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  1. Arasdotle

    Story Of The Chosen Ones

    Go kpex! I eagerly await your next chapter with a sniper rifle aimed at your head :D so get to work!
  2. Arasdotle

    A Wizard's Tale

    Nicely done I must say, Bravo!
  3. Arasdotle

    A Comedy

    I'll try to make one but I'd rather have quality > quantity
  4. Arasdotle

    A Comedy

    I don't think I have much more I can do with this story, so this is the end, there will be storys to come though, fear not.
  5. Arasdotle

    The Story Mat Wars.

    Rabbit and fake are who I look up to.
  6. Arasdotle

    §-§-the Sword Of Guthix-§-§

    Put yore hands together for VERAC!!! The topless warrior chick! But what I meant is don't refer to them as brothers if they are a mix of men/women
  7. Arasdotle

    §-§-the Sword Of Guthix-§-§

    The only major error is you referred to them as the barrows brothers, when they obviously are not... Unless they went transgender...
  8. Arasdotle

    A Comedy

    I'm glad you enjoy it! I'll have the next quest out ASAP.
  9. Arasdotle

    A Comedy

    Installment 3: DAY THREE -Romeo and Juliet- OMG THIS VARROCK PLACE IS SO AWESOME!!! They have like everything! They have a swords shop, a cloths shop, a general store.. you can buy buckets and pots there! I’m seriously soOoOoOo excited! What should I buy first? Bucket or pot? Gaaahh it’s too hard to decide! Its then I smelled smoke so I turned around until I saw… SOMEONE HAD LIT A FIRE AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE STORE! “OMG EVERYONE RUN FOR YOU’RE LIVES! FIREEEE!!!” I scream at the top of my lungs. Everyone around me looks at me and continue what they’re doing. Some of them even laugh at me. “This isn’t a laughing matter people! Fire is hot I think!” Alas, I could not save the people from the burning building, so I ran out the other exit into Varrock square where this prissy-looking man in a puffy costume approached me. “Excuse me sir,* the man said, ”my name is Romeo, and I’m desperately trying to reach my beloved, Juliet. HARK! Ist thou willing to undertake a charge of a most bold nature!?” He said with over-dramatized passion. “I was with you until you starting speaking idiot on me.” I said back. “Look, just go over to that house and tell Juliet I love her.” He said. “Okay!” I said and hurried off. As I was walking to her house, I tried to remember what he wanted me to say. Oh I remember! I burst into the house without even knocking (that seems to happen a lot in these times) and walked up the stairs. I saw Juliet on the balcony. “Who are you stranger?” She asked. “I am a mighty adventurer! I’ve come to deliver a message from Romeo!” I said. “Ooh a message from Romeo? Well tell me! I can’t wait to hear what my beloved has to say.” She said dreamily. Bleh, Gag unto me with a spoon. So then I thought back to what he said. “Yah I’m pretty sure he said he was cheating on you.” I said. “WHAT!?” She yelled horrified. “Yah, he must think you’re fat or ugly or something.” Then I lean in to whisper something. “Probably both.” “Oh my, this is horrible! My heartbreak knows no bounds! I am dead! You can tell Romeo that I will drink this poison and into the next world I will pass into!” She said passionately. Cool, I did*’t know there was a next world! And you get to go there by drinking poison? Sounds far-fetched, but I’ll have to try it sometime. So I leave as she’s drinking her poison and return to Romeo. “You’re back!” He said eagerly, and ran over to me. “How did it go?” “Juliet said that she was going on a trip or something, but I could tell she really loves you back. You two will be very happy together!” I said, clapping him on the back. “Oh joyous day! How could I ever repay you?” He asked me. So after taking all the money he had on him, I headed off into the sunset towards a new adventure. I slapped my forehead “Ohhh he wanted me to tell her ‘I love you’. I remember now. Man are they in trouble!” I laughed as I walked off.
  10. Arasdotle

