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  1. Traviesa

    The last person to post here wins

    Congratulations! It would be sad if I were the last to reply, but even sadder that this is one of the few threads updated in the last week.
  2. Traviesa

    They're shutting down FunOrb!

    It's sad to hear this. Farewell, FunOrb! I didn't realise they had separate membership from RS -- I thought it was combined?
  3. Traviesa

    Argghhhh!!! Pesky Guilds!!

    What do you mean? I haven't finished any Falador task sets (achievement diaries, whatever) but there's a bank chest in the upper right of the minimap. I'm also a freeplayer. I can deposit and withdraw anything there. I will make screenshot(s). EDIT: Click here to see the promised screenshot. The bank chest is circled both on the ground and in the minimap.
  4. Traviesa

    The Year Ahead: 2018

    I'm very curious to learn more about skilling offhand tools. What could they be? An extra pickaxe? I look forward to seeing how they fix Smithing, which is one of my least favourite skills in RuneScape. Deep Sea Fishing sounds exciting.
  5. Traviesa

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Rose Tico is my new favourite character! I am very excited to see her again in Episode IX. I know her presence displeased the Finn/Poe shippers, but Rose had good chemistry with Finn too. It was weird to realise Rey and Poe had never met onscreen before this movie. I'm really curious what they're going to do without Carrie Fisher. Leia was right to smack Poe for his bad behaviour. Laura Dern did a really great job in her role too.
  6. Traviesa

    (American) Football

    "Next week's meeting of the Monday Morning Quarterbacking Club will be held on Tuesday because of the Christmas holiday."
  7. I knock Goglmogl on the head and tie him up. When he awakes I won't untie him until he tells me where the Phat is, then ride off in his Ferrari wearing the Phat. The Phat is mine.
  8. Traviesa

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I love this kind of thread. Drowned Lovers -- Kate Rusby
  9. Traviesa

    Trump launches military strike against Syria

    I hope the Kurds get a better deal out of this in the end and their autonomous zone is enforced and acknowledged by the rest of the world. They also shouldn't be the dumping ground for people who have hurt them in the past. The Kurds have well-defined interests and will fight everyone for those interests. The creation of a UN Zone (whatever that means) might be useful in the short-term, but look at the Sudan. How would this be different from the decades of refugee camps there or on the border of Guatemala and Mexico? Europe has destroyed what is today Syria through centuries of imperialism -- the danger of crossing the Mediterranean or going through Turkey is no more dangerous than the situation in Syria itself. The US has a history of blundering into places it doesn't belong with ill-defined objectives that shift and change over time until they run out of steam. When the US went to Iraq, they weren't there to topple a dictator. They wanted to destroy (nonexistent) WMDs. Getting rid of Saddam was not the goal. In order to save face destroying Saddam became the new goal once the world knew they'd been lying about the WMDs. Then it took forever for the US to leave -- there are still American soldiers in Iraq. Trump's use of the missiles was an exercise in phallic overcompensation -- it didn't actually do much. Nor did the use of the MOAB in Iraq. The American empire is already stretching itself thin.
  10. Traviesa

    Trump launches military strike against Syria

    I was thinking of the cost in millions, which includes shipping the bomb to wherever the aircraft was launched, buying the fuel for the aircraft, paying the salaries of all the people to manufacture, ship and drop the bomb and so on. The idea that the bomb only cost $170.000 is like saying your car only costs what you paid for it on the lot. This weapon is emblematic of American military spending, which far outstrips every other country on the planet. The Department of Defence and its subsidiaries top the list of "bloated government agencies that make little to no difference about anything." You could buy several hundred (<500)abortions for $170.000, depending on what method you used, the stage of pregnancy, the exchange rate of the currency where the abortion is done, and whether the abortion is legal there (Illegal abortions always cost more). Abortions have become cheaper and safer overall in the past 50 years. If you see abortion as murder, a MOAB is still a much more efficient use of your money to kill people. I agree something must be done, @Phoenix Rider. But a military response is uniformly unhelpful. Until Trump is willing to take his nation's share of the refugees and address the present human costs of the conflict, he has no standing to unilaterally bomb a sovereign nation that doesn't pose a direct threat to the US. Even if that sovereign nation is ruled by a despot, Trump must learn to use diplomatic tools other than force. If he worries so much about the suffering of Syrian children, why won't he let any of them come to the United States?
  11. Traviesa

    Trump launches military strike against Syria

    Now Trump has dropped a Massive Ordinance Air Blast in Afghanistan. This weapon cost at least 10 times more than what 95% of people will earn in their lifetimes. Certainly many times more than I expect to earn in my lifetime.
  12. Traviesa

    Much Ado About Syria

    Not everyone believes in "Western values" and why should they? Western values are a form of cultural imperialism used to berate and punish the Third World. Who decides what "Western values" are? Surely they are decided by Western nations, the seats of Empire. Half the time the West falls short of the standards it demands of others anyway. Western nations readily forgive the debts owed to another, commit war crimes overseas, steal elections, create warrantless surveillance systems, etc. When was the last time a European nation's leaders were tried at the International Criminal Court? Western values are only OK in the Third World until they conflict with the economic interests of the colonial nations. When a colony asserts independence, sovereignty, and the expropriation of land for its people, the West reacts by staging a coup d'etat to return it to poverty and subservience to Western puppets. If the puppets attempt to cut their strings, they are smashed and burned. Whatever is given by the West will eventually be taken away by the West.
  13. Traviesa

    Rogue One

    I agree with Army of One. More James Earl Jones, less CGI Peter Cushing. CGI Peter Cushing was dumb. Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen) was probably my favourite character.
  14. Traviesa

    Much Ado About Syria

    The role of Western powers is to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and help them escape the conflict. For example, the United States needs to step up with accepting refugees. Their role is not to provide weapons.

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