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    Stairway To Heaven

    Important Although I do appreciate the comments of good luck, I would strongly prefer that the comments are less vague. "Good luck on your goals," seems to be the common trend within these skill logs and it doesn't really help in my training or discuss my training habits. So please, if you do decide to comment, don't just leave me a "good luck" comment - make it personalized. Discuss my stats or training methods; something to show you read my log. Greetings, and welcome to my skill log. This is my first skill log here on Sal's Realm (that I can remember) and I hope to keep it updated with my latest and greatest Runescape achievements. First off, here are my current stats: Thank you all for supporting me in my goals. It really does make a difference. =) List of supporters [topic=202285][img=http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/3263/support1zu3.png][/topic] Most Recent Level | Current Goals | Long-term Goals | Random Pic | Past Levels | Past Goals Met | Drops, TTrails, Accomplishments Most Recent Level 11/13/09 Top Current Goals These are the goals I am working on now or plan to in the upcoming weeks. Top Long-term Goals Other than being all 99s, these are the goals I plan to work at once I get my current goals, not in order. I'll surely break many of these goals up into shorter spans to make them more manageable and not seem to take forever to achieve. Top Random Pic Top [p]
  2. Agent F

    Mah B-day Woot

    It's nice to see you around again and happy 20th birthday. =)
  3. Agent F


    Here are others on the first two pages of this board: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=304323 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=304014 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=304081 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=305600 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=305483 These sort of topics are popular in this board. If you wanted to make a topic like this every day, I guess no one would stop you. Just make sure someone hasn't already for that day. -.-
  4. Agent F

    Bring Back Our Tech Support Team!

    Won't it? If I open a topic with a question I know the answer to, but I see that someone on this tech team is also viewing it, I won't bother answering the question. It would be a waste of my time. If I know the answer, it's almost assured that this person knows the answer and they will most likely be able to explain it better. That didn't seem to be an issue in the past. The job of the Tech Support team was to help moderate the tech forums and to help Sal with the databases. Plus with this you aren't going to have the same five people constantly posting just to get on the team. 1.) What does the past group's duties have to do with people feeling unneeded to reply? I've never know of a person not to reply just because they thought I was replying too nor have I felt that way myself. 2.) The job of the previous Tech Support team was to develop more helpful systems. Most didn't have the know-how to help much in building the desired systems so the group aimed at helping others with their own tech issues instead. I don't remember exactly when or why TS was given any moderation abilities, but they could open, close, and move topics around where they seen fit. It's much quicker than waiting hours, days, or even weeks to get a Mod+ to do a simple command. An item database system was eventually built mostly by Sal and a specific team of Forum members were assigned to keep the database up to date. I joined the team some time during or after the Item DB team was established; I cannot remember, but TS had moderation abilities by that time. When I joined with two others, we asked what sort of projects we could work on. The answer was submit items to the database and not an actual TS project. Most of us weren't even active RS players. Even when Sal announced the new site design and system, we jumped in offering help, but our offer was declined. The Tech category continued to grow and there were a lot of people asking for help. The Mods obliged in giving us an extra ability: hiding posts that broke category rules. After a few years, the Mods figured that having an official group and private board was no longer necessary. There were enough mods to handle the reports quicker than they used to and Sal is content with working alone. So we were told one day it was to be closed down, and later that week it was. Few former TS members remained active in the category to continue helping. 3.) If they are helping out the community by posting intelligently and notifying Mods of problem areas, why does it matter if they strive to dress in purple, blue, green, or orange? I see it as a strive to further helping the community, or at least they're doing so in the process. The posts "Mod me, mod me" are spam anyway and will be removed with the user punished when the spam persists. This new group looks to be what the old group aimed for. They help people with their tech problems. It's easier to identify those who have proven themselves to be knowledgeable at all in computer technology with such a display. You have no idea how many times someone has made a reply to "help" but gave the advice that was outright crazy and completely unhelpful. Whether they were honestly trying to help or not, they could have caused a lot of problems to the OP. I'm not talking about newbies to the community doing this either. People of all levels of activity have done this and it can be difficult for the end-user to identify who to trust. That's what this new group looks to do. They want people to know they can be trusted if the OP doesn't know which posted solution would be better. This isn't a sign of superiority, it's a sign of respect and gratitude. They don't appear to be just passing it out willy nilly. They appear to be evaluating the people based on the quality of support they've given. I do not support recreating a Tech Support group like the old one was, but I do support those willing to give quality advice. I don't need a special rank or image to help out. I've continued to do so over a year after the group closed. I sure as heck don't think of anyone with a rank to be overall superior to me (that should be well known by now). I'm a helper by nature and it's nice to feel appreciated.
  5. Won't it? If I open a topic with a question I know the answer to, but I see that someone on this tech team is also viewing it, I won't bother answering the question. It would be a waste of my time. If I know the answer, it's almost assured that this person knows the answer and they will most likely be able to explain it better. That didn't seem to be an issue in the past.
  6. Agent F

