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  1. guapanese

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Father - Fake AF Future - March Madness Beach House - 10:37 Tame Impala - Yes I'm Changing L'A Capone - Some More 21Savage - Picky TOPS - Double Vision TOPS - Outside Ramriddlz - Pineapple Crush Young Thug - Paradise Young Thug - Pacifier Young Thug - Be Me See Me Young Thug - With That Young Thug - Chickens
  2. guapanese

    Old Sal's Realm Member from 2007

    we out here
  3. guapanese

    Music Recommendations Thread

    once again, kanye proves himself to be a god
  4. guapanese

    Music Recommendations Thread

    didn't i tell yall young god timberlake was gonna kill the game...
  5. guapanese

    Old School RuneScape... You Vote!

    all those hours slaved on my computer clicking a tree. only once never again.
  6. guapanese

    Music Recommendations Thread

    oh gawd the young god justin 20/20 gonna kill the game
  7. guapanese

    Timberlake the God set to return

    https://www.youtube....h?v=vS099HAFUjY https://www.youtube....h?v=5c26bvnyj1I please, please, never doubt timberlake the god again. suit & tie was just a little warm up song, timberlake is ready to kill the game again justin, please bless us with another classic
  8. guapanese

    probably going to quit sal's

    damn Yall goin in with these essays
  9. guapanese

    Music Recommendations Thread

    The Underachievers tape is out. Beast Coast
  10. Releasing a song tonight. Justin is ready to reclaim his throne
  11. guapanese

    Music Recommendations Thread

    my top albums of 2012 1. finally rich - chief keef 2 channel orange - frank ocean 3. trilogy - weeknd 4. bloom - beach house 5. visions - grimes 6. pluto - future 7. life aint no joke - lil durk 8. back from the dead - chief keef 9. life of a savage 2 - SD
  12. guapanese

    Music Recommendations Thread


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