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  1. die hard

    1 Billion Cooking Exp btw

    Gratz on getting your 1B Cooking xp! Way further than I would ever go with that skill for sure lol!
  2. die hard

    Three left

    Congratz man, getting 99 in everything sure is an achievement, keep at it!
  3. die hard

    99 Smithing and a nice treat shortly after

    Gratz on both the level and the win! spend it wisely lol -Die Hard
  4. die hard

    Halfway there

    *insert bon jovi lyrics here* -Die Hard
  5. I think the update is fine, people have just grown accustomed to what bandos and other armours have looked like the past year or so and change has unsettled them. If bandos had started out how it looks now and changed to the old look i bet it would get the same complaints its getting now. Im still using items for stats and not looks so this update is just fine for me. -Die Hard
  6. die hard

    My first 99

    Congratz on getting 99 wc! My first 99 as well and its such a great cape so enjoy! -Die Hard
  7. die hard

    Its been too long

    Hmm, i wasn't a really popular person back then but you got me curious how you may have heard of me lol. Thanks though for all the welcomes -Die Hard
  8. die hard

    98 Woodcutting- the level before the skillcape

    What a co-winky dink, 99 wc was my first 99! i know how your feeling and gratz on getting this far, not much more to go ! -Die Hard
  9. die hard

    Its been too long

    That would be me, i registered May 30 2006. Member # 14,000 or so if my memory serves me lol. -Die Hard
  10. die hard

    Its been too long

    Its probably been maybe a year since i've come on sals but i'm glad to say that i will probably be getting back into rs (i'm all settled in now at college) so that probably means back to the forums here, which look like they have changed quite a bit lol. -Die Hard
  11. die hard

    99 Cooking

    Gratz on getting 99 cooking, enjoy the cape! -Die Hard
  12. die hard

    "i Db0w U" Has Nothing On Me Now!

    Gratz on getting 94 mage and the fun new spells -Die Hard
  13. die hard

    Prim 2h

    Congratz and good luck on getting the rest of the way there -Die Hard
  14. die hard

    Slayer Tasks You Hate

    Trolls because i get them so frequently and the drops aren't that great and it just gets very repetitive. -Die Hard
  15. die hard


    Gratz on getting 99 magic :D -Die Hard

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