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  1. Zooey

    I deem this profile Automatically Terrible!

  2. Haru

    Sig Request

    I'll work on it.
  3. Haru

    Drabble Competition - Now Voting!

    I wish there were competitions like this in The Library. >.<
  4. Haru

    Sotw 68

    Yeah... I know. Film is 'The Proposition'. I tried to give it a grainy feeling.
  5. Haru

    Au Revoir.

    *Sniffle* Goodbye Soffee... I'll miss you.. :D >.<
  6. Haru

    Introducing Boom Headshot

    What an original name... Welcome.
  7. Haru


    Okay. >.< -------------------- [ Read the Rules! ] [ Official SalCast Site ] [ Sal's Realm Newspaper ] [ Help With the Item Database! ] [ Help With the Monster Database! ] [ Official Site Poll ] We can rebuild him. We have the technology... but I don't want to spend a lot of money. - Family Guy haha tricked u
  8. Haru

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    Mods don't change the price of a weapon. I beg to differ on that, Voltaic spears sell for more if they're caster and dyed black, same for obsidian edges and eternal blades as far as mods. Maybe dumb people won't realize how insignificant mod and dye values are, but the buyers' rule of thumb is to never count mods into consideration of price. Can you please stop lecturing me on mods and dye's and just PLEASE give me a PC? You're not going to get much for them if you can sell them. I would just merchant them.
  9. Haru

    Dragon Ball Movie

    No. Hence the name 'Dragonball' without the Z. It's when Piccolo is evil. Although in the anime he was only evil throughout the tournament... >.<
  10. Haru

    Add More Stuff

    i agree!jagex is being realy bif noobs and unfair. haha >.<
  11. Haru

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    But wouldn't people much rather have a perfect weapon rather than one with useless mods?
  12. Haru

    What Is The Above User Most Famous For?

    U owned Tungy by rickrolling himhaha >.<
  13. Haru

    Do Any Of You Actually Play Runescape?

    Been retired for what, two years?

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