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    I'd have to say... There! *Points*

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  1. Dr Skull


    shizzle I missed my eight year anniversary.
  2. Dr Skull

    hey guysies

    the real world is scary
  3. Dr Skull

    You're all still going?!

    Skully! Long time no see. How have you been? :o Hey guysies <3
  4. Dr Skull

    Salscraft: A Thank You

    I can't believe this is ending
  5. Dr Skull

    You're all still going?!

    Holy shizzle it's you
  6. Dr Skull

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    New happenings at 1000,1000! Be sure to check it out!
  7. Dr Skull

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    1. Wartoc 2. Dei Wei 3. Micael fatia 4. Angel Hayley 5. Jna 6. Zooey 7. Lord Lookov 8. Amber Pyrilmas 9. Leo Crimson 10. O hai im KAMIL 11. Aabid 12. rubyyyy 13. Dr Skull
  8. Dr Skull

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    Wartoc Lord Lookov Kemosabe Dei Wei thenewguy1 Zooey Tigerwing0 Jna Billions911 Faded Map Leo Crimson Keegan Ruby Sk8skull O hai im KAMIL Amber Pyrilmas Dr Skull
  9. Dr Skull

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    1. Wartoc 2. Tigerwing0 3. thenewguy1 4. Quotes 5. Bintey 6. Kemosabe 7. R uby 8. Dei Wei 9. lonely 10. Jna 11. Peter_144 12. Sk8skull 13. Fabio 14. Saitek37 15. Click This 16. Big Tree 17. The Truth 18. Danielfwa 19. Amber Pyrilmas 20. Lord Lookov 21. Zooey 22. Minimen001 23. Something Obscure 24. Dr Skull
  10. Dr Skull

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Until Zooey says otherwise, Salscraft does not officially endorse any player-claimed land unless otherwise stated by an admin. Therefore, I believe now is a good time to remind everyone that griefing is against the rules. Edit: Please see Zooey's post for clarification.
  11. Dr Skull

    Max Cape

    Congratulations! It's been truly spectacular to follow along with your progress via your blog entries. :D
  12. Dr Skull


    I took a little break from Nationstates but I refounded my nation yesterday and I'm back! :D
  13. Dr Skull


    I've been here for seven years now.
  14. Dr Skull

    So Hey, If I....

    If there's still room I'd like to join. :D
  15. Dr Skull

    Quitting Runescape

    Despite having quit Runescape for quite some years now, I've always enjoyed reading your blog and reading about your recent Runescape endeavors. And although I no longer keep up with Runescape news, I am saddened to hear that this update is causing you to cancel your membership. I've always admired you, and I hope to see future blog posts of yours, whether they be Runescape-related or not.

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