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  1. wsa74

    Technology: A New Skill!

    A good idea, at first I was thinking that it was going to defeat the purpose of runescape, but then i saw what you meant by technology and decided its 100% support and 100/10 rate but dont think it will be added to runescape, you could try sending the idea in to them and see if they do, low chance but hope it does get added, would this be members only? I didnt read the whole thing because it was too long so sorry if it says in it.
  2. Now that's an idea that has potential. Definetley more potential than the spear idea, but one thing would be having to use runes, cost too much, plus would it would make fishing far to more complicated, and the programming... sheesh.
  3. wsa74

    Interface Improvements

    and there is the questhelp feature on the runescape website, plus quests are meant to be to search for something, the dot would ruin it all. Plus, Dimosthimise, i remember you from my post "Custom Made Capes" you was the first to post i think.
  4. wsa74

    Custom Made Capes

    yes thats what i was saying, you just didnt understand, the gradient would have option to have it side/side and up/fade down to different color and you would choose a color for the fading, and also heraldry would be another option to add to it. But the programming would be not to much harder the change clothes feature would it? I guess it would be pretty hard and would make more people become members if its mem only (ill be member again soon i quit for around 1 year and 2 to 3 years of quit in total of my runescape life) Remember to FEEL FREE to post any ideas, rate, and say if you want to be added to the support list (if you say 50% support or higher you will be added to it with the support rate next to it.
  5. wsa74

    What Does The Person Above You Look Like Irl?

    a runite bar i guess :P
  6. wsa74

    Custom Made Capes

    Im thinking maybe there should be a way to create your own capes, it would be a members only feature and would make more people want to become members, you could add symbols on it, choose colors and where they will go on the cape, have effects like gradients. You would have to go to a clothes shop or maybe even be able to make one yourself at a POH if you have the right dyes, a workshop table, about 40 crafting and the correct materials for making the cape, they would cost about 50k for personal ones and 10k for clan ones. Obviously there would be no shoulder pads, and no hoods so as to not make people think you have a skillscape, and no skill icons allowed to be used. You could have God icons (not zammy or sara or guthix because of god capes) ones like Zaros and Iban. No special emotes and you could have things happening on the cape like with the lava cape (not the same one) and it would also be impossible to imitate capes like obsidian. There could be different styles at the bottom of your cape if you choose to. You could have a Clan cape (a cape that you could send the design to a person in the clan so that they can buy a copy) You would only to be able to own three capes at a time and can go back to the shop to change one 15k for personal, 5k for clan. please rate this idea and say if you support it. If you bump this post you will be added to the support list Also any good ideas you come up with i will add here to make sure no-one posts something someone else already has without realising it. Support List: 1) Dimosthimise 75% support 2) HawkEye93 100% support 3) Tree 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20)
  7. wsa74

    Evergreen Haz Button!

    not too bad... could have made it better though, trousers would have been good O_o dont want them to get cold!
  8. wsa74

    Dragon X-bow

    The best fake crossbow i have ever seen, runescape need to make one it would be sooo cool!

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