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  1. Toad

    The Hobbit

    So excited for this film, looking forward to seeing Martin Freeman as Bilbo, and it's great to see Richard Armitage getting a blockbuster break as Thorin. I personally couldn't choose between the films or the books, I love them both for different reasons. The only things I disliked about the films were how they didn't include the Scourging of the Shire, as it was one of my favourite chapters in the books and really tied the story together. I also disliked how they had Frodo turning on Sam with Gollum, and pretty much changed Frodo's character for the worse. :( Other alterations I can understand due to time constraints, adapting it for cinema, etc. but this one I just cannot fathom.
  2. Toad

    A Level Results

    disapoint :D The AS Computing course for me was a complete shambles; teachers had no clue on the course, terribly slow computers for the exam, god awful textbook full of useless information that wasn't even in the specification, the list goes on. :( There was a question in one of the papers worth 15 marks (out of 100) which no one in my class had ever seen before and had no clue as to what to do. I got a B in the theory side however, but I didn't enjoy the course as much as I thought I would anyway and am dropping it for A2 so meh.
  3. Toad

    A Level Results

    I did okay in my AS, bit disappointed though as it means more retakes are on the cards now. A in Maths B in General Studies (despite going to less than half the lessons and no exam prep; ridiculous subject) C in Chemistry C in Biology D in Computing Retaking Chemistry Unit 2 and the Practical as they really brought down my A in unit one, and also retaking Biology Unit 2 to push it up to a B.
  4. Toad

    I Need To Turn Mi Swag On

    Nikes aren't really chavy unless you get a pair of Air Max's or something. Seeing as its summer hi-tops aren't really the way to go (don't really like them at all but each to his own), I recommend a nice pair of Vans. Adidas Vespas or Nike Janoskis are pretty sweet as well. Look out for some nice casual shirts which you could wear over a plain t-shirt. As you're from England Chinos are the "in" thing at the moment, maybe see if you like them. Shops wise Burton does some nice clothes, and River Island, Topman and Republic can be worth checking out.
  5. Toad


    I have 11 and a half GCSEs (although 3 of them are ICT diplomas which are apparently equivalent), just sat 5 AS-levels, and will be sitting another next year in addition to 3 A2s. In terms of education, GCSEs are pretty much only for Sixth Form (A-level) entrance, and then add as a sweetener for University applications.
  6. Toad

    So It's Pretty Hot.

    Pfft, still relies on °C. Just add 273.15 to your temp in Celsius. :D Indeed, although surely that must indicate Celsius > Fahrenheit?
  7. Toad

    So It's Pretty Hot.

    Why don't we just stop all this Celsius/Fahrenheit nonsense and use the real units of temperate; Kelvin. :( Was about 306K here in London today :D
  8. I think the point people are making is that he wasn't armed, although he pretended he was. So there is no justifying the 15-year sentence with "armed robbery". I'm sure if he had been armed it would have been a key detail in the story.
  9. Lol what? The US is probably the only powerful country that's never turned evil in some way. Sure, some aspects of it are fudged up but it's the most powerful force for democracy in the world today. The Europeans wouldn't have stood a chance against the USSR in the Cold War if the US didn't back them up. It's also why China doesn't invade everyone and the Russians can't turn Ukraine into another Georgia. So America's involvement in the salve trade wasn't "evil"? Besides, "evil" is pretty subjective, some would consider the US involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam etc. evil. If the US had never existed the world would be a very different place. It's not as simple as that. OT: Community service would have been far more fitting for the homeless man, and ~15 years for the CEO. Cases like these really frustrate me.
  10. Toad

    A Growing Concern

    Maybe I should rethink my uni choices...
  11. Toad

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Loving inFamous, great game :D Don't know which second game to choose though, already got LBP and not really interested in R&C so its between Wipeout HD and Dead Nation :P Also, got Portal 2 for my birthday :( But have yet to play it.
  12. Toad

    Where Are You Going For College?

    Got one year of A-levels left to go, then I'm hopefully off to study Chemical Engineering at possibly Birmingham :D
  13. Toad

    Ocr Screws Up On My Maths As Level

    Don't see how this could have got past quality control? Surely when the paper was checked and the markscheme written up someone would have noticed the errors? Didn't affect me though, I don't do D1 and I'm on Edexcel for Maths :D
  14. Sony Pictures has nothing to do with the PS3. Looks like "Lulzsec" is trying to be the new Anon. :D
  15. Toad

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    CoD has just spiralled downhill ever since MW1. I'm not even considering buying a CoD game ever again, I'm not too keen on spending money on what is essentially the same game as the one before. If I'm going to buy any FPS this year it will definitely be BF3.

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