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    Sals Realm Nationstates Part II

    Yes, we're back!
  2. teacuptime

    Grad School

    I've recently become a full time lecturer in computing, and I'm studying for FHEA status (a higher education teaching qualification) and a CAA PfAW (effectively a drone pilot licence).
  3. teacuptime

    99 Runecrafting/Max Cape

    Congratulations, that's a lot of work!
  4. teacuptime

    hello world

    I know someone who recently got a doctorate in GIS, his thesis was on using before/after satellite imagery to map earthquake damage in unreachable areas, it's interesting stuff. Sounds like you're going to do well at uni, as a recent student and as a current lecturer, people usually either shift up a gear at uni because they are learning stuff they are interested in, or shift down a gear because there are less obvious consequences to not working hard. You sound like you've gone up a gear, and in my experience that usually sticks with you until graduation. The hard bit now is going to be at the end of summer when you have to pick up again after a really long break, if you can master that, you're well on the way to a good degree.
  5. teacuptime

    99 Crafting #24

  6. teacuptime

    Army of One - Completionist Cape, Vorago slaying

    Congrats, sorry I was a bit too late to be there!
  7. teacuptime

    RuneScape YouTube – Technical Issue

    Well that explains why their servers could cope with xp-per-hit for 500,000 players in 2009, but can't cope with doing it for 100,000 now!
  8. teacuptime

    RIP to an RS Warrior

    Tragic news, our thoughts are with you.
  9. teacuptime

    200th quest extra pictures

    This was a really fun quest (if a little shorter than it could have been, only 4 sub-quests made it feel much smaller than RFD), and it's worth going back again to the city to explore afterwards and see all the little touches that have been added. I'm now 2 tasks away from completing the task diary, I'm more than halfway to buying the 200k zemomark 'gift' from Thessalia, and I've made some of the highest tier objects that can only be made from rare drops, the studded leather top and amulet of power. You can see a bug in those pictures though - Arrav's dialogue is titled Sobend, even though you're not in the room at the time.
  10. teacuptime

    99 Herblore!

  11. teacuptime

    Micael Fatia

    Thread reported for questionable content.
  12. Runescape is a game where you have to manage limited resources. You need to do things as well as you can without running out of other things - food, prayer points, gp, spare time, adrenalin... all limited resources that need managing. You would think that with 10 years of running and balancing a resource management game, Jagex would be quite good at spotting the sort of issues that happen in these systems, but with RuneLabs, they have made a catastrophic resource management error, as I'll explain: It's no secret that RuneLabs isn't functioning properly. The 'winning' ideas are not the exciting medium sized additions to the game that were supposed to be put to the public vote, they are dull, trivial and predictable, and in the case of the top scoring idea (a farming timer), already in the game. Some of the issues are simply the result of bad choices by Jagex, such as ignoring their own requirement for a medium sized update this month, and not giving players any way to comment on ideas, so we can't point out that the Amulet of Nature already acts as a farming timer, but these are only surface issues, the main problem, that of small, dull ideas topping the polls is more complex. As you can see on the official forums, there is much consternation amongst the player base over the Farming timer, Slayer belt and other medocre ideas at the top of the support list. Why, the players are wondering, did those ideas get the most support? Surely they can't be the best of all the 12,000 plus ideas that are in the system? Well, they are not - because Jagex failed to recognise the existence of a limited resource that governs the success of the voting system, and therefore failed to manage it's allocation properly. To understand the problem, take a look at the posting times and vote counts of the top 100 ideas: Over and over, you'll see 29th January at about 10:20am as the posting time. Either we all turned into game design geniuses for about an hour last Thursday morning, or something has gone seriously wrong! The table above is pretty damming evidence that RuneLabs is broken, but to make it clearer, here's a table of all the 'support' votes given to ideas in the top 100, broken down by the day the idea was posted: 20th Jan: 5,041 21st Jan: 1,622 22nd Jan: 0 23rd Jan: 0 24th Jan: 0 25th Jan: 0 26th Jan: 0 27th Jan: 0 28th Jan: 0 29th Jan: 23,445 30th Jan: 1,495 01st Feb: 101 02nd Feb: 0 03rd Feb: 0 04th Feb: 0 See the problem? Most of the ideas in the system were posted on days where it was effectively impossible to get an idea into the top 100, no matter how good it was. The very highest rated idea posted on the 28th only managed to get into 354th place in the final vote. So what does this have to do with limited resource management? Well, the limited resource that Jagex haven't used well is that staple measurement of any web site's success: Page Views. It might seem obvious, but players can only click support on ideas if they have viewed them, so managing page views effectively is necessary if the system is to select the best ideas. Another thing that might seem obvious is that players don't have the time or inclination to look at 12,000+ ideas and support all the good ones, which is a problem because the system Jagex designed won't sort the best ideas to the top unless they do (actually, it's worse than that, the best ideas won't get to the top even if we all rated every single idea in the database, as I'll explain later). Players visiting the site read and support for a limited amount of time, then they go and do something else. This, coupled with the site layout, explains why we see that massive spike in votes for ideas posted on the 29th, that tails off afterwards, and why we see a smaller spike that tails off after the 20th. The fist page you see when you go to vote shows the 8 newest ideas, then you must click 'see all ideas', which shows you the 25 most recent ideas. This seems fair enough - all ideas get a chance to pick up votes from these two pages, sometimes these pages move faster, but it's reasonable to expect that more voters are around at the same times more authors are around. Next, people looking for ideas to support have 7 navigational choices that show more ideas to support, of which 3 make sense They can click to page 2 and work their way back through the database of ideas, which is fine. They can also click to 3,4 or 5 to see slightly less recent posts (why would they want to? These are fast moving dynamic pages, so users can't get back to where they were on a previous visit), they can look at the earliest posts, or they can sort by number of supporters. These last two options are why we see those spikes in voting patterns, the earliest posts are much easier to navigate to, so they get more views, so they get more support, this tails off gradually as players starting at the back and working forward eventually give up. The most supported page seems unbiased enough at first glance, as it appears to simply be democratically chosen, but the problem is that a post made around 10:20 on the 29th when voting opened, needed only 1 vote to get on to the 'most supported' page, when one made on the 4th needs 102 votes to get the same level of exposure. To be continued...
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    Flammable and inflammable.
  14. teacuptime


