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  1. flamemagic4

    Back To Runescape

    Hey, well I played Runescape since classic. I left just about when the Grand Exchange came out. I'm back, it's summer break, so when I'm not outside doing things, I might as well have something to do. I came back briefly a few months ago and got the basics down again, must say I prefer the old layout, but I've been searching through the forums and the web page, and I see mostly just new quests as updates, are there any new updates besides that, though? Thanks a lot.
  2. flamemagic4


    Hi, I've tried looking and asking around. I can't find the answer, can someone explain to me the clan system and how to join one, when I left all there was a channel that you talked in, that was it. Thanks.
  3. flamemagic4

    Hi Everyone

    Hey, a lot of you probably don't remember be or don't know me, because I stopped playing RS right before GE came out, but I'm back now! So hi everyone!!! It feels good to be back!
  4. flamemagic4

    The Grand Exchange- Good Or Bad

    I was against the grand exchange from the beginning. I knew it would be a mistake. I was a big time merchanter. Before it came out I pretty much converted everything into gold. I've always thought it was a mistake. It never took hours for me to find anything, with knowing the right people and the right amount of money, I was able to get anything. Also I think prices were already well regulated by the free market.
  5. flamemagic4

    Money Making From Boredem

    Well before I stopped playing about 2 years ago. I merchanted a lot. I would make a fair amount of money per hour (I made several million every hour). Granted I haven't played in about 2 years, and I don't know how the grand exchange changed things but I would suggest merchanting
  6. flamemagic4

    Question About Runescape

    Hey everyone, well I haven't been active in Runescape probably since a month or so after summoning came out. I've been on the forums for a while, and used sal's way for before that. I was wondering what has changed since I left. It's probably been about two years now. So, what has changed, I'm thinking on playing once again. Can anyone give me the basics, thanks. Hey again to all of you.
  7. flamemagic4


    Well I used to play Runescape, I stopped playing a little over a year ago, some of you might remember from the forums, you might not. I've been around for a while, I played Runescape from when it started. I came on here because I was reminded about this when I saw a couple of friends mine playing it. When I was still playing Zezima wasn't number 1 because of summoning I think was the new skill back then. But overall he tended to be # 1, what happened, I mean I wanted to see what was happening and I somehow ended up finding out that Zezima is now like 278th or something. P.S. Hey everyone!
  8. flamemagic4

    Man Eats 23,000 Big Macs Within 36 Year Period

    You do realise that claiming most people that eat McDonalds are unhealthy is ridiculous, right? I find it frustrating when individuals go around saying McDonalds and Burger King made me fat. The reality is, they didn't, you did it to yourself. There are a lot of factors that make our generation of youth more so over-weight than the youth of our parents era, however, fast food is only one aspect of it. People in general are a lot less active than they were 20 or 30 years ago and we've become used to luxuries. Instead of playing outside, most kids now would rather play video games. Also, while we're blaming McDonalds, why not blame school kiosks? supermarkets? the gaming industry? the governments lack of control over health and well being? There is always someone to blame, however, people need to take responsibility for their own actions rather than pointing the finger. I agree, consumerism is causing people of todays society to become over-weight and unhealthy, however, this does not mean you can avoid this by regular exercise and eating right. Like this guy said, he doesn't eat the fries, which is more so worse for you in terms of fat content and nutrition than a Big Mac, therefore, if you know which items to eat in moderation when eating fast food and still remain active, there is no reason for you to be unhealthy. Furthermore, everything in excess is not good for you. A balanced dinner of meat portion, vegetables and a carb component is only healthy if you eat a regular sized serving, if you eat two servings, then obviously it's no longer healthy unless you're willing to run for the next few hours to burn it off. The same applies for McDonalds, if you eat a standard sized meal and go without the fries and ask for a diet beverage, then it's quite a healthy meal. I completely agree my cousin, I love him but he's really overweight he's around ten and he weighs like 250 pounds (none of you make a disparaging remark about him he's a great person, so if you want to insult him don't.) He just doesn't exercise that much and eats really unhealthy foods, he's starting to try to change that though. Also I mean look at me my genes make me want to eat a lot, my dad's a little overweight, so is one of my half-sisters, we get fat pretty easy, I used to be chubby but with all the exercise I do and with the foods I eat I changed that. If your fat even if your genes make it easy for you to be fat, the only person you can blame is yourself. Just eat right and exercise. You can have fast food sometimes, I for example LOVE Boston Market, I absolutely love it, I could live off their food especially their corn muffins, oh my god my mouth is watering just thinking about it, but I digress even though I love it I eat in moderation and even if I only ate that eat all the food groups and excersise.If you're fat don't blame McDonalds blame yourself.
  9. flamemagic4

