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  1. die hard

    I Have Sexy Muscles.

    Gratz on losing that gut, now you gut six pack hehe, have fun with the str bonus. -Die Hard
  2. die hard

    Hardest. Puzzle. Evar.

    Gratz on completing the most annoying quest ever though of by jagex. -Die Hard
  3. die hard

    Live Free Or Die Hard -- 98 Fletch --

    Haha, thanks, mabey i'll get 96 today and you can say 96-97 ;) Thanks lupin. Thanks for you continuing support and posts guys, i appricietate it. How do you guys like my new avvy, or should i go back to my gears of war one, taken was just such a great movie lol. -Die Hard
  4. die hard

    Prototype Thread

    PROTOTYPE Well i didn't see a post for this on a search of the forums or in the first pages of the consule games section so i'll make one. This post is about, well, probably the most B.A game i have ever played and one of the best games ever. The game i am talking about is of course... If you've played the game yet then you know what i'm talking about. This game features many different weapons and vairitys of attack that take it to the next level of games and puts it a step above other games of the superhero/ zombie/ memory finding games. Post what you think of the game and what you like and anything else you want. -Die Hard
  5. die hard

    After A Long Wait

    Gratz on 98 wc, have fun getting 99 =D -Die Hard
  6. die hard

    Wannabe Slayer

    Gratz on 85 slaying, poor thing didn't stand a chance. -Die Hard
  7. die hard

    4 More Left Woot

    Only 4 more to go!! i'm pretty excited -Die Hard
  8. die hard

    Live Free Or Die Hard -- 98 Fletch --

    Only 4 more now earth, thanks hehe, 95 fletchin guys =D -Die Hard
  9. die hard

    Finally My Goal Now.. Wc Or Fish?

    Gratz on 99 fletch, i would go with wc -Die Hard
  10. Getting 10 gp per goblin and once i got 200 gp i thought i was the richest player in all of runescape =D -Die Hard
  11. die hard


    Gratz on 80 mining, i'm at 69 and i never want to mine agian lol -Die Hard
  12. die hard

    15mil Thieving And Cooking Xp

    Gratz on 15m xp in cook and thieve, now take a long vacation =D -Die Hard
  13. die hard

    The Final Stretch Is Here...

    Gratz on 98 wc, getting 99 is only a matter of days now. -Die Hard
  14. die hard

    Prototype Thread

    That movie at the beggining is the best thing i've ever watched for a game. -Die Hard
  15. die hard

    Live Free Or Die Hard -- 98 Fletch --

    Thank you agian lol, 94 now =D Thank you lupin, gl on 99 summoning By time you guys post i already have the next lvl lol. -Die Hard
  16. die hard

    94 Fletch

    Got 94 fletch woooot 5 left -Die Hard
  17. die hard

    93 Fletch

    Got 93 fletch, hopefully getting 94 today as well. -Die Hard
  18. Gratz on completeing defender of varrock =D Awesome log and nice levels and goals, you have my support -Die Hard
  19. die hard

    N3wb Is A Carpenter And He's Okay....

    Gratz on 70 con, now make tons of money and get 99 -Die Hard
  20. die hard

    Live Free Or Die Hard -- 98 Fletch --

    Thanks, just got 93 now lol. -Die Hard
  21. die hard


    Simple goals but important. 1. 99 fletch 2. Start on 99 def 3. Make serious money 4. 99 fm -Die Hard
  22. die hard

    Prototype Thread

    ^ +1 Great description, it describes everything great about the game. The free roam is great. One thing you didn't mention that i like is the game progession. As you get further and further the game gets harder and harder. You start out my just killing military people, then you get hunters, then you get infected with hunters, then you get faster more effective strike teams, then super soilders. The way it gets harder makes it more fun and challenging even on easy, i can't imagine the game on hard yet lol. -Die Hard
  23. die hard

    Mac 'n Cheese

    Gratz on 80 crafting =] -Die Hard
  24. Well, i'm half way there, lets hope the last half will go faster than the first lol. -Die Hard
  25. die hard


    Gratz on 50 mage, gl on getting the last 2 -Die Hard

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