    Dark techno Hotel California remix, anone? https://soundcloud.com/dego/hotel-california-dego-edit <- made by my friend Dego.
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    Well ahead of me on Comp too... you'll love the Max Guild when you get in, there's a much quicker way of checking comp reqs in there, as well as tons of other 'make the game easier' stuff.
  16. teacuptime


    That was a good read - even though I'm probably 3 times the age of some people round here I still haven't quite got over the strangeness of things not being the way they used to be. Streets where I used to work, shops I used to visit, games I used to play, people I spent time with... there's a resonance with your post there. Anyway, welcome back, and although Sals is smaller and quieter, it's still a nice place to hang out, and let's be honest, this community was always about quality more than quantity!
  17. teacuptime


    Well done, that last quest battle is ridiculous, I had a lot of trouble with it and I'm maxed!
  18. I've not seen this mentioned elsewhere, but on December 16th, Jagex announced that they are shutting down Transformers Universe. https://www.transformersuniverse.com/en/news/2014/12/important-tu-announcement-161214 for full details, the tl;dr version is that the game will never get out of beta, if you bought any of the pay 2 win stuff you'll be getting a refund, and on the 31st January the servers will be switched off. Transformers Universe joins FunOrb, Mechscape, Stellar Dawn, Thirdscape and 8 Realms on the ever growing list of failed Jagex projects funded by Runescape players.
  19. teacuptime

    Gearing up... QBD down!