    A Comedy

    Installment 2: DAY TWO -Black Knight’s Fortress- I’m helping a lot of people already! Think how many people ate my delicious cake yesterday for the king’s birthday! I hope they all enjoyed it. I’m so awesome at cooking! Probably one of the best, not to brag or anything. BUT, a hero’s work is never done, so I gallantly rode off into the sunset to find my next mission. I traveled west then north for a few hours and I eventually came upon a town called Falidor. Stupid name right? Pfft. I’m not picky though. Weak as they are, I am duty-bound to help them. I walk through the massive gates and through the guards and made my way to a castle in the distance. After climbing some stairs I came upon a very worried-looking knight. “Hey you look just like that knight I fed to the dragon yesterday!” I said pointing at him. “You did what!?” He asked horrified. “I mean umm…You look like the knight I DID*’T feed to the dragon. Yah that’s what I meant.” I gave him a smile and a nervous chuckle. “hmm…” he said, eyeing me suspiciously. “Aw bull, what do I care? I don’t have time for this! Not with those stupid black knights causing me no end to trouble..” He said and began to wonder off. “No wait! I am a mighty adventurer here to help you!” I said, striking a heroic pose, wind flowing through my cape. “How’d you manage to get you’re cape to blow in the breeze inside?” He asked. “IT’S A HERO THING!” I said. “Well, whatever, you said you can help? Ok where there’s these black knights north of here that are working on something diabolical! If you really want to help, find a way to sneak in and destroy it! Here, take this cabbage. When the time comes, You’ll know when to use it.” He said. “Okay I can do that! I’m off!” I say, as I run outside and jump off the ledge, forgetting I was on the second story. Luckily, I landed on a soft child, and away I was! I made it to the castle. I saw all these guards around. “Hmm… I’ll need a disguise.” I said to myself. I took out some ink and drew a mustache on me. “Hehe.. Perfect!” I said to myself. Sometimes I just think I’m too smart. So I walk up to the front door and say in an overly-gruff voice, “Err, hey fellow guards. I remember this one time I was guarding this one spot. I guarded the hell outta that one spot, lemme tell ya..” While slowly inching my way inside. They looked at me oddly and watched me move. “Ok well, I got some important stuff to guard…inside.. you know how it is!” I said, and close the door behind me. Phew, I’m in. Stupid guards! I took out my cabbage and walked upstairs through this hidden passageway that exposed itself when I pressed on a wall. In a room there was a conveniently-place hole in the floor so I could see what was going on below. Three witches were making something in a cauldron. I wonder what it could be… “Man I can’t wait for this invincibility potion to be done!” One of them shouted. GAH I wish they would stop talking in riddles so I could just know what it was!!! Well this was my time to shine. I had a sudden flashback… “Take this cabbage. When the time comes, You’ll know when you use it…” I know what I have to do! So I begin to eat the cabbage. Obviously I can fight these guys on an empty stomach! *nom nom* Mmmmmm cabbage. Just then, I slip and fall through the hole in the floor, and land right inside the pot. HOOTTTT!!!!!! I scream like a girl (valiantly I might add) and jump out of the pot, dumping what was inside it. “Fool! Now we can’t let you leave!” Shouts one of the witches. “Not even I ask Please?” I ask sweetly. “No!* She yells. “…Pretttyyyyy plleeasseee?” I ask and bat my eyelashes. “Ok fine you can go.” With that, I ran back to Falidor and reported back to the knight that I accomplished my goal! He actually gave me money!!!! Like 2500 gp! SERIOULSY SO RICH RIGHT NOW!!! Shopping spree tomorrow! I heard there’s an awesome town named Varrock where I can shop. Oh well, rest for now!
  11. Arasdotle

    A Comedy

    <3 ty wabbit *gives carrots*
  12. Arasdotle

    The Story Mat Wars.

    *offers alliance with rabbit* *gives carrot cakes*
  13. Arasdotle

    Wandering Hope

    Here's a bio. Name: Drake aether Combat style: range/melee Special abilities: he is an elder in SSOA (secret society of aether) and as Maris elder, he is bound to/has great power over water.(to the point where even the greatest Mage cannot stop him from controlling it as he wishes, this includes steam/ice) he uses this power only when absolutely nessisary. Strengths:err... Strength? And accuracy, Also is good tactician, abeit unorthodox Overpowered(yes/no): yes 8( Weapons: rune crossbow with broad tipped bolts and a mysterious bright blue translucent broadsword NOT RUNE maybe not even metal, but definitely unique. (can wield with 1 or 2 hands interchangeably, depending on wether or not he has a shield on). And anything he wants he can make out of ice pretty much. Weaknesses: earth based attacks make him have to take to the sky, if followed by a well placed air spell he can be elementally outmatched, rushes into things a bit too fast if his freinds are in danger. Armor: strong brown platelegs with spikes on the knees,small, hard shield made of the same material as sword, armadyl god hide body, black beret(his trademark) and a shimmering blue cape. God(if any): armadyl Alignment: good How is he/she introduced: I prefer in the heat of battle, but it's up to you. Appearance: young but with white hair fashioned into a curtain style, muscular, and attractive (to females) Personality: lovable but somewhat withdrawn around new people, has a fiery side if provoked. Age: 17, looks and acts older than he is NOTE: if he is accepted PLEASE don't make him one of the wanderer's slaves. Sorry if he's overpowered, feel free to make minor changes is he is accepted.
  14. Arasdotle

