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  1. There's my max from last week-this week's max is in progress now.
  2. shaun1e rob

    War Of Legends Name List

    iShaun1e-Royal Garden-with KotO alliance.
  3. shaun1e rob

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    I may consider a Corporeal Beast mass, actually. The only problem is my combat level-it's a nice healthy 95 (when I last checked, including Summoning) My Ranged is nothing good (about 50), and I doubt Magic would be appreciated.
  4. shaun1e rob

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    I will be at the Zamorak area early, to pick up my 40 killcount, so expect me to have to worldhop.
  5. shaun1e rob

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    ty ty ty ty ty b0b, I will be at the 5pm one, although I may be a little late due to the fact that I haven't done Eadger's Ruse, and thus cannot teleport to Trollheim. Therefore, I will have to run from Warrior's Guild. But I WILL be there if it kills me! (quite literally -.-)
  6. shaun1e rob

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    Ummm, I would LOVE to come to these, but 10-11pm GMT is too late for me. Any chance of an earlier mass on another day, as I would really like to go to one of these (I can only go to Zamorak and Bandos atm)
  7. shaun1e rob

    Sal's Kbd Hunting Crew

    Sal's RuneScape Forum Name: shaun1e rob RuneScape Username: shaun1e rob (but not for long-i may change it) RuneScape Combat Level: 92 Experience: I've been to KBD a few times, not too successful on the drops though Active: If I'm on Runescape (which is quite frequent), I will, 95% of the time, drop everything and go KBD hunting if wanted/needed/asked Additional: The optimum time to catch me on RS is between 2pm-8pm GMT. Combat broken down: 70 Attack 70 Strength 69 Defence 55 Prayer 63 Magic 53 Summoning 52 Ranged 70 Hitpoints EDIT: Updating stats
  8. shaun1e rob

    70 Attack!

    Wewt! Thanks to those who came to the KBD with me two days ago, when I achieved this level. Wewt for Abyssal Whips! EDIT: Whoops, put 75 Attack in the title accidentally

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