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  1. Ardion

    Drum Kits

    Well, seeing as I've been playing drums for a year-and-a-half, my parents have decided that they will start looking at drum kits. We found a couple in our area, and these are it: DRUM KIT, 5, piece, Ashton with cymbals and silencers included, spare skins, $250 or... Black Pearl Export Drumkit. 5 piece with double skins & spare skins. 3 cymbals. Chrome snare. Stool & music stand included. Great first kit. $450neg Are Ashton kits any good, or should I go for the pearl? -Ardion
  2. Ardion

    Is This Worth It?

    Don't listen to anyone, get a Wii!
  3. Ardion


    Censorship, only makes people try to break the censorship.
  4. Ardion

    Pocket Monster Epileptic Seizures

    I watched the link, how the heck did kids get seizures from that? Clicky That one actually works...my friend showed me it, but don't watch if you actually have Epilepsy.
  5. Ardion

    Worst Bands Ever

    Okay, let me start my list: Maroon 4, Jonas Brothers, Bratz, My Chem Romance, NBB
  6. Yeah, they care, but so many people yelling would get them real annoyed. Something tells me it is slightly obvious that we want the wildy back, though.
  7. Ardion


    I have absolutely no problems with 'Emos' I find that people can dress however they want, and have whatever haircuts they want doesn't matter. What I don't like are the ones who cut themselves (Sorry if I'm offending anyone...) Heaps of my mates wear black clothes, and I don't have a sudden urge to yell EMO!
  8. Ardion


    Ahh, another one of these, oh no, the world will end! topics. I've heard so much about these that I'm really getting bored... I seriously doubt it. The Mayans probably got a bit bored after writing so much of the calender, and thought, stuff it, let's stop here.
  9. Ardion

    Pocket Monster Epileptic Seizures

    It got banned from that? Wow, I mean, I was born in 1994, so I never saw it, I just heard about it.
  10. Ardion

    Pocket Monster Epileptic Seizures

    I know it's called Pokemon, but the whole thing basically said 'Pocket Monster, so...
  11. Ardion


    I use my locker because we have massive binders for our subjects, plus text books and all that jazz. We get homework every night and half the time I can't even fit in the junk I need into my bag.
  12. Well, after reading about the hackers that put epileptic trigger images on the epilepsy website, I found this, something I remember being hearing about a couple of years ago, even though it was before that. Popular TV cartoon blamed for mass seizures Asahi Shimbun 17 December 1997 The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication announced this morning that it will summon officials of Television Tokyo Channel 12 to explain why a Tuesday night broadcast of a popular television cartoon apparently triggered convulsions in more than 600 viewers, mostly children. The ministry also will examine the contents of the program to ascertain how a broadcast of "Pocket Monster" caused the mass seizures that left a five-year-old girl in a serious condition and hospitalized 618 others throughout the country. Meanwhile, boards of education across the nation began conducting surveys of students this morning in an effort to determine what effect the cartoon had on the children who viewed it, officials said Television stations in Tokyo also tried to find a reason for the bizarre episode, and NHK received more than 50 telephone calls from worried parents who wanted a full explanation of the events of Tuesday night. A Nippon Television Network spokesman expressed doubt that the seizures were caused by a subliminal effect. But, he said, an answer to the puzzle is needed and quickly. A spokesman for Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc. noted that programs targeting younger audiences often use stronger visual effects. He said his company would reconsider the use of these powerful images when producing programs in the future. Fire-Defense Agency officials said this morning that between 6:50 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, 618 people were rushed to hospitals complaining of convulsions, headaches and vision problems. The effects of the program were dramatic for some. A 15-year-old girl from Nagoya recalled falling unconscious under the spell of the cartoon. "As I was watching blue and red lights flashing on the screen, I felt my body becoming tense. I do not remember what happened afterward," she said. Her mother said she was particularly concerned since her daughter is now preparing for high school entrance examinations. Reaction was swift on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with Nintendo shares plunging 400 yen this morning to 12,200 yen as news of the event spread. The computer game company produces the game upon which the hugely popular cartoon series is based. Nintendo's president Hiroshi Yamauchi told a press conference this morning that the video game company was not responsible since the original "Pocket Monster" game is for its Game Boy product which is presented in black and white. For full story: Click Here
  13. Ardion


    I wouldn't. What if you got 50%, then lost a mark...
  14. Ardion

    I Need Help...

    Real relationships start in 8-9 grade, but my friend has a boyfriend and they have been going out since year 5 as well. I suggest getting to know her really well, and telling her how you feel about her. You may not go on an actual 'date' until year 6/7, but it will be very much like you are going out of you feel the same way. Check this: BMI Calculator A lot of people with excess 'fat' believe that they are fat. I got really chubby while I was overseas, now I came back and I've got loads of excess skin.
  15. Ardion

    Exceptional Gifts

    I can play soccer! I got into the state soccer team this year. And I play 4th grade piano. My real gift: When I watch deal Or No Deal, I can always guess the amount in the case before they open it.

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