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  1. die hard


    Good job on getting to 95 slayer -Die Hard
  2. Gratz on getting half way to 99 mining -Die Hard
  3. die hard

    Teh Unicorn

    Grtaz on 88 summoning and enjoy your pony -Die Hard
  4. die hard

    First Try

    Uggg, don't even make me think about my past 28 attempts on nomad lol, i keep making the dumbest little mistakes but i'll get him soon enough, gratz though -Die Hard
  5. die hard

    I Win ;d

    Gratz on the skill i'll probably never get unless needed by a quest -Die Hard
  6. die hard

    After Training Countless Hours...

    gratz on getting the cape, i'm working on mine back but i need 65 hunter and i hate training hunter lol -Die Hard
  7. die hard

    My First Achivement!

    Gratz on getting those two fun levels, have fun with dragon and your 4 digit total -Die Hard
  8. die hard

    99 - 1 Fishing

    Gratz on getting to 98 fishing, a goal i hope to achieve someday -Die Hard
  9. die hard

    160m Later

    Gratz on getting 95 prayer -Die Hard
  10. die hard

    Double Trouble

    Gratz on getting 83 slayer and another hot cape -Die Hard
  11. die hard

    Stupid Things In The Water >:(

    Gratz on getting 60 fishing -Die Hard
  12. die hard

    98 Fishing

    Gratz on 98 fishing and good luck on getting 99, not much further at all -Die Hard
  13. die hard

    495 Fingers

    Congratz on getting 99 str -Die Hard
  14. die hard

    Small But Special Achievement

    Gratz on getting to 70 wooductting Dreak -Die Hard
  15. die hard

    Fire Cape

    Gratz on the fire cape -.- -Die Hard
  16. die hard

    Air Guitar, Finally

    Gratz on getting the air guitar, i got it when i got my quest cape -.- lol -Die Hard
  17. die hard

    Fire Cape :d

    Gratz on the fire cape, enjoy it -Die Hard
  18. die hard

    So I Herd U Liek

    Gratz on 92 fishing, now get the other half of the puzzle that is 99 -Die Hard
  19. die hard

    Not Much But I Still Love It

    Gratz on getting halfway there to 99 fm, now use my corny bon jovi titles for you next levels!! -Die Hard
  20. die hard

    70 Slayzah

    Gratz on 70 slayer, enjoy the new tasks. -Die Hard
  21. die hard

    I'm Seeing 95 Fireworks

    Gratz on 95 hunting, now get 99 before school! -Die Hard
  22. die hard

    80 Slayer

    Gratz on 80 slayer, enjoy the rune boots ^^ -Die Hard
  23. die hard

    88 Summoning

    Gratz on the pretty horsy, make sure you groom it twice a day. -Die Hard
  24. die hard

    New Spell Book

    Well updating one of them to make mage a little be less underpowered to the other skills would be nice and is probably the most logical thing for jagex to do. -Die Hard
  25. die hard

    90 Agility

    Gratz on 90, goodluck on 99 and have fun with it^^ -Die Hard

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