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  1. Bloodomen

    Returning member

    Hey guys, I just wanted to make a more formal introduction since I got my account back. I used to frequent this place a lot a few years ago. Hopefully some of the people here will remember me haha. Though judging by the amount of posts it looks like the board is having another dead-period. Anyways, yeah, just wanted to make a proper introduction and hope to have fun here again soon :)
  2. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    "Alright Damion let's...", Vince drew a blank look for a moment, he looked confused, but shook his head, "Hold on, I'll come with you guys, Damion you can follow us, unless you wanna deliver the message." "Excellent, I'll lead the way.", Jessica said, she began to walk north west of their standing position. Vince followed, although he still did not know fully what he was doing.
  3. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    "Ah, yes that was it! Terribly sorry Aaron", Vince said wincing a bit, "So, Jessica, why exactly did you come here?" "Time to work my charm...", Jessica thought to herself, a pink dust shot quickly out from Jessica's person, but quickly faded away, "Well, I need to find the Shivikans of Faleen, mind helping me out?" "Well...we sort of need to go to Fieven to deliver some news...", Vince said. "He wasn't affected? Odd...", Jessica thought to herself with a frown, "Alright, Aaron, will you help me?"
  4. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    OOC: Summary? Yes, I'll give you the standing postions Me, Theother, and Haru: Currently in the forest bordering Drynavile, near Lake Faleen. We've just encountered a mysterious woman named Jessica. Erebus: Hiding in a tree Master Nereverdead: Currently meeting king Ferrago in his castle Me, Ellibereth: Talking in the ruins of Mard'nok
  5. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    Accepted, sort of an odd role for you though I must say Accepted Up at the first post IC: "Alright, this is getting annoying, they're coming in by the tens!", Vince shouted, cutting a meanoc at the neck, "Doesn't sound like much but it...oh shizzle..." The meanocs all moved from their positions and group together. They all let out a bloodcurdling scream forced together which could split anybodies ears. Vince and the other fighters where forced to their knees, covering their ears. The meanocs took this opportunity to charge in. Right when they were about to over power the fighters, a flash of light and a slashing sound came from nowhere. Immediately, the meanocs where split in half or just fell to the ground with a gash in their stomach, purple blood surrounding them. A female figure was standing where the meanocs had fallen. She looked back at the adventurers. She had a beautiful tanned face, angelic silky hair, a perfect figure, and crimson eyes. She was wearing a trench coat and tight black shirt and pants. "So, what happened here?", She asked them. Vince got up and said, "What does it look like, these beasties decided to try and have us for dinner..." "Hm, no big deal though since I came to your rescue.", The woman said, "So, who are you people?" "Name's Vince, this is my...err...acquaintance Damion, and I can't remember this guys name.", he said pointing to Aaron, "You?" "The names...Jessica.", She said, smiling with a mischievous glint in her eye. ------ OOC: quick note for you Hex, Ferrago is more the "second defender", Gorphien's the true leader, but Ferrago would probably be better in this scenario IC: The butler lead Trastlin into the interior of the castle. The halls where a beautiful sight to be held, even though the castle was so old. Gold tapestry hung from the stained glass which seemed to tell an ancient story. The halls where long elegant with shining silver armor on each side. They came to a point where the hall split into three wings, and a white marble statue of an old sage in the middle of the intersection. The butler led Trastlin to the northern wing and they past more sculptors and armor pieces. Finally, they reached a large stone door. Two angelic warriors with their sword up against each other were carved into the stone. The butler went up and tapped one section of the door three times and they moved open to the sides. The butler marched into the magnificent throne room. A bright light shone in from the crystal made windows. A silver throne was in front of them with an old looking man in it, who looked as if he could be at the least one hundred years of age. His gray hair draped over his elegant blue robes. A red carpet led to the throne of the king. The butler took Trastlin to the throne and whispered into Ferrago's ear. Ferrago nodded and the butler walked away. "So Trastlin, this is really you...I remember when you great great great...well you understand, grandfather fought by my side in the first demon wars six hundred years ago. And here I am, now reallying on another to fight my battle..how I wish I didn't take that infernal immortal potion so I could have a successor to my throne...", Ferrago gazed to the side for a short while, "Though, that is discussion for another day...I wish to speak with you about current affairs. It has been a few months since Sin was killed again, from what I've heard. Yet the rebellion is forming, oppressors who want me dethroned right in my own city, even in Fieven! The monstrosity.... Even my own Gem Knights are having their problems. My commander, Seth, says that their resistance front leads all the way into Drynavile. He believes that their in league with the D.S.W.A., though you don't know who they are. Anyways other news of the vampires of Esterios say they are coming back to power...I just don't know how to keep up with it all...", Ferrago said putting his hand on his forhead and leaning against the arm of his throne. ---- "Well...I suppose I will have to confide some trust in you drow, take me to the one who leads this cause...", Mel'vash said, not knowing that Sasikran was already on his way.
