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    its 6/9/08 lol
  2. A new era of Buddy Kits has arrived. No saving an image, doing all the hard copy and pasting. The banana kit 2 has arrived (again but in a new form I guess) I have put it in an exe. You can play it from this website. http://www.yoyogames.com/games/show/22935 You need a plugin unless you want to download it (Which I wouldn't). Press F1 ingame for more info/item list. (First users please please F1) (No seriously, don't whine that you cannot play, read the instructions. If It says Download game: Wait It will say play game without downloading, in a while.
  3. [email protected]@@@@@@ -Short Swords - Sq sheilds - Daggers - Initiate - God books - Medium Helmets - Power ammy @ Soon - Rares - Barrows Before you ask, thanks kingy for the idea on the shield template, if you want i'll remove it.
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    Froob was not a ordinary noob, he was a what some people call super noob. He had 3k and an iron med, but that didn't stop him from one Day becoming to best super noob he could be! Chapter 1 - Cook's assistant One day Froob was bored he had defeated almost 5 goblins! He decided to do a quest! "ill do cooks assistant, that sounds easy!" He adventured on to the duke of Lumbridge and begun his epic journey! "EGG!"Froob shouted" I can't find an egg!" "I Know, cows lay eggs!" So he decided to go to the cow pin. "What some ultra noob stole the eggs!" Froob Shouted with anger. Just then Superrich56 came up and snorted. "Hah noob cows don't lay eggs, Chickens do!" He gave a little snort and a snicker and walked away. Froobs head was boiling! "I'm not Noob Is Froob!" "Hah whatever" Said Superrich56 with a lot of sarcasm in his voice. So Froob decided to go to the chicken coop to get an egg. But there were none left a beggar had stole them all!" MY EGGS!" Shouted Froob" MY LOVLEY EGGS!" "Free stuff" The beggar begged, he name was Ilovestuf654. "Wanna fight?" Asked Froob" "Sure..." Ilovestuf564 Replied Chapter 2 - Wilderness "Lalala going to fight a noob!" Shouted Froob. "Here's my list of stuff I will need, Iron Med Helm... Check, Bronze long sword...Check, shrimp... Check!" I'm all ready! for the wilderness" So he ventured on to the wilderness. There he saw Ilovestuf654 in... full bronze! "oh no full bronze ill die for sure!" Froob thought. Then all of a sudden a greater demon appeared!. WHAM! 23 damage The noob is dead! "Woot Froob thought now to pick up the full bronze. WHAM! another 23 oh dear Froob is dead... Chapter 3 - Dead " Im dead?" Thought Froob..."but how, I'm Froob the almighty!" Then all of a sudden he reappeared in Lumbridge. "Wait im not dead, and hey there's ilovestuf654!" Ilovestuf654 was crying in a corner, he had lost his full bronze. "MMMmmmMMMyyYYYYY FFFUUULLLlLLL BBBBRrroonnNNZeZeZEZE!" He shouted. "I must do something!" Froob thought "I will go back in the wilderness and get the full bronze back. Them maybe he will get me an egg!" Chapter 4 - Back to The Wilderness Froob colod never give up... Theres an egg in the deal!...and Ilovestuf654 was sad and even poorer than Froob"hah... I have an idea... I will ask Superrich56 to help! Of course Superrich56 Didnt help so he had to get the armour by hisself! Acouple minutes later he saw the greater... on top of the Armour... "Here Greater Greater Greater" He shouted He ran to get the armour but tripped and stumbled!. "eep.." he thought but he still picked it up! He ran out of the wilderness... He had made it. Chapter 4 - Egg He Returned To Lumbridge With a sign of pride of his face... My Bronze Ilovestuf654 shouted thanks... and Of course he didn't give Froob an egg... I guess its back to the chicken coop.... So he went back... to find an egg on the ground... Froobs Eyes glistened with hope! "My egg, It glistens ,so pretty!" Now to find some... grain... "Grain?" Chapter 5 - Sals "HOW I THE WORELD DO I GET FLOUR?" Just then he Saw Un_t0uchabl3 "how do I get flour?" he asked. "Uhhh Sal's..." Un_t0uchabl3 Replied "SAL'S?" "Yea Type Sals On Google" "Google?" "Go to the land of interent... but watch out for rune hq..." "That place sounds scary"" ooh it is..." So froob went to the land of internet and finannly found Sal's! To get flour you must pick some grain and use it in a wind mill." Chapter 6 - 1337 Ok. I will get the flour.... Just then superrich56 came up and he was talknig strange. lol u r t3h narb137 i r t3h 13373st!. "HUH?" "LOL!, I know you wouldnt know how to speak 1337. Go get a life narb." "YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!!!!" Screamed Froob! "Jusst then he took out his bronze long sword... "you...you.. ARG!" Froob ran away with disgust Just then he saw some grain. ... Chapter 7 - Cooking guild. "WOOOOOOT! No i have to find a windmill" Ooh theres one. He tried to enter the locked door but... "sorry you need to be 34 cooking to enter the cooking guild." "GOSH DARNDIT!""I know i shall put up my cooking to 34 but how?" froob wondered. "I know fishing!" He got a net and journeyed to dranyor village. Chapter 8 - River troll He finnaly after asking how to get to draynor village and being called a noob he arrived in draynor. He equiped his net, took some logs ,begged for stuff and tried to catch a shrimp...."SHRIMP!" Then he made a fire... Cooked the shrimp... OR did he? He had burnt the shrimp! "ALL THAT HARD WORK AND I BURN THE SHRIMP?" Froob shouted "ARGDRERWGHG" Then all of a sudden superrich56 appeared. "LOLOLOL you have to catch another one, noob!" "IM FROOOOB FOR THE LASTEST TIME!" Froob screamed. And superrich56 walked away laughing his arse off. I will catch another shrimp then i Guess then all of a sudeen a Troll thing came! " FISHIES BE MINE.." "Excuse me Mr. River Troll but do you Know where That guy Superrich56 went, he's mean"."RAWR!" Shouted the troll as he hit froob with a 7. Chapter 9 - LAG? "EHHHHH!" Froob screamed as the river troll was constaly hitting 0's. "WHY CANT I MOVE?" Then the troll hit a 1 and Froob sped away. Panting he said" GAsp, That was close i had 2 life left.Oh no a jail gaurd EHHHHH!" Just before the GAurd could attack a mime appeared. "who are you?" asked froob... Chapter 10 - Mime clothing.
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    If you're annoying either don't post here or post here attempting to proove you are'nt annoying.
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    What Planet Are You From?

    You Are From Mars You're energetic, althletic, and totally hyperactive. You love playing sports and being in the middle of all of the action. You're independent, corageous, and brave. Unafraid to do things your way. Mars can be reckless, quick tempered, and a little too spontaneous. So think before you act - and resist your natural urges to dominate others.
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    Heat Advisory

    Aw baby :(Wait, I was like that.
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    Skill Cape Emotes (look Here)

    thx i am quite opsevent
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    Heat Advisory

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    Life Advice

    If popcorn does burn, one shall not eat thine popped corn.
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    I have just got my report card. Throw some above failing marks on that female dog.
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    To be short and sweet: Hell no.
  13. lol i get it R.I.P DANIEL
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    matal rules :)
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    New Ranging Update In Tow?

    They also have shadows.
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    Omg Hey Guise

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    Smoking Kills

    Lol I crashed your internet
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    Omg Credit Report

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    I Had A Funny Blog

    I Had A Funny BlogI Had A FunnyHad A Funny A Funny Funny
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    theres a fly on my screen i blew it away but it flew back seriosuly, it must love me that much
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    The Results Are In!

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