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  1. If you look a y = mx + c, this can be written as f(x) = mx + c, where c and m are constants and f(x) represents a straight line. Therefore, I think you could solve the equations for t and m, and replace t with f(U) and m with f(n). If you look at his first post, he asked for ~a~ function of U and n, so this suggests there could be several. If this is the correct way of doing the question, however, 3m=6n-12 is already a function of n... but maybe they are looking for you to isolate m? Or MAYBE we are looking too deeply into the question... Anyway, I don't think this post will help you much, but I would just go for f(U) = 9 - 5U and f(n) = 2n - 4, if it were me.
  2. I write with my left hand, and do a few other left-handed things, but mainly I use my right hand. I voted for ambidextrous, anyway.
  3. I knew I should've searched for similar topics first... Ah well, can't be helped now. I would be willing to help with the Quest "sets", but a lot of the Quests I haven't played. I, or anyone else willing, could look them up and then post them in here [perhaps], so that they can be validated. So long as there are people who like the idea anyway, and think it is worth implementing.
  4. At the moment, I have just got back from a long spell of inactivity in RS. I've found myself finding most entertainment in completing the quests, and I must say your website provides very good help with these [well done everyone who has contributed to these guides]. Whilst browsing the Quest list, I was looking in particular for a series of quests involving the Arrav story line [shiled of Arrav, Defender of Varrock, Curse of Arrav], and I found myself having to search through the names to find them. I think that there are several other "sets" of quests [underground Pass, Regicide, etc.., Merlin's Crystal, The Holy Grail, King's Ransom etc...], so I was wondering if there could be an addition to the guides; some sort of "Related Quests:" field, with a link to the related quests. Would this be plausible? And if so, does anybody think there is even a need for it? I know that I would definitely be pleased to see this myself. I must apologise if this subject has already been risen. Thanks for consideration, //Erebus//
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