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  1. like 6 or 7 maybe i dunno i haven't been on here in quite some time why are my avatar and sig batman is that lame or cool
  2. dlawlrence

    1,000 Page Topic 2

    i still 5
  3. dlawlrence


    so i reformatted our old computer and reinstalled windows xp. it's a dell dimension 2400, pentium 4, 1GB ram. the display is at 640 by 480 and I can't change it. I go to display properties and there's the slider bar to adjust the resolution but it doesn't move. i rebooted and it's still the same. it's a 14-inch monitor that we've had since we got the computer and it's always worked fine. the recommended resolution is 1024 by 768. how does i fix this?
  4. dlawlrence

    Runescape Reference In White Collar

    i was watching that last night but i only saw parts of the episode 'cause i was flipping between channels at commercials so i guess i missed that. ;_;
  5. dlawlrence

    Favourite Music

    ska punk/ska/punk/alternative.
  6. dlawlrence

    1,000 Page Topic 2

    aaaa eeeee
  7. dlawlrence

    Is It On Your Ipod?

    Nop. streetlight manifesto.
  8. dlawlrence

    1,000 Page Topic 2

  9. dlawlrence

    1,000 Page Topic 2

  10. dlawlrence


    lots o' language but it's kinda relevant:
  11. dlawlrence

    What Grade/year Are You Going Into?

    freshman hi skool.
  12. dlawlrence

    1,000 Page Topic 2

  13. dlawlrence

    1,000 Page Topic 2

    we'll all float on okay
  14. dlawlrence

    1,000 Page Topic 2

  15. dlawlrence

    1,000 Page Topic 2

    k i'mma be number 4 for a while so tiem 2 spam.

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