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  1. iToast

    Connecting PS2 to Monitor

    Yeah, it's VGA. I've connected the audio separately in the 3.5mm jack now and it's working great. Thanks so much for your help! <3
  2. iToast

    Connecting PS2 to Monitor

    Turned out it was an issue with the PS2 - I had to use the yellow cable to get a display and then change the system settings on the PS2 to output Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr instead of RGB, then switch back to the green, blue and red cables. :P Now I just have to figure out why there's no audio. Interestingly enough, I can get audio my plugging my headset into the converter box, but can't get anything out of my monitor (it's turned up to 100% lol).
  3. iToast

    Connecting PS2 to Monitor

    I ended up buying the converter box, but it doesn't seem to be working. :( When I put the cables in the correct place (green, blue, red) and (red, white), I get "no signal" on my monitor. However, if I put the yellow wire in the green slot I get video but it's just the wrong colour. Any idea what I could be wrong here?
  4. iToast

    Sarah's First 99: Construction!

    Cheers :) and 93! EDIT: Finally hit 98! Just over 1m xp to go!
  5. iToast

    Sarah's First 99: Construction!

    A little while ago actually, I just hit 92. :P The aim is to get 99 ready by the end of the month so I can level it up at RuneFest!
  6. I am looking into how to connect my PlayStation 2 to my monitor, as I don't own a television. My monitor supports HDMI, VGA and DVI. I searched and found another topic about this which recommended a scart to VGA cable, but according to many of the reviews on Amazon these cables do not work with modern monitors as the signal needs to be converted. After doing a little more research, I found this. Now this looks like it should be what I need to connect my PS2 to my monitor, but I am a bit apphrehensive to fork out for it, as there aren't any reviews from anyone who has used it with a PS2. Would anyone here who knows more about this be able to shed some light on the matter? Cheers.
  7. iToast

    Sarah's First 99: Construction!

    A combination of the money I've already made and some help from a friend. :) Yeah, I've been putting all my pendants, lamps and bonus XP into construction. Level 82!
  8. iToast

    Sarah's First 99: Construction!

    I've been making mahogany tables. Also, w00t, level 80! :)
  9. iToast

    Sarah's First 99: Construction!

    Good luck on 74 Micael. Cheers for the support guys!
  10. iToast

    Sarah's First 99: Construction!

    Thanks iukozade. :)
  11. The Road to 99 Construction After 8 years of playing RuneScape on three different accounts, I finally decided it was time to knuckle down and go for my first 99! I'm going to be aiming for 99 construction, as it's been my favourite skill since it came out a few years ago. As of starting this skill log, my construction level is 63; I will add an entry here every time I level up. I will be training by building mahogany tables and using a butler to transport planks to save time. Hopefully I won't go too crazy - wish me luck! P.S. Feel free to add me in-game if you haven't already: Sarawrrius 29/08/13 64 Construction 65 Construction 66 Construction 67 Construction 68 Construction 69 Construction 70 Construction 31/08/13 71 Construction 01/09/13 72 Construction 73 Construction 74 Construction 75 Construction 06/09/13 76 Construction 77 Construction 10/09/13 78 Construction 18/09/13 79 Construction 22/09/13 80 Construction 24/09/13 81 Construction 29/09/13 82 Construction 01/10/13 83 Construction 84 Construction 02/10/13 85 Construction 03/10/13 86 Construction 04/10/13 87 Construction 05/10/13 88 Construction 07/10/13 89 Construction 09/10/13 90 Construction 11/10/13 91 Construction 13/10/13 92 Construction 14/10/13 93 Construction 17/10/13 94 Construction 18/10/13 95 Construction 21/10/13 96 Construction 24/10/13 97 Construction 27/10/13 98 Construction
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience or advice concerning websites for building custom PCs? My laptop is reaching the end of its days, so I want to invest in a new PC but I have no idea if some websites are better to use than others, although I've heard that some can have awful customer service. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  13. iToast

    Do you have a job?

    Are you currently working? I work in IT testing software. What do you like/dislike about your job? I love the variety in the work I do, relaxed working environment, getting to meet loads of great people, lots of free stuff, rewarding outcomes, people higher up in the company listen to and implement ideas from everyone. I dislike the fact it's only an internship, so I have to leave soon. :P What previous jobs/careers have you had? Independent sales representative for AVON. What job/career would you realistically like to have? Ideally, I'd like to go back to this job after finishing university.
  14. iToast

    jobby job

    I don't know haha. I guess I must have interviewed well? That's part of it yeah. But if I didn't enjoy the game so much, it would probably be boring.
  15. iToast

    jobby job

    Testing. Different studios probably do things in different ways and I can only speak for myself, but I find it really enjoyable. :)

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