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  1. teacuptime

    Sals Realm Nationstates Part II

    Yes, we're back!
  2. teacuptime

    Grad School

    I've recently become a full time lecturer in computing, and I'm studying for FHEA status (a higher education teaching qualification) and a CAA PfAW (effectively a drone pilot licence).
  3. teacuptime

    99 Runecrafting/Max Cape

    Congratulations, that's a lot of work!
  4. teacuptime

    hello world

    I know someone who recently got a doctorate in GIS, his thesis was on using before/after satellite imagery to map earthquake damage in unreachable areas, it's interesting stuff. Sounds like you're going to do well at uni, as a recent student and as a current lecturer, people usually either shift up a gear at uni because they are learning stuff they are interested in, or shift down a gear because there are less obvious consequences to not working hard. You sound like you've gone up a gear, and in my experience that usually sticks with you until graduation. The hard bit now is going to be at the end of summer when you have to pick up again after a really long break, if you can master that, you're well on the way to a good degree.
  5. teacuptime

    99 Crafting #24

  6. teacuptime

    Army of One - Completionist Cape, Vorago slaying

    Congrats, sorry I was a bit too late to be there!
  7. teacuptime

    RuneScape YouTube – Technical Issue

    Well that explains why their servers could cope with xp-per-hit for 500,000 players in 2009, but can't cope with doing it for 100,000 now!
  8. teacuptime

    RIP to an RS Warrior

    Tragic news, our thoughts are with you.
  9. teacuptime

    200th quest extra pictures

    This was a really fun quest (if a little shorter than it could have been, only 4 sub-quests made it feel much smaller than RFD), and it's worth going back again to the city to explore afterwards and see all the little touches that have been added. I'm now 2 tasks away from completing the task diary, I'm more than halfway to buying the 200k zemomark 'gift' from Thessalia, and I've made some of the highest tier objects that can only be made from rare drops, the studded leather top and amulet of power. You can see a bug in those pictures though - Arrav's dialogue is titled Sobend, even though you're not in the room at the time.
  10. teacuptime

    99 Herblore!

  11. teacuptime

    Micael Fatia

    Thread reported for questionable content.
  12. teacuptime


    Flammable and inflammable.
  13. teacuptime


    Dark techno Hotel California remix, anone? https://soundcloud.com/dego/hotel-california-dego-edit <- made by my friend Dego.
  14. teacuptime


    Well ahead of me on Comp too... you'll love the Max Guild when you get in, there's a much quicker way of checking comp reqs in there, as well as tons of other 'make the game easier' stuff.

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