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  1. Wanted

    Whats On Your Dungeon Team

    just look for people who know what their talking about.
  2. Wanted

    Dungeoneering Do's And Dont's

    i just solo all my dungeons.
  3. Wanted

    Wanted's | 99 Fishing Goal | 83/99

    thanks for your support guys. taking a small beak and doing some soulwars. then ill be back on the sharks!
  4. Ok, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Dean, I'm 15. I currently have one, level 99 skill. it is fire making. I will be adding a new one soon once i hit 99 here. It will take approximately 94k sharks will a profit of 141M. I do not know how long this will take so stick with me. : 650/94000 Current Stats. (just spent 10m on stuff haha)
  5. IM looking to start a lvl 3 only skilling clan. Looking for a co-owner to start it with. if your interested join the cc Livid Skill. Will build a detailed rules page n stuff when i get a few members.

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