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  1. die hard

    80 Defence!

    Gratz on 80 def, have fun becoming more of a def noob =] -Die Hard
  2. die hard

    Lolomgwtfhahabbq (98.)

    Gratz on 98 fletch, i just got that today=D but i already have 99 wc =\ -Die Hard
  3. die hard

    96 Wc

    Gratz on 96 wc, gl on 99 =D -Die Hard
  4. die hard

    98 Fletching

    Only 1 more until the big nine nine =D -Die Hard
  5. die hard

    97 Fletch

    Well, if 99 wc was anything to go by, this will be my hardest stretch of levels to go through, lets hope i make it out alive =P -Die Hard
  6. die hard

    Next Achievement Diary

    I think an ardy one would be cool, but to suggest one thats not likely but would be cool. Say mabey a mini game achievement diary. Like, do this in castlewars, get this many points in stealing creation, do this in trouble brewing. Those kind of things, i think that would be an interesting diary to have. -Die Hard
  7. die hard

    85 Slayer :)

    Gratz on 85 slayer, go get some wips now =] -Die Hard
  8. die hard

    50 Construction Demon Butler

    Gratz on 50 con, have fun with your new butler. -Die Hard
  9. die hard

    99 Magic!

    Gratz on the awesome cape but the not so awesome emote lol, love the cape though =] -Die Hard
  10. die hard

    Double Astrals \x/

    Gratz on 82 rc, gl on future goals. -Die Hard
  11. die hard

    99 Fletching!

    Gratz on 99 fletching, it was good race and i'll be getting 99 in a day or 2 =] -Die Hard
  12. die hard

    What Do You Want

    Assasins creed 2 Modern Warfare 2 Gears of war: All Fronts -Die Hard
  13. die hard

    White Knight Armour

    You can still buy and wear it from the grand exchange even if your rank is not high enough to buy it from the knights. -Die Hard
  14. die hard

    Live Free Or Die Hard -- 98 Fletch --

    Thanks stormer, i'm guessing thats a typo since i already have 96 posted when you said that lol Might be getting 97 tonight, i know i've been slacking but i'm back to it =p -Die Hard
  15. die hard

    Woot...i Am Happy Now =d

    Gratz on completing dt, i would now suggest training some other skills lol. -Die Hard
  16. die hard

    95 Woodcutting

    Gratz on 95 wc, have fun with getting 99 =] -Die Hard
  17. die hard

    After A Year Of Slack...

    Gratz on 96 agil, have fun getting 99 =D -Die Hard
  18. die hard

    96 Fletching

    Well, not much to say except i can't wait for 99 =] -Die Hard
  19. die hard

    I Can Now Bake Summer Pies!

    Gratz on 95 cooking mr. chef. -Die Hard
  20. die hard

    Live Free Or Die Hard -- 98 Fletch --

    Thanks candi, just got 96 =D 3 more left guys. -Die Hard
  21. die hard

    Hidden Update!

    Jagex usually follows through with little teasers like this whether it be for a quest or upcoming event. It might be a teaser though, so don't get your hopes up yet. But a new quest is likely since it looks to be in a location near water and in the new quest the device (don't want to spoil end) goes in water lol. -Die Hard
  22. die hard

    Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow

    Gratz on getting the ancient spell book, 27 prayer ftw =P -Die Hard
  23. die hard

    2 Def

    Gratz on ice blitz and the much more important 2 def. -Die Hard
  24. die hard

    80 Firemaking

    Gratz on 80 fire making, have fun on 99, and prepare to click... ALOT -Die Hard
  25. die hard

    80 Cooking

    Gratz on 90 cooking, have fun and gl on 99 -Die Hard

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