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  1. die hard


    Gratz on 99 attack, i'm currently working on this ^^ -Die Hard
  2. die hard

    Raining Raining

    Gratz on 82 mage, now make me some freeze pops! -Die Hard
  3. die hard


    Gratz on 80 mage, it may be a while away but is so worth the trip. -Die Hard
  4. die hard

    99 Hitpoints

    Nice job on 99 hp Aza, enjoy your long life span -Die Hard
  5. die hard

    92 Smithing!

    Grtaz on 92 smithing, now get 99 so i can have free rune plates ^^ -Die Hard
  6. die hard

    Woot After Many Hours Of Long Boring Work

    Good job on the void, i'll probably never have the patience to get it so enjoy it lol, and gratz on the 10 mil. -Die Hard
  7. die hard

    Dark Bow Please

    Gratz on 60 range ^^, get it to 70 for some black d hide -Die Hard
  8. die hard

    Emerl's First Million

    Grtaz on your first 1m, thats the most exciting feeling seeing yourself with that much money, don't spend it all now ^^ -Die Hard
  9. die hard

    80 Fishing

    Gratz on 80 fishing, now get 80 smithing ^^ -Die Hard
  10. die hard

    1 More Lvl For Epic Bow

    Were you doing the same skill? lol, it took me 1 day to get 99 once i got 98 lol, still, gratz and have fun getting the cape ^^ -Die Hard
  11. die hard

    Wow It's Been A While

    Gratz on 70 prayer and 70+ combat stats -Die Hard
  12. die hard


    Gratz on 85 slayer, have fun getting whips and remember, sharing is caring ^^ -Die Hard
  13. die hard

    Wooooah We're 3/4ths There!

    Gratz on 96 wc, enjoy getting 99, i know i did ^^ -Die Hard
  14. die hard


    Gratz on 10m xp, now get 13m ^^ -Die Hard
  15. die hard

    The Thread Is More Important Then The Title :p

    Gratz on getting half way there, too bad you didn't use a corny bon jovi title lol -Die Hard
  16. Hey gogl, i like what i see in that log of yours ^^ Gratz on 85 attack and the nice zammy page and ele -Die Hard
  17. Didn't know it was that much, thats a good bit of people even with multiple accounts, i myself only have 1. Keep going jagex lol. -Die Hard
  18. die hard

    Bgs W/ Bandos

    ooo, Shiney! can i touch it lol, gratz on the armor ^^ -Die Hard
  19. die hard

    78 Ranged!

    Have fun if you plan on spending money on your new toys, and goodluck on 80 -Die Hard
  20. die hard

    100 Combat Finally!

    Gratz on 100 combat, mabey get your mage and range to 75 as well, that will get you a few more cb levels ^^ -Die Hard
  21. die hard

    60 Attack

    Gratz on 60 attack, enjoy the corrupt dragon stuff if you ever desire to spend your money on 30 minutes or so of fun ^^ -Die Hard
  22. die hard

    My Beautiful New Sheild

    Nice little present, i'm hoping to get one for a treasure trail to sell lol, -Die Hard
  23. die hard

    Almost There

    Gratz on 96 defence, have fun getting 99, a skill i want badly lol. -Die Hard
  24. die hard

    Anyone Need A Bow?

    Gratz on 97 fletch, the next 2 levels will take mabey a day or two ^^ -Die Hard
  25. die hard

    Did You Just Hit 85 Mining?

    Gratz on 85 mining, i don't know if i'll ever get this level is my rs career lol. -Die Hard

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