    The Coolest Word

    Up there are: shenanigans, spelunking, snarky, ragamuffin and decombobulator. Those are the best words I could think of. I'm sorry that I couldn't narrow it down.
  10. flamemagic4


    I'm from Albany (capital of New York State), I'm a country boy, so bugs don't bother me that much. The only things that bother me about them is their faces when you see a close up that's just creepy. Nothing else about them bothers me. Where I draw the line though is if a bug is bigger than a human, then I get freaked out because that's just not natural. I mean I don't want bugs in the house mostly because if they start breeding it's a hell getting them out and some of them can hurt the structure.
  11. flamemagic4

    Omg Girlfriend

    I don't really listen to Youtube for songs. I listen to the radio or Itunes or my Ipod. Mostly when I'm at my computer I listen to the radio. There's a couple of good songs out from people near my age. Some suck while other I could understand why they would be liked. For example I have no idea why some Disney Channel and other actresses who are pretty good actresses make themselves look bad by trying to be a singer too. Can't they be happy with just being super rich actresses. I could understand why people like the Jonas Brothers or some Hannah Montana songs and a couple others. Other just boggle the mind about how they could be liked. Let me now rant: Why do these in some cases good actresses who have great careers and are making good money or even some ok or bad actresses who are still making a ton of money, have to also be a singer. Everywhere I look a see an actress trying to be a singer. Give it up and be happy with being an actress millions of females would kill their entire family to be in their position. They're just spoiled brats. Stop being so spoiled. Unless you're actually an amazing singer who actually has a chance or are a rare case like Miley Cyrus. I mean if you are really amazing fine but if not just shut up and stick to acting. In rare cases like Miley Cyrus, that's okay because in my mind her entire career is basically made of singing, even her acting is based on her singing career and she is actually worth something as a singer. Also, why the hell do these actresses sell out so much, it pisses me off. Stop being such huge sell out and make products about everything, I mean some people have barbies of them, handbags of them. Don't make a product out of everything. I think if you withhold your name more the few objects that you give your name to, if you actually choose stuff that's worth their salt will fly off the shelves like you wouldn't believe. I hate sell outs who just slap their names on anything and everything. Thank you for reading my two rants and thank you for your time.
  12. flamemagic4

    Favorite Drink?

    My favorite would have to be a tie: Fanta de limon (the ones you get in Spain, you can't get it in the States) and fresh squeezed orange juice (basically impossible to get in the States)
  13. flamemagic4

    Falador Massacre

    I wasn't at the party. I was at Falador when the killing started and throughout it. Me and 2 friends were there. No we weren't killed, we had banked everything before it even started for some reason. We had taken off all our armor for some reason, I don't remember why. A couple of my friends had participated and gave me some of the loot. The loot they got was a amazing. They knew they were going to get banned. And to rate your avatar, I'll give it a 7/10.
  14. flamemagic4

    I'm Back

    Hey guys. I took an elongated break from Runescape and all RS related sites, including Sal's. I think I went inactive in February or early March. What's new in not only Runescape but also in Sal's. So how is everyone and how is the forums and community. I started playing World of Warcraft right after I went inactive because my cousin suggested it. I liked it alot. Well it's good to be back!!!
  15. flamemagic4

    A Decision

    First one I would change tracks, and then I would try stopping. Second I would sound the horn, change tracks and try stopping. (Since they're in their 20's and not deaf they'll be able to get out of the way. Third one, I would sound the horn and go at the 20 year olds and try stopping (Mostly same reasoning as above except they 7 year old girl would be so scared she wouldn't think of jumping out of the way!)

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