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  1. die hard

    Metal Dragons...

    Gratz on getting d legs, gl on getting a visage, i want one too lol. -Die Hard
  2. die hard

    80 Smithing - At Last :d

    Gratz on 80 smithing have fun getting to 85 ^^ -Die Hard
  3. die hard

    80 Slayer.

    Gratz on 80 slay, have fun getting rune boots and to 83 slay. -Die Hard
  4. die hard

    2000 Total

    Gratz on 2000 total, thats an awesome level -Die Hard
  5. die hard

    80 Farming

    Gratz on 80 farming, watch out for weeds now ^^ -Die Hard
  6. die hard


    Gratz on haxoring jagex and achieving GOD MODE for cooking haha, gl on 200m ^^ -Die Hard
  7. die hard

    Lung Disease :(

    Gratz on 60 fm, it may not be too big as you said but fm is fast, in a day or two you could be up to 70 ^^ -Die Hard
  8. die hard

    99 Firemaking And 1900 Total!

    Gratz on 99 fm and the 1900 total, keep it up. -Die Hard
  9. die hard

    Who Doesn't Have This These Days :(

    Gratz on 85 slaying, now get me a whip since i don't have it lol -Die Hard
  10. die hard

    1200 Milestone And 79 Combat

    Gratz on the 1200 total and 79 combat, gl on 80 -Die Hard
  11. die hard

    Harder Better Faster Stronger

    Gratz on all three 90's, now get 99 ^^ -Die Hard
  12. die hard

    I Just Want To Tell You How I'm Feeling.

    Gratz on the full void, something i don't have the patience for lol. -Die Hard
  13. die hard

    95 Hitpoints

    Gratz on 95 hp, have fun getting more. -Die Hard
  14. die hard

    91....i'm Running Out Of Title Names :p

    Gratz on 91 hunter, don't worry, from what i hear hunter is a pretty quick skill. -Die Hard
  15. die hard

    2nd 99 :o

    Gratz on 99 attack, goodluck on 99 hp. -Die Hard
  16. die hard

    94 Rc

    Gratz on 94 rc and good luck with 99 -Die Hard
  17. die hard

    99 Fletching

    Gratz on 99 fletch, enjoy the cape. -Die Hard
  18. die hard

    400m Total Experience

    too...much....x....p....omg, lol, nice levels and keep up the xp gainin =] -Die Hard
  19. die hard


    Gratz on 99 cooking, enjoy flipping meat pies into the air =] -Die Hard
  20. die hard

    99 Fletch!

    After 2 weeks, got 99 and my goal of a trimmed wc cape =] -Die Hard
  21. die hard

    90 Slayer

    Gratz on 90 slayer, have fun at dark beasts =] -Die Hard
  22. die hard

    Finally Got A Quest Cape!

    Gratz on the quest cape, we have milk and cookies every tuesday =] -Die Hard
  23. Welcome About Me Hello, my name is Anthony, i live in the USA and i'm 16 with my learners permit. So basically don't drive when i am lol. I have been playing rs for a few years and was introduced to it by a friend. ________________________________________________________________________________ Starting/Current Stats Starting Current ________________________________________________________________________________ Current Goal Well, my current goal is 99 fletch so i can trim my wc cape and just have another 99 =] ________________________________________________________________________________ Progess ________________________________________________________________________________ Xp Today ________________________________________________________________________________ Races Gl, its on hehe >:] lol ________________________________________________________________________________ Latest Level ______________________________________________________________________________ Past Levels ________________________________________________________________________________ My 99's ________________________________________________________________________________ Attack Attack is a fun skill but i'm only getting it to 80 for now then going from there. ________________________________________________________________________________ Strength Same deal as with attack ________________________________________________________________________________ Defence Defence is my favorite combat skill for some reason and will most likely be my first combat 99 ________________________________________________________________________________ Range Range is a fun skill and i want to get it to 80 then get it higher for sure. ________________________________________________________________________________ Magic I love magic but like prayer don't have the money for tons of runes so i'll train it alot when i get more money. ________________________________________________________________________________ Prayer I love the speed of prayer on a guilded alter but can't afford tons of bones at the moment. ________________________________________________________________________________ Hitpoints Well, simply put it will get trained from all my other combat skills lol. ________________________________________________________________________________ Fishing I love fishing and plan on using it to make money and also use shilo village for some fast xp. ________________________________________________________________________________ Woodcutting Well, i guess i love this skill since i have 99 lol. ________________________________________________________________________________ Cooking Like fletching its an easy skill that i might get just to have another 99. ________________________________________________________________________________ Firemaking Another easy skill i'll want 99 in eventually, i love the looks of this cape lol. ________________________________________________________________________________ Random Pics Don't make me veng you hehe I'm Evil!! I found the end of the world... and was suprised. ________________________________________________________________________________ Well, thats all for now, these are the skills i'm interested now and after these skills are achieved i will post new goals to go for. Supporters ;) Godly Goglmogl Kyra 123yo222 Peacemanfunk Swat Maniac Thanks guys and girls, your all awesome Well thanks for reading, i'll be sure to update as often as i can, enjoy :lol: -Die Hard
  24. die hard

    10m Fires Exp! Win!

    Gratz on 10m xp, have fun getting 99 =D -Die Hard
  25. die hard

    60 Woodcutting!

    Gratz on 60 wc, have fun making some money, but why does your sig say 79 wc? -Die Hard

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