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  1. In the next few days you'll be seeing some major reconstruction of the thread and it's content. New sections, new and old screenshots and much more being added! Check back and post. My Stats My Current & Past Goals (Smithed Steel Bars Into Cannon Balls From 60) (Growing Pineapple trees all the way) Since I bought some nice new gear for the no food/lunar npc contact method I guess that means I'll be slaying. Don't know to what level yet but I do want to reach some combat goals. :-) (Slayer) (Slayer) Daily Mini-Blog 9/24/07 To be written soon. 09/23/07 Today was a big mix of odd tasks and skills. After achieving 70 slayer and 83 defense I got a task of 199 bloodvelds and used up my low supply of monks. Switched magics and decided to do some major supply restocking. Went to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and fished 500 monks for food. Tomorrow I plan on mining some ess and crafting NPC contact runes as I’m low on them too. =/ 09/22/07 Today was another big slayer day. After slaying for a few hours I got 82 defense and 69 slayer. Then went to clans mole event and really didn't get much besides an acorn seed. :suspect: Still slaying and hope to get more in tonight and tomorrow. Latest Achievements 70 Slayer - 09/23/07 83 Defense - 09/23/07 69 Slayer - 09/22/07 Past Achievements 82 Defense - 9/22/07 64 Farming - 9/21/07 71 Smithing - 9/20/07 63 Farming - 9/19/07 62 Farming - 9/17/06 Varrock Medium Tasks - 09/16/07 70 Smithing - 09/16/07 Varrock Easy Tasks - 09/15/07 61 Farming - 9/13/07 69 Smithing - 09/13/07 68 Smithing - 09/10/07 65 Herblore - 09/10/07 84 Attack - 09/??/07 85 Hitpoints - 09/??/07 68 Slayer - 09/??/07 62 Mining - 09/??/07 61 Mining - 09/??/07 66 Smithing - 09/??/07 65 Smithing - 9/01/07 64 Smithing - 8/30/07 63 Smithing - 8/29/07 62 Smithing - 8/28/07 61 Smithing - 8/27/07 64 Runecrafting - 8/25/07 81 Defence - 8/25/07 Major Achievements Documented Clues(Level 3) (1) (2) (3) (4)
  2. Blue Squr

    70 Slayer! Not Stopping There ^_^

    Good luck with 99 cooking :P Everyone can be a top supporter by posting :rofl: Updated with what I did yesterday.
  3. Blue Squr

    70 Slayer! Not Stopping There ^_^

    Thanks ^_^ Hope to see more soon You again? It sure does. :P Good luck to you too. :)
  4. Blue Squr

    Achievement Diary: Varrock

    You need complete the quest What Lies Below for the medium tasks not for hard tasks.
  5. Blue Squr

    Oak Island Pirates

    Hannah has... moved on, but Kestra and the rest of us are doing pretty good. :)
  6. Blue Squr

    Oak Island Pirates

    ~Image Created By Knight_Seek, Thank You Hannah ~ Clan Information Oak Island Pirates' Forum Oak Island Pirates' Runehead Join Our Irc Channel; #OIP Wear Our Signatures! [url=http://z15.invisionfree.com/Oak_Island_Pirates][img=http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/9929/oipsigve6.gif][/url] [url=http://z15.invisionfree.com/Oak_Island_Pirates][img=http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/8946/oipsig2eu1.gif][/url]
  7. Blue Squr

    99 Fletching :)

    Friend and I doing the emote together. :) Took awhile to get this, I'm such a slacker at times. <_< But anyways, trimmed capes ftw.
  8. Blue Squr

    99 Fletching :)

    Thanks everyone. <_<
  9. Blue Squr

    Oak Island Pirates

    I've had this advertisement up since April body.And I only come in now to talk to des and wes. :)
  10. Blue Squr

    ~~drcheesedude's Amazing Everything Log!~~

    This tropic was bumped but I can't help asking why you have "rs money" as a bookmark on your browser? Goodluck with 99 cooking none the less, I started at 75 too. >.<
  11. Blue Squr

    Andrews Log

    You PKed a dragon autoer/farmer. I've killed over 40 of them, you can tell by the adament full :( Nice log tho, gl with your goals. :)
  12. Blue Squr


    Wrong, Deathly Hallows is going to rock more. 10,111 minutes, or 606,660 seconds to go. #7 is tied with 126 combat
  13. Blue Squr


