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  1. Jord

    Buying friends

    Nifty. By the pound, or what?
  2. Honestly, I'd give RS3 a try. Get into a clan, they've come quite a long way and I think there's some new updates in the very near future (or just past) but a clan will help you with that motivation to continue playing which myself and many others seem to struggle with. OSRS is great and all, but honestly, it seems to be only good for nostalgia purposes and after awhile I begin to question why I'm redoing the things I did many, many years ago. Some people might enjoy that but I personally do not. :P I didn't spend my time on Runescape so I could go back and redo it whilst still having access to that original account, except on a platform which is exceptionally better. Also, I had a seriously hard time coming back to RS3 after EOC because I hadn't even been around during the BETA so I was completely in the dark when I first came back. I think easing into Legacy helped a bit, but if I had been able to use the Legacy interfaces with EOC combat like we can today I would've been much more advantageous. However, I still came out pretty happy and am now working towards maxing which is something that I've always wanted to do.
  3. If you're gonna play RS3 just pick up where you left off. The updated combat and what not is really not going to change those first few weeks or months of just starting a foundation. It'll be much easier to learn the new content on an account you're semi-familiar with, and being able to jump right in without having to worry about getting starting gear or whatever will seriously increase the chances that you'll find the new changes user-friendly. So in my opinion starting a fresh account for "Newscape" would be kind of tedious and ruin your chances of actually returning for an extended period of time. I've recently returned to my account, again, for what feels like the thousandth time but this time I have a new outlook and desire to learn. I was skilling off and on for about ten years with just basic stats (70 across the board, y'know) but after actually giving EOC a shot and learning the game again I felt an enjoyment in PVM'ing that I had never ever had in the previous releases. I also think the large issue with the perception of the game today is how others seem to bandwagon on opinions. Prior to returning even I had been speaking poorly about EOC, though I had never played it! This is the story for many others, regardless of if they admit it or not, because stuff like this really takes on a snowball effect. Also, some people say that micro-transactions and what not are a huge plague to Runescape but truthfully it's keeping the company afloat and is in no way mandatory. I find it's primarily newer players that seem to purchase stuff for real money, us vets know how to get stuff done the old ways. :) As far as 07 goes, I had high hopes initially but now it actually reminds me more of the downward spiral that we all witnessed shortly after 2007 or so. However, that being said, I'm probably biased but it's still my opinion. The only way I see 07 being an appealing or feasible community would be with a group of friends or some sort of clan of ideally old friends. It's a nice community, I suppose. They seem to put to much time and effort into convincing the community that certain updates are essential and not enough time on taking into account what the actual platform needs; in my opinion.
  4. Jord

    Double Whammy!

    About 170m I'd guess. It wasn't quite 200 thanks to bonus XP & aura.
  5. Jord

    Double Whammy!

    Got Herblore and saved it because I was only about 400k or so away from 99 Constitution. Just used a relic to get em at the same time. Construction next!
  6. I bet ya got hacked and your account was used to spam links to gold sites. If you're thorough and have a good attitude with them I think you'll be able to get your account restored.
  7. Jord

    #7 - Runecrafting

    Impressive! Congratulations. If only I had the motivation to play OSRS.
  8. Jord

    About Damn Time!

    Thanks guys! Gonna do strength and attack over the next few weeks with slayer tasks. :) Constitution is gonna be this weekend!
  9. Jord

    About Damn Time!

    Attack & Strength. Both of them are at 90, and Constitution is at 98 with 900k to go til 99. :) I got max combat at 98.
  10. Jord

    About Damn Time!

    I've always enjoyed skilling before but when I came back from a break this year I vowed to finally work on getting my combat up, finally maxed my combat level! :)
  11. Jord

    I really don't understand some adds

    Because Adblock ruins advertisements, advertisements are the lifeblood of commerce, and those against commerce are communists. Are YOU a communist? WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA? I just hate foreign car commercials in between my Youtube videos or Wal-Mart ads randomly popping up during Twitch streams. ;)
  12. Jord

    I really don't understand some adds

    Why the hell doesn't anyone use AdBlock?
  13. Jord

    99 Firemaking (#6)

    Yikes! Returning after a break is never easy, but congratulations on 99 Firemaking! :D Looks like you've got quite a few options of what to do next in my opinion though.
  14. Jord

    Malevolent VS Torva

    It's hard to determine how much you're really working with here; but I'd suggest getting Torva, or saving up for Torva. Malevolent turns to dust whereas Torva is repairable. It also is well rounded and would negate the need for you to use Bandos which really isn't very efficient, even for mid-level slayer tasks in my opinion. Overall the Torva will be lest costly as you'll need to purchase a whole new set of Malevolent quite often to keep up with how fast it'll be degrading. If you plan on strictly bossing, then I'd consider a set of Malevolent, but just keep in mind that it's gonna turn to dust so you better be able to make over 17m in the amount of time you spend bossing with it to make it financially viable. ;)

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