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  1. PrayForPlagues

    Is Hell Exothermic Or Endothermic

    Tell me this....if hell is a place for sinners, and the devil isn't quite the saint, why is he punishing the souls? Hell to me seems like a place where all the badasses of the world hang out. It would be a big party full of gang bangers, nazis and bikers I guess...
  2. PrayForPlagues

    Drums Or Guitar

    I agree. I took piano lessons when I was young, but I hated it and never practiced. Now I play the drums and love it. But now I kind of wish I had payed more attention to piano cause I really wish I could play the keys.
  3. PrayForPlagues

    Most People Are Slightly Racist

    I find it's hilarious how black people think everyone is putting them down for something.(I'll probably be called racist cause I said black person). Always calling out white people for being racist because they were slaved way back in the day. Tell me this. What would happen if a regular black guy walked down the street of a suburb. Most likely nothing. Though if a white guy were to walk down the street of a black neighborhood, they would be yelled at, insulted, probably called cracka and maybe even beat up.
  4. PrayForPlagues

    Will Ferrell

    Is it just me or does Will Ferrell need to wrap it up? I'm not going to lie, I loved Anchor Man, and Old School, and the minor roles he played in movies like Austin Powers, and Zoolander, but he needs to give it up. He's barely changed his character since 2004. It's really not funny anymore. He's in a new movie with Mark Wahlberg called the Other Guys where he plays a cop that (who would have guessed) is a complete idiot. Last I saw Mark Wahlberg in a cop flick was The Departed, an awesome movie, where Mark played his role really well. Now he's teaming up with Will Ferrell to make some stupid cop movie.
  5. PrayForPlagues

    Eyes Of Glouphrie

    yeah, still says that it's not fully unlocked or whatever. I'm not sure what to do. But i guess I'll have to live without that quest.
  6. PrayForPlagues

    Eyes Of Glouphrie

    I'm doing the quest Eyes of Glouphrie, and I'm at the part where you need to unlock the machine. I unlocked the first part, and now I'm at the part where there are three numbers to solve. The problem is there is only 2 numbers showing and in the third box there is nothing, completely blank. Not even a red square to tell me whether I'm higher or lower, making this quest physically impossible to complete. Can I get any help here?
  7. PrayForPlagues


    Why? Yeah, marijuana and alcohol is one thing but LSD? That thing turns you crazy in an instant and unlike alcohol and weed, it's effects even from one "trip" can last for months on end, leaving you in a severe mental state. It's effects unpredictable and carry enormous risks. Don't use it if you have any form of sanity. And don't allow peer pressure and your insecurities cloud your judgement when it comes to using something that changes your body's chemistry. Then explain how John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote very, very many songs. Paul is still living healthy today. Plus flashbacks are very rare.
  8. PrayForPlagues

    70 Years Without Eating

    Is this even possible?
  9. PrayForPlagues

    Have You Had Your First Kiss Yet?

    I remember it was in kindergarten. But i went over to my girlfriends house, and i kissed her behind her sofa. LOL
  10. PrayForPlagues

    Favorite Toothpaste

    The cinnamon flavor crest
  11. PrayForPlagues

    What Is Your Favorite Type Of Bottled Water?

    Evian for sure. But I usually drink from the britta
  12. PrayForPlagues

    Legalizing Marijuana

    Loss of appetite is the last thing that will happen to a smoker. I've seen a kid eat 5 big macs. Also, most people don't smoke nearly enough to be in any danger, or at least not for a very long time. Chain smokers get lung cancer after many years, so at most one joint a day won't do anything noticeable. Since when can the government control naturally occurring chemicals and since when is THC unhealthy? The unhealthy part is the smoke. Smoking anything will damage your lungs, but there's nothing actually in the marijuana that will hurt you. The possible prices after legalization are up in the air. It could cost more because of taxes, cost less because of the unrestricted ability to grow, or stay the same because of the combination of the two. Legalization isn't necessary just so people can buy weed legally. At least in California, legalization will allow taxation which will boost the failing economy. It will free up tons of prison space and allow for the police force to spend more time hunting down actual criminals. The money that results from this can go towards education. To be honest, the legal weed part is just a bonus. @ the appetite bit. You obviously don't smoke very much. Yes you get the munchies, WHEN YOU'RE HIGH. And after long term use, the munchies are very controllable. And when you're sober, your appetite will drop. I've seen many people that smoke a lot of pot get very skinny because they are not eating. At the THC not being healthy but. Its not healthy. Its the cause of no appetite. and causses testicular cancer.
  13. PrayForPlagues

    No Black Slavery

    I'd let to get this clear to everyone, I'm not racist, this is simply something I thought of. If Americans didn't have black slaves, there wouldn't be the population of African Americans that we have today. Most would still be Africa. I don't know if African Americans are thankful for what their ancestors went through? If not then I guess they should, because it put them in this continent.
  14. PrayForPlagues

    More Space?

    I think it's time for runescape to give is a bit more inventory space. I don't believe 28 is enough? Opinions??
  15. PrayForPlagues

    (sk) (l)

    I was browsing through the marketplace and I noticed the sets of armor (sk) and (l) what do these two mean?

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