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  1. Hey! How is everyone? I saw an article about runescape coming to mobile phones and all my memories of this game came back! Man, I think i was 11 or 12 when I joined this forum. I had a lot more posts before the new forum started (I think around 05) but this was my favorite site to visit and just hang out. I tried to make some threads years ago to try and reconnect with people but things never really panned out (one of the mods got super mad for some reason). Anyway, just want to wish everyone well.
  2. aj0


    what's happen man
  3. aj0

    5 Years Ago

    ok cool. Man, you're a smart guy
  4. aj0

    5 Years Ago

    na I had another account. Nice try at trying to be a smart ass though
  5. aj0

    5 Years Ago

    This place was great
  6. 5 years ago. Good times guys
  7. aj0

    Haha Good Times

    what happened to sneezingtree? Guess he retired too?
  8. aj0

    Haha Good Times

    Anyone remember chuckles? He made that great pk montage a long time ago. Did he every make a second?
  9. aj0

    Haha Good Times

    How you guys been? Haven't been here in about 4 years I think. What happened to 180015000 or a guy named something like that? I remember thinking he was the man back in the day.

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