  6. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    OOC: Ok, so that Ellibereth can reply, I'm gonna make Mel'vash's app thingy, oh yea, you're accepted neverdead, obviously Name: Mel'vash Age: approximately over six hundred years old Gender: Male Race: Demon wraith Appearance: Mel'vash is shrouded by a black cloak with a hood that always covers his face completely, except for his two red eyes. The clock still shows the armor underneath it, which is black with crimson trim. He has black pauldrons which his cloak is attached to. He carries a sickly made scythe the looks like the beak of a hawk. Personality: Mel'vash usually shows no emotion what so ever. He is very intelligent and knows the land of Carnica very well, although he is ruthless to the core, he does not go out of his way to make people suffer as most demons do. He follows Sin's commands without question. Class: Keeper of the Dead; A dark wizard that uses the powers of death, and fights necromancy. Death keepers have powerful magics that can neutralize necromancers with ease, depending how powerful said necromancer is. They still use necromantic powers though Fighting Style: Elusive at first, but if needed he will attack upfront. Weapon(s)/armor: Scythe of the Fallen; A scythe that can put the dead souls to rest/Plate of the Fallen; Armor that allows him to command the dead. Items: A small bottomless pouch that is always at his side, contains many human bones for spells Spells(up to 20): Shadow creep: Mel'vash slips into the shadows allowing to move through the darkness. This allows him to move through walls, and other solid objects as long as they have a shadow cast upon them Dark mist creep: Mel'vash's body turns into a black mist allowing him to glide through the air and go through narrow passages. Shadow teleportation: Mel'vash is swallowed by shadows and may teleport anywhere he has already been that is still accessible by normal means Black fire: A wall of black colored flames raise from the ground in front of Mel'vash, anyone or anything that passes through the flames will be burnt with a flame that cannot be extinguished for an hour. Flame manipulation: Mel'vash has the power to manipulate flames, allowing him to morph flames in any way he wants Dark sphere: Mel'vash fires off a dark sphere that deals moderate damage but does not cause any wounds. Back to the grave: Mel'vash sends a spirit of the dead back to the grave, putting it into eternal rest. Control undeath: Mel'vash attempts to control an already disturbed corpse, allowing him to command it. If the corpse has a spiritual connection, or the original corpse user can mentally block off the spell, the attack fails. Grateful dead: Mel'vash asks the dead souls he's put to rest for aid in battle, if they answer his pleas, he must scatter bones onto an area for the soul to posses. The soul is not under his command, but will most likely do as he asks Possession: Mel'vash has the power to posses weak minded peoples bodies. Spirit drain: Each time Mel'vash uses the listed moves, 10% of his spirit is drained. If his spirit is completely drained, he becomes incapacitated for several days to allow his spirit to regenerate. His spirit also regenerates slowly while he is not in combat and is resting. Moves that drain spirit: Black fire Back to the grave Control undeath Grateful dead Possesion Home town: Oakland, CA Alignment: Evil History: Mel'vash was born a human. His name was just Mel. Growing up Mel was constantly bullied by gang members. He was shot in the shoulder, chest area and leg when he was 16. This is when he wanted desperately to fight back, but he had no way. Both his parents were drug attics so they would not help, his teachers said to deal with it, and local authorities were always to busy. Sin, a few days after being created, came to earth in hopes of using the humans to help him, he instead found Mel. Sin manipulated Mel and told him that he could give Mel powers that would make the children who tortured him so suffer their selves. Mel gave into Sin's words and wanted the power. Sin morphed Mel'vash into a demonic wraith and gave him the name Mel'vash, vash meaning betray in demonic. Mel'vash killed the ones who made him suffer so and harvested their souls. When he went to Carnica he began to learn the magics of necromancy and use them powerfully. Sin saw Mel'vash's potential, intelligence, and hatred against humanity. This is when Sin made Mel'vash his second hand, or High Dread Commander. After the first war, Mel'vash saw how destructive it was to tamper with the dead souls. He then decided to from there on keep the dead where they belong, in the eternal realm, away from slavery. Although demons are dead souls caged against their will, he will still command them when Sin tells him so, out of his respect to Sin. Other: None at the moment
  7. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    OOC: Dangit it, you just had to post now of all times when school is most hectic didn't you neverdead . Ah well, I shall make a real post when I can, this post is just show that I haven't deserted you all.
  8. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    "Heh...yay..alright then Aaron, let's rock.", Vince said grinning, yet still looking worried all the same. The meanoc's began to charge. Vince pounced forward and stabbed his swords into the closest one's face and stomach. Then, without pulling his swords out, he slashed at both sides, slicing two of meanoc's close to him. He then jumped back as a few slashed at him with their claws. Vince looked over at Aaron and went back to slashing at the meanoc's --- Mel'vash looked at the dark elf, "Before I do anything, you have any indication that you are a right hand to this leader?" OOC: I'm probably gonna make Mel'vash my second character, so I'll make an app for him when I get the chance, I'm off for now, later.
  9. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    OOC: Ok, With Eliibereth's constant pestering to keep this going I must, but I'll only have time for this rp alone, and non other, because sophomore year is kicking my butt, to freaking much to do! Accepted Before I accept you, could you explain what MC is and make a longer history, other than that you're fine Before I accept you please make a longer history, and this isn't mandatory, but you may want a summon that stays with you instead of just smaller ones I noticed you didn't finish appearance and the kind of longbow you use, but you're accepted anyway. I can't say I can help you out on the map though I like to change my name a lot as you may have noticed, but when I can I'm going back to Bloodomen or The Lich King, I donno, I'll flip a coin on it. Anyways, I can understand if you can't find the time to join since ya know...you're married ;), but if you can please do ;) IC: Vinces eyes widened at the newcomer, then at Damion, and said, "You guys are freakin' awesome!!", He was about to ask Aaron for his name, but hear a sound of motion behind them. He spun around quickly and saw a large group of Meanoc's, more motion was sensed and he saw they were surrounded. "Oh Jesus...we're probably screwed but...ah well...with your guy's skills, we'll own these guys.", Vince said with a smirk and pulled out his short swords, getting ready for the soon-to-be slaughter. ---- Mel'vash slowly crept into the ruined tower of Mard'nok, still in his black misty form. He smoothly moved through the creases in the trapdoor that was the entrance to the underground city. When he was at the ground he went back into his grim shaded form and landed. He looked at the many people around him, some looks of shock on their face, some with indifferent looks. Mel'vash said in a wispy yet commanding tone, "Where can I find the leader of this rebellion..." OOC: I know you will be wandering how he got in there Ellibereth, but since he is Sin's left hand, he's heard Sasikran's name.
  10. Bloodomen

