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  1. nerd elder

    Newest Tech Group Member!

    COngratz bridge :o you are a good choice :o
  2. nerd elder

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    9. i see beret almost everywhere!
  3. w00t! congratz people! more light blue people =p
  4. they look great! *wonders if beret should submit several of these ideas to jagex*
  5. nerd elder

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    i didnt know i could take pics at the time, but one time zezima was on my castlewars team (we wonded!) we won by like....... 13-2!
  6. nerd elder

    Stolen Guides Removed

    hmmm.... they were stolen ? thats news to me . :) but, great job Steve for finding that out. (i bet he is in the CIA) :)
  7. avvy: ?/10 i dont get it... Sig: 9/10... its funny because its true! :)
  8. nerd elder

    Glitchy Topic

    one time at castle wars, on the top floor, a zammy was sliding around on the floor like he was dead, but he had almost full health and he cold attack, but when he died ,he stoof up and got sent to zammy base. another tim,i saw a guy walking all over backwards, but when he talked he turned around... anouther one, some guy had a spinning plate wielded, and was walking around with it. then he attacked a dark wiz and he dropped it and started crying... lol

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