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  1. iSlam

    Oh. My. God.

  2. iSlam

    Dreams Of Death

    I once dreamed about being with MacGruber on a ship.
  3. iSlam

    Mosque To Be Built Near Ground Zero

  4. iSlam

    Poor Niger :(

    the niger deserved it :)
  5. iSlam

    Omg So Mad

  6. iSlam

    Who's Posted In Your Warn Log?

    Aratreak Patou Gardner Neo Avatars The last 1 was in March 2007 lol.
  7. iSlam

    Chuck Norris

    Best post ever. Chuck Norris is god.
  8. iSlam

    Those Brits Did It Again

    Willis Tower? Screw that..I'm still calling it the Sears Tower.
  9. iSlam

    Mining Granite

    http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?page=mining_calc.htm With your xp entered: 55,247 Granite(tiny) 46,040 Granite(small) 36,832 Granite(medium)
  10. Yah cause Redmonke is hawwtttt
  11. iSlam


  12. iSlam

    What Is The Above Poster Most Known For?

    The avatar
  13. iSlam

    Fastest Way To Train Defence...

    I trained attack, strength and defense on yaks. They gave a good amount of xp, they dont hit hard and they respawn fast. The thing is that there are a lot of players training there so jump around worlds finding an empty one..
  14. iSlam

    Mining, Fishing, Crafting, Or Wc

    Go for fishing or woodcutting. Pretty easy to train and you get a decent amount of money.
  15. iSlam

    February 23, 2009: Guitar Hero: World Tour

    World tour is awesome. I have it too :P
  16. iSlam

    What Would Your 'examine' Be?

    "lol omg perv."
  17. iSlam

    The Forum President

    iSlam representing iSlam. iSlam for President!
  18. iSlam

    Election Day

    lol wow
  19. iSlam


    Thats right [censored] look at that babeh
  20. I'm making a new forum with a couple of friends on IPB and we're literally on the last step before installing the forum and we don't know what to do.. So we downloaded the SmartFTP client, brought our package, domain name and the server. So the main problem is, We know we have to upload the folder called upload but where do we upload it to? The server? And wherever we upload it to, how do we upload it using FTP? Thanks in advance
  21. iSlam

    Ipb Forum Help

    So I just enter the site name in the address bar on the client and when thats ready upload the file to the site? Ok I think I'm getting it lol. After seeing your edited post. Say the site was pencil lol. So I enter it as www.pencil.com instead of www.pencil.com/forum
  22. iSlam

    Ra, I've Been Here Too Long

    I feel so stupid.

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