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  1. An Israelite

    99 Attack In F2p

  2. An Israelite

    99 Attack In F2p

    Thank you! You can use this website for hebrew, type, and then copy+paste: http://mikledet.com/
  3. An Israelite

    Where Zezima Got All His Rare Items

    Haha nice...
  4. An Israelite

    99 Attack In F2p

    Well he just now got members so i quit the race -.- Thanks!
  5. An Israelite

    99 Attack In F2p

    I quit , you're ahead and you got members now -.- Thanks bro Todah! Happy Chanukah
  6. An Israelite

    Oh Look Maxed Ba

    (!) BUMP (!) Now stfu -.- Love the editing, now prove that you can actually acheive your goals and not just talk about them in school And goodluck to Josh of-course :)
  7. An Israelite

    They Changed The Font Again? New Font Kit Needed?

    It says the new update puts the font back to normal.. but it doesn't -.-
  8. An Israelite

    Just A Small Idea.

    I was thinking ingame like this: Walk Here:X Follow:X Trade With:X Req Assist:x View Stats X Cancel About what someone said before that it will fill up the list if you noticed there is also an option saying "Cancel" under "Req assist" which i think is pathetic, because if you don't want to continue looking at those options you can simple move your mouse. Therefor you can get rid of cancel and replace it with view stats. But that's a great idea also having it on your friends list: Message:X Quick message:X View Stats:X Delete:X and the same thing with your clan chat: Kick user:X Remove Friend:X View Stats:X Cancel. Anything else before i post on the Runescape forums?
  9. An Israelite

    Seeing Your Total Exp.

    You used to be able to see your total XP by pressing skills. but since Jagex has added more skills after a while there was no room for it so they removed it. 100% support; i'd love to be able to see my total xp ingame and not have to go to the highscores every time!
  10. Good luck on 99 Defence! support you now and always! -.-
  11. An Israelite

    Just A Small Idea.

    Give me an example of professional formatting?
  12. An Israelite

    If You Could Ask Excl Any Question...

    I just PM-ed him in his Youtube profile and he answered me..and also I was in his cc the other day and he said he's doing his best to answer all the questions in his inboxx
  13. Good luck on 90+ combat skills, it really shouldn't take such a long since you are a member. I support. Check out my 99 attack log and tell me what you think -.-
  14. An Israelite

    Just A Small Idea.

    I get sick of walking around Runescape doing what i need to do and people asking me "what is you'r strength level?", or "what other 99 do you have?" My idea is another option by right-clicking on the player, and it will show an option saying "View skills" clicking this will take you to a little popup ingame, showing that player's skills ranked in the highscores. You should also have the option of contolling who sees this in-game profile. You should be able to either make it Private- only to friends, or Public-so all players can see. what do you think? i want to get some comments to see people's opinions on it before i post it on the runescape forum. please comment, critisize or support -.-

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