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  1. And drew

    S U 0 M I

    Trimmed completionists was made for one player at the time, Castle Wars. I believe I remember him saying about 10 200m's ago that if they removed the exp cap, he would just do agility full time until he quit and I think that it is his most enjoyed skill, but that may have changed. I'm not saying he'll go do agility 16 hours/day after 200m all but he might do it in preference to dung... I think the most recent plans after maxing for him are said to be irl, but he may decide to get trimmed comp or anything really. For my opinion, Jagex does seem to like suomi and I definitely think they will make a big deal about if for no other reason than drawing publicity to the game itself. They like to make big hype about small things and have featured and honored players in-game and on the website before. Maybe they'll add to the current 5k capes in game with another for 200m all, but probably more likely a homepage post and some sort of in-game npc or the like, eventually.
  2. And drew

    Grindscape: how to fix it?

    A probably small portion of the community does actually play for the grind and sense of achievement. Mainly the people aiming for 200m skills, they gain nothing in the process in general by way of content and still enjoy playing. Personally I feel that runescape has no end game worth achieving, so what, you are maxed combat... now what? You can go kill bandos for 200 kills/trip? Why? The only end game I consider runescape having is player killing, which is not very alluring to many. I just don't see why people set content-related goals, this game has such poor content in reality. Unless, of course, you enjoy questing, but by 70+ skills you can basically have quest cape and that takes very few hours relatively speaking. Making the game easier would ruin the game for me, personally, as most updates do. It is easy enough already tbh, all you need is time. Dungeoneering isn't even much of a "skill" skill, because you are reliant on 4 other peoples abilities as well. If Jagex made solo dungeoneering up to 350k exp/hr, then I think it becomes more of a skill-skill. Post may have just been a mess of unorganized thoughts by my main point is this: I think that if you remove the grind you remove a lot of the game edit- also to make more clear again, I'm saying that runescape has no really good endgame apart from personal achievement, when you take out the achievement you take out the game tbh.
  3. And drew

    How to pass time mining granite?

    Fair warning, lava flow mine is going to be like 30k exp/hr at 73 mining. Now to answer your original question, I usually split screen with a tv series or movies, which you could do all the way to 99.
  4. Grats on 85 mining and the 85+ all thing too. Also, I thought inferno adze does Not count as a dragon pickaxe? Were you tight on cash or does it actually work as a dragon pick?
  5. This is actually really useful... wish I could have done this when I was using both.
  6. And drew

    Predict this year's updates!~

    Sums up my thoughts almost entirely.
  7. Not to call you out, but with rapier and dhide and tort/kyatt I took 10 brews 4 restores the rest rocktails and beat nomad with lower stats than yours. Honestly I think taking some rocktails is better than all brews, if you drink a super set before going in then you can eat rocktails and keep the boosted stats for longer. Also, brewing takes time and concentration to some extent that rocktails do not, you may have tried this before but I thought I'd point it out.
  8. I wonder if there is even a way to make something in runescape require skill, besides something like flashing soul split. My concern with buffing bosses is that they would just require more brews and not even be better.
  9. And drew

    Set up and levels to get so I can beat Jad?

    Gilded is the best and this link will allow you to check what the cheapest gp/exp is atm. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdE9tVXlKb1VqdTdPS0FDMFZpU1pST0E#gid=0 Probably a prayer boosting cape but someone else can address that. The blessed spirit shield requires summer's end.
  10. And drew


    Gz on levels. Haven't posted in a while but I do enjoy reading the log.
  11. And drew

    I don't get how people actually like wc

    HAS JAGEX EVER LET YOU DOWN? But yeah, I'm not holding high expectations, lower ones are easier to satisfy. Also, grats on 85 woodcutting I see you stayed at pines after all.
  12. And drew

    A Discovery v2

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/topic/355661-a-discovery/page__pid__4040889#entry4040889 Idk how to do in forum links so just copy pasted the link, but I dont get how you guys can't find it, it is right down the general discussion main page, maybe the 10th down with 3 replies to it, mine being the most recent at time of posting this.
  13. And drew

    A Discovery v2

    Make thread like slayer hall of fame for the best botters of sals tbh. Im glad people have posted these though, cheaters can get their reputation trashed. I'm probably one of the few who actually cares about people botting on the forum, but hopefully I'm not alone.
  14. I bet nobody will agree on a single rate for any skill, so I'll post multiple rates for every non-combat that the max rate is difficult to obtain. (Combats I really don't know and slayer can vary so I'll leave that to someone else) I think I gave a good range for exp rates, keep in mind, I gave lower level methods lower values than their actual max because usually lower levels aren't very ephishient. Pray - 1.05m/500k/400kxp/h - Frost/d bones/d bones Cooking - 800k/650k/350k - wine/wine/rocktails (Some people might get as low as 400k doing wines though) Woodcutting - 110k/90k/75k Teaks/pines//teaks/pines/ivy Fletching - 650k/500k/185k/135k broads/broads/magiclongs/yewlongs Fishing - 90k/85k/60k/40k - c2/barb/barb/rocktails Firemaking - 440k/400k/180k/ - magic logs/magic logs/maple logs Crafting - 400k/300k - feather headresses/dhide bodies Smithing - 200kxp/h - addy plates Mining - 100k/80k/65k/40k - lrcgold/lrcgold/lrcgold(banking?)/iron Herblore - screw herblore had bad numbers from ideut, 2k pots/hr Agility-70k/60k/50k/40k-barb or gnome/barb or gnome/ape atoll or wilderness/ape atoll or wilderness Thieving - 250k/200k/150k- 91+/81+/71+pp Slayer - 45k/30k/10k powerslay well/powerslay low combat/no powerslay Farming - 1500k is accepted number, 1200k if you're slow at runs Runecrafting - 65k/50k/35k/25k- zmi/zmi mid lvl/zmi sub 75/graahk Hunter - 275k/200k- 90+ draconics/amphibious jadinkos or black warlocks? Construction - 850k/600k/350k/200k Varies HIGHLY on apm, mahog tables/mahog tables/oak doors?/oak larders badly Summoning - 1000kxp/h - granite lobsters | 1500kxp/h - Pak Yak/Steel titan using Kyatt + tokkul ring Dungeoneering - 200k/20k decent team/w77

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