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    In games?<br />In WOW my guys are normally hanging around in the Elwyn forest.<br />In runescape I like hanging out in Varrock, Catherby, Yannile. I like the Stealing Creation, Mobilizing armies, and High level combat.<br />In tanarus, well I don't like Phoenix wars, the mode where 2 missiles kill another tank, its to hard for me, mostly because they enable the rockets.

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    Summoning, hit points ;)
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    Silersun 85 member 79 free Sly 45 member 42 free
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    Unknown, don't care ;)
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  1. I decided to post all the characters I have so far. Please ignore the fact I put sun after each one, I have a lot of trouble thinking of anything else besides S sun: Silersun, Silersun4, SLS4 (main): Lvl 85 Member Runescape, Lvl 79 Free. Lvl 21 Human Mage WOW. WOW Profile: Unavailable. Slysun, SYS: Lvl 45 Member Runescape, Lvl 42 Free. Lvl 6 Human Rogue WOW. Solorsun: Lvl 0 Runescape. Lvl 9 Human Priest WOW. Sicklesun: Lvl 17 Runescape. Lvl 5 Gnome Warrior (He would be higher, but he was first human, lvl 3 then dwarf, lvl 4 Gnome) Snipersun: Lvl 4 Runescape. Lvl 11 Night Elf Hunter WOW. WOW Profile: Unavailable. Pet(s): Crabby, Lvl 11 Crab. Bird, Lvl 8 Bird. Sacredsun: Lvl 7 Night Elf Druid WOW Summonsun: Lvl 7 Human Warlock (lol Took 1 hour to make him lvl 7 haha love the Kobold) I will Update this every other often.
  2. Silersun

    Tanarus Anyone?

    Anyone? -.-
  3. Silersun

    Official Wow Thread

    I have a Lvl 8 Priest that gives 20-23 damage every 2 seconds (he has a wand) How is this for a set-up: Power Word, Fortitude. Then Power Word Shield Then for a fight, I once fought with a lvl 5 warrior against a lvl 9 mage, 8 warrior, and 8 rogue Bandit south of goldshire. Ok first: Smite, then Shadow Word Pain (cause it is instant) Then for the rest of the battle I use the wand sometimes using smite and Pain again, if I get real low on health (say 30-15) I will use Shield and then Lesser Heal. Yeah, and the other two don't know anything better. :) :) -.-
  4. Silersun

    Funniest Thing A Noob Has Ever Said Or Done To You

    Shmoe yours made no sense Bob yours was probly the best. Ok this happened to a friend who played a little bit ago... Time one... In Falador Lvl30: Hey good sir, do you want to help the poor? Lvl99: Oh... I would kid but I want combat 100 badly... Lvl30: What if I help you get that too? I mean, its the homeless! Lvl99: uhhhhh sure.... Lvl30: Give me 500K, and- Lvl99: you hobo noob Lvl 99 teleports to varrock. Much, much later... maybe a day or so... In Varrock Lvl 29: Hey there strong sir, can you please help me? I can help you in exchange get money! Lvl100: Trust me, I've seen you before :) Lvl29: Oh no! You havn't! Lvl100: so your saying you didn't make a new account and play like 20 hours straight, JUST to get 500K on an other account? Lvl29: Thats insane! Lvl100: FINE, now just spill it! I am late, my clan started 10 minutes ago at clan wars! Lvl29: Ok, so first you give me 500K, then we buy- Lvl100: Omg, same noob Lvl29: YOUR WRONG! -.- (wow, that was dumb) Lvl100: You played all night to get combat stats you dumb lazy noob. Lvl100: and you just yelled your wrong... you got a clue either way what I am talking about. Lvl29: I got other stats you know? Lvl100: Really? let me check those fries for you... Checks stats with Lunar Magic, Stat Spy. Lvl100: Oh yeah, you really got other stats! Lvl29: Yeah! I got 10 fire making, 8 summoning, 25 woodcutting... Lvl100: Hmm, 2 woodcutting, 3 mining, 2 smithing... should I go on? Lvl29: Not true, screw this I am hungry, ceeya noob. Lvl100: get lost and stay there dumb fat noob. My friend told me about that one, I felt I should post it :)
  5. Silersun

    Really Super Bored In The World Of Rs

    Hey I know someone who goes on that world, venger64
  6. Silersun

    Mark Of Fame

    maybe a bit too far... ask them, maybe they will challenge you and show you how overpowered that would be! The only way you could win then is if you had fire shield the whole game, plus wind at one point and you kept using shock bomb, shock shield, chain lightning, frost shard, ice arrow, but they got 500 health soooo.... Oh and deluge and if he is kind of trapped english summer, because you said they won't have tele. WAIT you mean that is the fact?? Oh flip......... need new strategy.... hey maybe if he can't teleport I can just tele on side of map (but I will STILL lose because arcane arrow can move that easily soooo.... I miss my arcane arrow! Hey will I be able to use Hurricane, or flash (ignore the no damage) and shock bomb? screw vine whip, its ok for flashing at a distance but I don't perfer it sometimes. Besides people say its good for digging... well if you want something for digging use arcane arrow!
  7. Silersun

    Mark Of Fame

    WHAT?? use, I can't use arcane spells? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dude that would make lichs and angles open for death because arcane arrow can give 60 damage, while shining bolt gives 45 and drain bolt 30 plus heals lich for 30 And I have so many good spell sets with arcane! awww, at least I am good with full storm -.- I think that moderators should only use other books also, not just arcane.
  8. Silersun

    [official] Sal's Pokemon Thread

    Lmao That new movie, I just hope that that thing Archious kills Guratina, those two other legendaries, darkrai, and then all the pokemon. LMAO I know that doesn't happen..... bummer. The old episodes and movies were fricking good, all this new shizzle is bull!
  9. Silersun

    Would You Rather...