    Official Wow Thread

    Went through lib in like 30 minutes, it's hella short :) and I got the illusionary rod first run, thanks :P Alright, right when I get the cash :P I now have the most powerful elf though...the Shadow elf Oh yeah, and does SM graveyard have anything good in it?
  11. Bloodomen

    Metal/rock Music

    Rock/metal made me who I am today, and that's the most screwed up teenage mind in the world...wait, hold on a minute, no, that was actually the influence of parents/school/friends/society. They must also be satanic. No, rock ain't satanic, ever heard of Underoath? As I Lay Dying? Both Christian metal bands. P.O.D is a mix of rap and rock(look at Goodbye for now in my sig), and they're Christian. So, that just proves it's not all satanic...except for black metal bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir :)
  12. Bloodomen

    The Realm Of Carnica

    "Well, around here is were some nasty creatures gather, there can be some pretty nice ones as well...but I would rather not take my chances...", Vince said. He continued glancing around, checking for the deadliest creature in the endless rows of trees, the Meanoc's. Unfortunately, Vince saw one ahead of them, the creature had a humanoid figure and a buff build. Curved spikes were sticking out of its shoulders and forehead, it also had small dragon-like wings and dark purple skin. It heard Vince snap a twig as he walked and spun around. "Uhmm...ok, you may wanna get ready for a tough fight now...", Vince said, drawing his twin short swords. The Meanoc let out a wretched bloodcurdling scream, signaling other's he had found a kill. Though none appeared, the Meanoc dashed toward Vince and Damion.
  13. Bloodomen

    Official Wow Thread

    I know, but read the above, tips on getting STA items that won't cost like, 10 gold, I only got about 40 and I need 50 more to get my mount
  14. Bloodomen

    Harry May 'help Devil Enter Kids Minds.'

    Nope, it's real, and there's a bit of witchcraft in all of us :P Right after I read the first book...I noticed...changes, I began to be lost to the dark side...Oh wait that's Starwars, so that also must be evil :)
  15. Bloodomen

    Official Wow Thread

    Yeah, the Death Knights are the generals of the Lich Kings army. But the way it looks like Blizzards going to do it is just anybody can be a death knight, which is not supposed to be how it's supposed to be :). It's not like they could accept my suggestion and make another side that's against everybody, this would be Naga, scourge and Eredar. They'd end up being all alone, but a tad more powerful then other races.

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