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  1. I think the update is fine, people have just grown accustomed to what bandos and other armours have looked like the past year or so and change has unsettled them. If bandos had started out how it looks now and changed to the old look i bet it would get the same complaints its getting now. Im still using items for stats and not looks so this update is just fine for me.

    -Die Hard

  2. I think I might have heard of you before.


    Not sure.


    Perhaps, but welcome back.

    Hmm, i wasn't a really popular person back then but you got me curious how you may have heard of me lol. Thanks though for all the welcomes

    -Die Hard

  3. Its probably been maybe a year since i've come on sals but i'm glad to say that i will probably be getting back into rs (i'm all settled in now at college) so that probably means back to the forums here, which look like they have changed quite a bit lol.

    -Die Hard


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