    A Comedy

    PROLOGUE -Unstable Foundations- Whoa, that’s alotta darkness. I mean, I think I’m looking around but I’m not sure. Looking around there’s nothing but darkness. Is this my existence!? Am I doomed to suffer an eternity of consciousness only to be alone and afraid!? Am I the only person who inhabits this void!? Why am I writing this down instead of just shouting it!?!? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Just then, a hand made contact with the back of my head. “Wake up you dolt, there’s a dragon attacking!” yelled a voice. I opened my eyes to see a dragon charging at me roaring at the top of its lungs. I think I peed myself. What? This was a lot of stress to put on a person who has only existed for 2 minutes! I jumped behind cover where I was joined by a shiny knight. “We have to kill the dragon!” He shouted. I was horrified. “What? Why!?” I asked. Out of nowhere, a goblin popped out and started remerging through a sack. “You need to kill the goblin before he takes my stuff!” The knight yelled. I just sat there dumbfounded, still trying to understand what was going on. While the knight was distracted, the goblin snuck up behind him and hit him on the head, knocking him out. I picked up the knight and threw him over the wall. The dragon started eating him and I used the opportunity to skirt around the back of it then I ran out of there. “That was weird…” I said to myself. I climbed up a ladder and I saw a large castle and a pretty landscape with trees. I thought back to the events in the tunnel. I mean, I was pretty brave in there. How great was I? Perilously fighting off that goblin and tricking that clever dragon! I just wish I could have saved the knight. Alas, the dragon ripped him from my grip at the last moment. “Don’t stop helping people!” The knight asked me as his dying wish. “I won’t!” I promised him with passion. Hmm.. yah I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. Don’t worry Mr. Knight, I won’t stop helping people. I will become the greatest adventurer of all time! DAY ONE –Cook’s Assistant- Must admit, I’m really excited! I’m gunna be more famous than anyone because everyone will love me for helping them! I wonder who I can help first… Well when I walked up the ladder, I was standing near a big castle, so I decided to walk towards it to see what was there. I walked past a sign that said “Welcome to Lumbridge” and continued on to the castle. I saw stairs down a hallway, but as I was about to go up I heard a commotion coming from the other room. “No no no!” I heard someone shout as pots and pans clattered to the floor. I rushed into the room to see what was the matter. I found myself in a kitchen with a very glum chef. “What’s wrong Mr. Chef? I heard a disturbance from the hallway.” “It’s the kings birthday today and I don’t have any of my ingredients to make his cake!” The chef said sullenly. Panicked, He continued to look around the kitchen for the ingredients. “Don’t worry Chef, I will find your ingredients for you!” I said. The chef looked at me. “You will!? Oh wow thank you so much! Ok I will need flour, an egg, and milk to make my recipe work. Bring those back to me and you’ll have helped me out a lot!” I exited the castle. My first quest! Surely this is the most dangerous, important quest of the era, so I must proceed with great caution. First, I’ll go get the egg. After a stranger pointed me towards the direction of a chicken pen, I found myself surrounded by chickens but no eggs. I picked one up and studied it. “Hmm… I wonder how these things create eggs…” I shook it around a little. I guess I made it angry because it started pecking and clawing me. Soon I was running around the chicken pen screaming for help while other people watched. THEY JUST SAT THERE AND WATCHED! I got backed into a corner as the ferocious chicken clawed the ground ready to charge. I looked down to the mud and saw an egg! I picked it up and put it in my pack. The chicken charged and I dove do the side. Me and the chicken continued having this epic battle until finally I was able to make it to the pen door, and I ran out. Egg; check! Next I’m going to get the milk. I walked into the cow pen with a bucket fully ready to milk a cow. I found a cow and grabbed a stool a went to work. This person kept trying to telling me how “that was a male cow” and “that’s not an utter” and blah blah blah. I couldn’t let simple logic stop me from me completing my task. It took some work, but eventually I got the milk I wanted. I let it collect in the bucket then I left the cow pen, everyone looking at me very weird. Milk; check! Finally was the flour. I found this mill and there was some flour already in it. Isn’t that convenient! I filled a pot full of flour then walked back out the door. I was walking down the path when suddenly I tripped on a stick and the flour went all over the ground and in the dirt. Luckily, I was a quick thinker, remember the 5-second rule, and I scooped up the dirt-flour mixture into the pot and made my way to the castle. I went back the chef with his ingredients. “Oh thank Guthix! Now if you will just add all the ingredients together and bake it and give me the cake, this can all be over.” I nodded and added the muddy egg, the perfectly-fine milk, and the dirt-flour into a bowl and mixed them together. I forget if you’re supposed to crack the egg or not so I just put it in whole. I baked the mixture and after a while I took it out. It was all brown and green and bubbling, just the way a cake should look! I made it even more pretty by putting lots of frosting on it, so you couldn’t see what was beneath. I handed the chef the cake. “It looks very pretty! I will go give this to the king right now.” As the chef hurried off, I felt very good with myself. Later I heard that the king got really sick and almost died. More installments soon
  15. Arasdotle

    The Story Mat Wars.

    I'm up for it, working on a story ATM actually. Ya... Bring it on >8D

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