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  1. hellsng

    #12 99 Magic

    gratz on that point hat magic!!!!!
  2. hellsng

    99 Best Skill

    one of the funnest 99's out there gratz!
  3. hellsng

    99 Smithing and a nice treat shortly after

    very nice on the smith level!! i'ma get mine up there too, working on it
  4. hellsng


    great job man!
  5. hellsng

    Corrupt Dragon Scimitar Pk

    great job man, its always fun to get a good drop
  6. hellsng

    My First 70 In Combat Realted Skills

    gratz dude 70 always feels good )
  7. hellsng

    99 Crafting

    congratz sneezing havnt seen you in a while
  8. hellsng

    Coming Out Of Retirement

    thanks for the info guys
  9. hellsng

    Coming Out Of Retirement

    Hello there, most likely no one knows me ;) but not the point here. My in game name is hellsng. I have played RS since roughly mid 2004 so I know my way around I retired once the old wild got trashed but with the coming of these new PK worlds and such I have decided to come back and enjoy some time with this game. All my stats are in the hiscores: http://hiscore.runescape.com/hiscoreperson...s?user1=hellsng the only thing is that I have 49 deff CB is 84 basic gear, nothing out of the ordinary most of the drag weps, rune sets, i can get a whip in about a week once i get my membership back. I'm f2p for now but looking for a p2p or f2p clan it really doesnt matter mainly pk clan. Let me know if I'm good enough, I don't know what are the good pk clans so any suggestions work also
  10. hellsng

    Jawleeee's Log <--> Pretty Big Update =)

    to much work if you ask me but great story i actually read the whole thing
  11. hellsng

    I Find This Very Disturbing -.-

    dude has a point ) but funny though woulda been cooler if it was 1337 _)
  12. hellsng

    Top 5 Fakers Cancelled.

    wat happend to beret??? i leave this forum for a few years and he goes ( how sad. Anyhow yeh beret was the best faker imo
  13. hellsng

    Biggest Drop Party Ever

    wow who hosted that??? wouldnt mind coming back just for that
  14. hellsng

    Finnaly Did Barrows :0

    heh gratz man, just hope that your luck doesnt run out, i got a few good items on my first trips and then dry for 20 or so (
  15. hellsng

    Congratulations To...

    Gratz fellas! Hope you keep up the good work!

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