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  1. Now what's cooler than bein' cool? ICE COLD
  2. God Bless America and Sal's Realm of Runescape
  3. Dear Sal's Realm Forum, I know that I have not exactly been the model forum member of Sal's and may have caused some people a lot of pain and suffering (of which i am truly, truly sorry). However, I would like to thank you for what i have learned from the community. Thank you for all the laughs, memories and thrills. Thank you for the strong friendship bonds i was able to develop with other members. Thank you for acting as my sanctuary during the hard times and for acting like a parent when i needed discipline. As I move on to bigger and better things, I will always remember the fact that Sal's played a vital role in sculpting my current character. You guys where there for me when i needed you and for that, you should all get a pat on the back. Humbly Yours, M
  4. Niger


    0.8 per day :)
  5. Hello sals, I seem to have entered a strenuous dilemma. I'm currently working for an hourly wage at a fast food establishment as a waitress. I went to a fairly prestigious highshcool, but did not perform to an optimal level. However, i desperately need to acquire more liquid assets in order to increase my net worth. I believe that i will be able to accomplish this by obtaining either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science academic degree. Research has proven that a job candidate who has obtained an academic degree will earn a significantly greater salary as opposed to a candidate without an academic degree, upwards of $25,000 USD greater. My struggle has presented itself in the form of selecting a college that best suits my personal needs. I would prefer if said college would allow me to take classes through the use of the internet and be independent of my schedule. Could someone provide me with the service of a website that would be able to connect to me to the educational systems present in the United States of America? Regards, Niger
  6. He died v funny lol But yeah, I'd like to know too. He told me he lost a bet over PM, maybe that's why? it's rude to spread rumors.
  7. Niger


    maybe if ur nice u can be a pmod on runescape
  8. sal's tmz is a great podcast, you should all listen to it ~xrvn
  9. its already been recorded.
  10. Potential Education: after i finish up my B.S.E in chemical engineering, ill go to another ivy for med school Potential Job: orthopedic surgeon/team doctor for the Chicago bulls Why? make people feel better
  11. i didn't think it was possible to make a podcast worse then salcast... also, tmz is not dead
  12. Niger

    Poor Niger :(

    niger just needs some help so sad
  13. Niger


    i went to prison for 6 years because i made a prank phone call i tried to dig a tunnel from my room to freedom but they found it behind my Morgan Freeman poster
  14. Niger

    Gratz Fshi!

    gratz on hop fshi you deserve it :( have a cold one on me ^_^ me next? jk -.-
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