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  1. fred_lay

    Vivathia's Say

    a whole new low...:/
  2. fred_lay

    Nomad?! Help! Berserk?

    http://runescape.sal...4042-nomad-101/ If you have gano, use it instead of d'hide, I was able to complete the 2 nomad challenge without much trouble with it.
  3. fred_lay

    The end

    welcome to the club I was tempted to subscribe again for the Beta, but after the SoF 200Mil GP and now the XP lamb...forget it. never again Jagex
  4. fred_lay


  5. fred_lay


    hi you. :)
  6. fred_lay

    Attack Cape, 138 Combat

    Gratz on 138. Nice one.
  7. fred_lay

    Are there Noob Capes?

    Gratz. I got some 99's kicking Merch in a combat ring *not too original* my 99 mage was at Nex 99 Slayer was at Kuradal by myself....:(
  8. fred_lay


    Flour will have to do. I believe in you :)
  9. fred_lay

    No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

    thanks Merch for taking on your time to share our views with Jagex...I should send you a green T-shirt "Stop SoF" to wear next time you pose for a pic with a Paul btw....:P
  10. fred_lay

    Who are they trying to fool?

    First Jagex killed effigies...Not for hoarding them or training skill that way...but just to be able to sell lamps/tickets...They had to. With effigies as they were, nobody would have bothered to buy their spins. For the XP, I don't know about records as I saw once a guy opening over 100 effigies within 20mn..But for sure, lamps gives you a bunch of XP And thanks. We'll see what the time decides :)
  11. fred_lay

    Crazy's Journal #1 - Dance's 120

    gl with your goals.
  12. fred_lay

    Pictures from Fred's Leaving Party

    I r Fred :P Thanks Merch and all Canting.
  13. fred_lay

    From: Squeal of Fortune Feedback Response

    Runescape has officialy made a 180° turn from the game I signed up with 7 years ago. :/ Even a 15 years old can understand the answer from Mod MMG is just full of.........perfectly avoiding the main issue that is buying XP through lamps. Over 300k XP / day is "using the Squeal of Fortune to buy their way to success"...Mod MMG is just out of contact with his game or lying
  14. fred_lay

    Merch Silenced by Jagex?

    call ****** Mod MMG about fairness >.< :P
  15. fred_lay

    Jagex ownership structure - what it means

    Great article and surely very close to the truth...sadly. I'm more lenient with the Gower's brothers...They were students when they started that, sure they made some money from the game, but an offer of $88mil should be pretty hard to ignore. Beside, I'm pretty sure IVP would have gone along the way "we inject cash to develop RS and many other games, hire more people, bla bla bla...everybody happy..."

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