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  1. die hard

    Evolution's Fake Gallery

    Very awsome fakes, 10/10. Can't wait till the next batch of fresh fakes.
  2. die hard

    Nicole P's Log

    Good luck with your goals, they seem very much abtain able and not to far out.
  3. die hard

    Rizzo's Fake Gallery

    only one flaw in the first one, the money would be stated as 1200k, not 1200250. other wise no flaws. 9/10
  4. die hard

    Smaus's Ownage Log - Good Fight Log

    Good luck on getting a d chain, and nice d king drops!
  5. die hard

    Kiss's Log-close Please

    Good luck with everything, and keep going on cooking almost 99! :)
  6. die hard

    Da Shredda's Fake Gallery

    All very awsome dude. 11/10 My fav was the noob flakes lol yum yum! :P

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