenix. That's a pure lie... Or you and I are just that crazy.
  5. Sounds like we can give it an easy shot since the worst that can happen is saying no. Even if we lose to a clan, we can ask them to post it here.
  6. Mathedes

    Tpl Vs Tlot Report

    Hmmm? Where do you see that?
  7. Mathedes

    Runescape Scorpions || R.s.s.

    Heya, hope your clan is doing well. Maybe we could have a miniwar against eachother some time?
  8. Thank you. It had a few laughs and I hope to find more pictures like that.
  9. The Phoenix Legions was born in Sal's Realm and has always been loyal to Sal's Realm. Even though we've branched out and are recruiting in other forums, this has been our home for the longest time. We weren't exactly part of the old CD when 3x and Forgotten Templars were around because we couldn't compete at the time. We posted and went our merry way, trying to survive. Until recently, other clans would not accept official post wars, but this is changing with our persistence. We will be posting here more often because it is our duty to bring attention to ourselves and bring attention back to Sal's Realm. In a previous thread by the RuneScape Scorpions, Micael mentioned bringing rivalries back to make things interesting to Sal's CD. I'd like to see a rivalry but that means we'll have to start burning POHs and egging clan citadels. But at this time, TPL has no official intention to help organize a revival of the CD. What we will do is keep posting. If something happens, it will happen with some involvement to take root.
  10. Mathedes

    Apocalyptic Harbingers Join Today

    Hey there! Felt like you could use a bump! I hope you're doing well!
  11. Mathedes

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    7 more posts until the achievement of epic spam.
  12. Mathedes

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Ugh. Looking at all the random talk on this thread now, has made me to realize... We made it to page 50! Congratulations on the mindless spamming and bumping!
  13. Mathedes

    The Ko Unit

    You guys need a bump!

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