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  1. Here's a pic. It is indeed awesome
  2. The problem is the fudgeing regulations. There's so many of them that building new plants is pretty much impossible, thus forcing them to use outdated technology and MAKING A CATASTROPHE MORE LIKELY. IT'S MADNESS Fun Fact: I'm at a Chinese powerplant that is under construction right now. It's in a scenic location that required moving a small mountain but positions it on a great heat sink (a river mouth with sea access) and protection from harsh weather (there's a typhoon outside and it's all good). They're the first to build the new AP1000 reactor which has some incredible designs. The company that makes it is Westinghouse Electric and is American. So ya, the fun fact is that American Engineers are building some of the most advanced reactors in the world for China. Oh, and if you want an example of old reactor that needs to be replaced, Indian Point is in dire need of a sucessor. Of course we aren't building any new plants and it supplies about 25% of the power to New York City so it's kinda stuck there for a while... Also, I forgot how nice Sal's is to Nuclear Power. I missed it.
  3. Ok this is a few days old but STOR is going F2p. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/07/31/swtor-free/ I'm sure nobody was surprised. This also means I can actually play it eventually
  4. Don't you just love how the streets flood when it's raining like a typhoon?

  5. Wait, that does that to people? I turned to a random page and couldn't finish half a paragraph with a straight face.
  6. One thing bugged me. Robin's name isn't Robin, it's Richard, normally shortened to Dick. Also I'm kinda hoping they go the Nightwing route since he's, you know, not a kid. Either way I really liked the movie. It wasn't the best but it was a good ending. There was also a baby beside me and the parents actually took it out of the theatre when it was getting loud
  7. @ Whitney Have you tried Arrested Development? @ Leo Crimson I can't wait for those! I was jumping around in my seat everytime the Avengers trailer showed at my theatre so as long as they don't mess up these it'll be another few years of awesome
  8. So...has anybody seen the new Spiderman movie? Oh and just one week and The Dark Knight Rises will be out.
  9. Well they say that only lion tamers are killed by lions but I never heard it apply to elephants before.
  10. So how are we doing on the whole Sal's realm guild thing? Also, anybody want to team up and kill somethings? I got a pretty good wizzard who just can't wait to kill stuff.
  11. So I found a little flash game that was amazing. It's called RPG Shooter: Starwish. It's filled with lots of interesting characters and is a tale with many intriguing themes, my favorite being redemption. The one thing is that the bosses don't get change too much but it's still a fun journey.
  12. Sleepy


    I may be a little biased but I can't think of any reasons to choose Miami outside of wearing sunglasses and making puns. DFW all the way
  13. Well one has warning signs to let you get medicated. The other doesn't. Seems obvious. But without medication, I have no clue.
  14. I'd take a statistics class and then realize how I beat the near impossible odds of winning.
  15. For d) you lowered it properly but forgot to bump it over like you did in b). Otherwise it looks good.
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