    I will try :D Would you rather, Buy a car, or buy a motorcycle? Buy a car Now you are in an accident. There are two people you know: Your best friend, and his girl friend. Do you call 911, or save them yourself? Call 911 You are in the hospital and a nurse comes in. She offers you 2 things, a hoagie from subway, or a cheeseburger. What do you choose? Hoagie You get there and you want two things but can only get one. Buffalo Chicken or Normal? Buffalo Chicken Your mouth is burning in flames. No Really it is, someone threw a match in your mouth with oil in it also. Do you, drink water? Drink Milk? Milk Your mouth was fine, and you taste buds aren't on fire either. But one problem, your teeth suffered burns. Dentist or ignore? Ignore You teeth weren't burnt, it was black peppers. Now you need to get home, that --- nurse ditched you. Walk home, or call friend? Call Friend You call your friend, he comes and picks you up, but the bad news, you got into an accident and suffered a coma. End of Questions, idiot. Next time walk, didn't you learn from question 1? -.- :) :) :P :P :D :D :P :) :D :D :D :LMAO: I read it and fricking cracked up!
  10. Silersun

    Simple, Simple Request.

    I can't, I am not good with art, If you have a Mac try using Pencil or Photo Edit, I don't know but photo edit you add a picture and then add stuff I don't know.
  11. Silersun

    Additional Wow Thread

    This is the Thread for WOW chat for the server, Fizzcrank. The other one is too full
  12. Level 35 Fire Wall: Creates a wall of fire around you, burning anyone around you (enemy) for 2, 4, 7, or 10 damage each second. Wall lasts 10, 15, 20, 30 or even 45 seconds depending on rank of spell*. Only usable in multi grounds, and some mini games (Stealing Creation, Clan Wars, ETC.) Level 35 Mystic Explosion: Requires any staff containing magic (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, or magic for arcane) Gives from 0, 5-15 damage to all enemies around you.(Within 5 squares of you) Only used in Multi Grounds. Level 40 Aura of healing: Creates a cloud of life, making all players (In some areas, CPU's and enemies can gain health) gain 6X health speed, + 1 health every 10 seconds. Drains Magic Level to 35. Also restores Prayer, only 1X of what health gains, and summoning, for 3X of what health gains. Any undead within or go into the aura lose 15 health, and flee (ones like normal ghosts, skeletons, zombies) Level 40 Slay Beast: Only works if it kills the enemy. If this spell fails you hit yourself for as much damage given, but can't go less than 4 health. Gives 16-28 damage, rarely giving over 20, unless higher rank of the spell*. Damage given is a mix of Fire, Smoke, and Blood, you gain 10% of the damage given, you poison the enemy (if he doesn't die) and blind him (if he doesn't die). Level 48 Death Strike: Gives 5 Ice damage, 2-4 smoke damage, and 12-16 blood damage. Freezes target for 5 seconds, then blinds them from 10-20 seconds (depends on damage given) and heals 20% of damage given. Can only be used once every 2 minutes, and twice on an enemy. * Rank is how much you use a spell. Some spells don't rank, some rank a lot, and some have less than 5. The spell gets stronger if you use it more. NOTE Ranks take a while to get.
  13. Silersun

    Spell Book Idea

    Oh I must have messed my fingers and mouth up -.- Ok, what I meant was the fact is, its another book. All the spells are in it (I still need to put the rest in, but I might just make another) BUT the fact is, you can buy a book to wield (it has charges) that holds 3 spells, each using so many charges. With the book, each spell is limited until the book has (0) charges. For example: Book: Arcane Missiles, Thunder Shock, Wind Surge (its new haha I need to) Lets say Arcane Missiles uses 22 charges, thunder shock uses 1 and Wind Surge uses 12. The book has 280 charges left You go in and mage some dragons. You use Wind Surge 5 times and killing one, and you have now just 220 left. Then you cast Thunder Shock 20 times then arcane Missiles to finish it. You used 104 charges and have 176 left. Now a book is expensive, so you NEVER want to lose one, but once it runs out its done. You can hold more than one book. Now when you have 0 charges, the book is useless, unlike a magic staff. So to charge it, there are 3 ways: Spell: Charge Book Level 50 Puts 100 charges in the book, cost 5 nature runes, 5 death, 5 of each element and 1 chaos rune. Spell: Charge Book Level 75 Puts more charges Level 80, 92 and 99 another way is to pay a mage in the Magic Guild. (I don't know who) The last way is to take the book to an obelisk, Wield a Lava, Mud, or Steam Staff and have 15 air runes, and charge the book that way. You will also need 2 runes of the left out element and 3 chaos runes.
  14. Silersun

    Reporting While In Combat

    Dude! Thank you! Whenever you try to open some window, it closes on you! ITS ANNOYING! Have you tried turn off retaliation?
  15. Silersun


    If you really want the skill mastery, just get started haha your plan is really well set. I would go collect the items because you do still need charms ok? I mean, I got from 20 to 41 didn't I? Lmao it took forever.... killing giants.... I liked the one idea to kill wolves on white wolf mountain for charms and then plant marigolds and use them for making ants, but marigolds are expensive so.... I didn't make a lot, I just like them for combat.

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