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  1. Po22

    Leaving For College

    I leave for college in 13 days. I started using this forum when i was in 7th grade. Now 6 years later I still had the urge to come back and see how its been. This runs deep.
  2. Dude. Real talk. I'll miss you.
  3. Well well well...This seems interesting.
  4. Write a poem about me please Also redmonke isn't Mussolini plz stop
  5. Po22

    College Stuff

    How about sports
  6. Po22

    Im Back

    I'm 5'10"...
  7. The average person kisses 28 people in their lifetime. I trust the gum commercial that I heard that from.
  8. I lost my stole looking for my hat which i threw at someone i didnt like
  9. Po22

    Im Back

    Now that I'm going to college and will soon be 18 I realize the pointlessness of not having a picture of myself here. Over the years I've made up these fabrications of what I imagine certain people to look like before I ever saw a picture of them. I wonder what other people have created as their representation of me over the years just by the content of what I've posted and said since 2006.
  10. Po22

    Need Help

    Hi Gillis
  11. Po22

    Have You Ever

    thats why i couldnt stay awake
  12. Po22

    Have You Ever

    Bought a huge bag of flaming cheetos at 1am to keep yourself awake on the drive home so you wouldnt crash
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