    As mentioned in earlier posts, all I have left now to get the Completionist cape is a LOT of combat, most of it ridiculously difficult. I've been trying to teach myself EoC combat, mostly by slaying. I've knocked off the last semi-combat task (make a tuska mask), and I'm starting to get more used to EoC (I still hate it though, it makes things needlessly complex and has no benefits over pre-eoc), but to stand any chance of killing the toughest bosses in the game, I also need all the help I can get from high-level armour and weapons. Player owned ports have helped with melee gear, I now have all 3 bits of Tetsu armour (and incidentally, I'm 3% away from unlocking the last region). Prifdinnas has helped with potions, I've unlocked every new potion and have a stash o the best ones in my bank, but other stuff needs to be bought - and some of it costs hundreds of millions - which I don't have. So, how to get good gear? First off, I've been doing my dailies more rigorously, instead of ignoring money making and just buying bonds with the slowly diminishing proceeds of my black santa drop, and secondly I've dabbled a bit with merchanting on the GE (fairly successfully), and I've also tried a few more traditional cash-raising methods. Gathering incandescent energy is made easier by the Max Guild teleport to the divination area, but the price per energy has dropped quite a bit. More successful is making double nature runes, which is also improved by the max guild - the max cape tele takes you one square away from a bank and GE, while another portal (when attuned to zanaris) cuts down the time it takes to use fairy rings. Throw in the quicker filling and emptying of pouches and the result is a faster way of making double nats than the graahk pouch, without the need to get the most out of a familiar too. I'll have to try using an abyssal titan instead, and see if that makes it more worthwhile. I also tried killing blue dragons for the drops, and this seems a very promising method as they die really easily in EoC, and it's not to hard to find a free world if you use Ogloog instead of Taverley. This leads nicely into the biggest money maker - people on the official high level forum swear by killing the QBD as the best money maker in the game. As I have to get at least one QBD kill for the cape, and the Royal Bow (forged by the breath of the QBD) is one of the cheapest very high level items, everything conspired to send me back to try and get the hang of high level boss combat. Having invested in full Armadyl, an aura of vampyrism and plenty of rocktail soup, I set out to beat my personal best of getting to the 3rd wave of the QBD (if you don't count using a deathtouched dart). Suffering a few disconnections, and not realising that tagging the artifacts quickly was vital to prevent grotworms dealing high constant damage caused me a lot of problems, but I gradually improved, and got to the 4th wave, when I could stand in the super hot flames, brandish my royal bow, die, and collect my gear with the bow successfully created. Well, things didn't quite go to plan - but not it too bad a way... I stood around for a while, with gradually diminishing food supplies on wave 4, waiting for the orange text that preceeds the super hot flames... and once I ran out of grotworms to shoot, I didn't notice that I'd started to auto-retaliate the QBD's attacks, and without really meaning to, I killed her! Slightly confused, but suitably emboldened, I went back and tried to die while forging the bow in the flames for a second time. This one didn't work either - but also not in a bad way. Inexplicably, I managed to tank the flames, forge the bow, and get a kill too. The bow is really good - as are dragonbane bolts, which are annoying to make but exceptionally good against the QBD - which is odd, as it makes it much easier to get more kills. Using the bow and dragonbane bolts turns the QBD into a really difficult boss that I needed several tries to kill, using many yaks full of rocktails, into a really easy fight - strategy and dodging of specials are not nearly as important, because you can get the kill before the beast's minions and specials have enough time to do much damage. On my first trip with bow and bolts, I managed 2 kills, each taking well under 3 minutes, and that's without much practice, giving me about 500k of rewards for a 10 minute trip. I expect that even without being a fan of PvM bossing, with a bit of practice, I'll be able to make 3-4 million gp an hour there, more than twice as much as other non-merchanting methods.
  20. teacuptime

    Gearing up... QBD down!

    I actually hang out in Merch Gwyar's old clan chat rather than Sals, but I will give sals a go soon - my player name is (strangely enough) Teacuptime :-)
  21. teacuptime

    #21- 99 Agility

  22. teacuptime

    RuneLabs - Support Ideas Now

    RuneLabs is totally broken. Ideas posted at 10:20am today needed 1 vote to get on the 'most supported' page. Ideas posted now (6 hours later) need 177 votes to get on the 'most supported' page. Ideas on the 'most supported' page get many, many times more page views than newly posted ideas. The result is exactly as I predicted: The most supported ideas are almost exclusively things that were posted in the brief window of about 30 minutes after voting was switched on when it was possible to get a prominent position. Nothing posted in the 8 days before that, or the rest of the voting period stands any chance. So the winner is already decided, it's a fairly dull dupe idea to have a pop up message appear when your farming parch has finished growing, and it's winning simply because it was posted at 10:22am, and a few 'kingmakers' voted for it straight after. Now it gets so many page views because it's in first place that it's impossible for any other idea to get enough page views to catch up, even if 100% of people who read that idea support it.
  23. teacuptime

    Membership Price Changes - 1st March 2015

    Jagex totally botched Transformers Universe, someone has to pay for that, and it aint gonna be IVP.
  24. Recently, I've been quite active on the Official RS threads for RuneLabs. For those who haven't been following the topic, RuneLabs is intended to replace the Official Suggestions forum with a system where ideas are voted on by players. It's been launched with a bare minimum of features - no voting, no searching, and deletion of troll posts being handled manually by Jmods. At the time of writing, 3 days after launch, there are 6,847 ideas in the system, with obviously game-breaking nonsense ideas outweighing rational suggestions by a factor of somewhere around 90:10, and ideas that would actually be worth putting into the game making up an even smaller portion of those. Jagex have rejected repeated calls for downvotes. To help you understand the issue, and because some of them are simply hilarious, I've collected my favourites of the more 'interesting' ideas here: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/blog/570/entry-72070-runelabs/ This, coupled with the lack of an decent index or search facilities, provides an interesting dilemma for fan sites: As it stands, there are far too many ideas for any one person to read through, so Jagex's idea that good suggestions will naturally rise to the top obviously isn't going to work, especially if all they are looking at is the number of votes an idea has, because a good idea on page 137 that gets an upvote from nearly everyone that sees it will have perhaps 1/100th the page views of an average to poor idea on page 4 that get an upvote from only 5% of people who read it. If a fan site drives traffic to the idea on page 137 though... So, what should the attitude of a fansite be to RuneLabs? Should we encourage links to good ideas, or ban them, or add a new a forum for them, or perhaps collaborate as we do on quest guides to write 'Sals' suggestions and aggressively encourage all members to vote the results up?

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