    Grats on 92 prayer. 126 is going to rock
  14. Blue Squr

    West Ardougne - 100% Complete

    Thank you for re-writing my guide. It needed updated. :) But why consider the wilderness teleport lever as part of WA? O_O
  15. Blue Squr

    85 Fishing

    Thanks. Fishing at Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Need to complete swan song to fish monks.
  16. Blue Squr

    85 Fishing

    3 days from 84, wow XD Last fishing level for awhile.
  17. Blue Squr

    Emote Guide

    Also Realm not Reealm :D
  18. Blue Squr

    Varrock Museum Mini-quest

    You should fully explore the mini-game before even calling this a complete guide. You're missing; The Boat Info ( Not enough kudos to tell you much, but someone can possibly ) The Quest Help On Second Floor The Basement Quizzes
  19. Almost 2 years with a few 4+ month breaks.
  20. 100 combat finally 101 even better? Oo hope I get them as my next task. Maybe 99? 72 is my last prayer level for awhile 99 Combat and 1600 total
  21. Blue Squr

    Summer Dragon Slaying Log!

    Thanks for the support Missed 76 ranged picture because of some lag + arrow stealer. I was recharging my glories and stopped by the drag to get the last 3k xp for 76 ranged. :mad: I like it there not many gp farmers. Day 3 count is up.
  22. Blue Squr

    Summer Dragon Slaying Log!

    Hello and Thanks For Visiting My Blue Dragon Log! This log was started May 13-14th Table Of Contents 1.0 The Plan & Strategy 2.0 Current Stats 3.0 Hide & Bone Log 4.0 My Goals 5.0 Donations & Ending Notes 1.0 The Plan: After slaying most of my 142 blue dragon slayer task I was hooked forever and decided this was my best way of making money. I tried RC, I've tried almost everything and slaying blue dragons is the only way I can stick with and like to do! I will be slaying dragons all summer (The days I do get on since I will have a job, camp and mission trip in June + July) hoping to make about 10.6m a month. The Strategy: Well I have almost perfected the fastest way to kill blue dragons! Since I don't have 70 agility, I'll be using the Orge dungeon as my slaying spot. I house tele (Yanille) then run to the dungeon. After filling up my inventory will 13 hides & bones I glory tele to Edgeville where I bank and then repeat. If you know a faster way (That doesn't involve 70 agility) please tell me! I am not going to slay other types of dragons, for various reasons. I'm ranging them with iron + arrows starting with 75 range. 2.0 Not only do am I slaying for the cash but also for the levels. 3.0 - Sunday May 13th - Total Count: 120 Hides, 96 Bones Today's Count: 120 hides, 96 bones Target Count: 142 hides & bones Notes: After completing most of my blue dragon task I decided I would like to collect hides and bones for a future way of making money! - Sunday May 14th - Total Count: 0 Hides, 0 Bones Today's Count: 156 Hides & Bones Target Count: 100 Hides & Bones Notes: Killed a lot more today. I went and sold about 276 hides & bones and bought dh legs with 390k left over from other cash. Hope to spend the next 4 days straight at them without selling for whip money. - Sunday May 15th - Total Count: 157 Hides, 157 Bones Today's Count: 157 Hides & Bones Target Count: 100 Hides & Bones Notes: Played a lot today. Won't tomorrow. >.< 76 ranged and somewhat close to 77! 4.0 May 13 - June 10 June 11 - July 9 July 10 - 14 Hope to have some level screenshots soon! 5.0 In no way am I asking for donations, this is just here for those who show their support! :P I'd finally like to say that this is will be a long goal and I hope to stick with it. If you have any questions please ask away! Thanks for viewing and posting. ~ ~ ~ ( Max Hit With Iron Arrows - 75 Range ) ~ ~ ~ ( 76 Ranged - Missed Picture )
  23. Blue Squr

    Summer Dragon Slaying Log!

    I hope so too, thanks for the support. I'm killing blue dragons not training slayer Starting my third day, hope to get at least 100 hides & bones today.
  24. Blue Squr

    I R Emo

    Guys the wrists jokes AREN'T FUNNY AT ALL. Way to go on 70 fletching. >.<
  25. Blue Squr

    91 Runecrafting!

    Wow congrats man. Enjoy 1m an hour >.<

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