    Yo I Got Something To Say!

    KOS is short for kick on sight. Because Sal cannot allocate the time to routinely update his account's ignore list to adjust those who are banned, the CC mods have setup this list of people who are to be kicked as soon as they're noticed in the chat. It's a way to encorce CC bans but it's not perfect.
  7. Agent F


    Most of them are inactive and won't notice PMs either.
  8. Agent F

    'xtras' Folder

    What add-ons do you have installed onto Firefox? I don't use a MAC w/ FF but will do some looking around for you.
  9. There are tools within programs like HiJackThis that delete files on reboot. I'm interested in it being related to Hypercam like Cattius mentioned.
  10. Agent F

    3 Problems

    The Administrator account is there by default, you just never noticed it. When you first setup the OS, the prompt actually asked you what password to put on this account before you actually created your everyday account. Glad you solved whatever problem you had, but wanted to give you that info. Check with Acer about a battery replacement. What are the specific updates in the queue that won't install? On the rare occasion, I've had to download updates manually for clients instead of going through Windows or Microsoft Update.
  11. Agent F

    Mouse Problem

    Open up the touchpad's options (via the Control Panel or icon by the clock), go to the Buttons tab, ensure the right button has a purpose and isn't set to Use: None. This assumes you have the touchpad's driver installed which you most likely do. I'd personally go buy another external mouse ASAP because I despise the touchpad, but do what's best for you.
  12. Agent F

    Bring Back Our Tech Support Team!

    I said it won't work for everyone and you just happen to be in this group. Be aware that not everyone shares your personality type and this could be helpful to others. Just disregard any such display if you ever ask for advice. There really isn't more to say about it.
  13. Agent F

    Bring Back Our Tech Support Team!

    I disagree. Whenever someone suggests reformatting the HDD and the topic is closed before I read it, I cringe. As mentioned in the other topic, some people feel better trusting the advice of someone who is allowed to use such a display. It's not going to work for everyone but it will be to some. You're never forced to take the advice of anyone here. It's just another opinion and always up to the end-user on which route to take. Look at it this way. Person A posts a thread about a virus problem having said they could not remove it using their anti-virus client. Person B asks questions about the client and suggests digging down to the problem and trying to remove the threat. Person C says it's a waste of effort to try removing the threat and it's better off reformatting the drive. Person A doesn't know which one is truly best for him/her. Both suggestions have pros and cons, and even I could see either suggestion being a better path depending on the circumstances. Person A doesn't know enough to rely on the informational level, so they'll have to rely on a personal level. Which person do they trust more? A user displaying a banner like this may help some people decide. For others, it may not play any part in the decision at all.
  14. Thanks to those who appreciate the effort I've put into assisting those with technical issues over the past 5 years. I do admit that my posting amount has decreased over the past few months, but I still login daily and read up on threads and blogs. The ratio of people helping to people asking is higher than it was in the previous years which is one good explanation why I'm not posting so much. Rest assured, I'm still here. I'm also overjoyed I was even considered at all, let alone getting an overwhelming number of votes pro, even though my weekly post count has decreased. Thank you!
  15. Agent F


    Rez rocks Sal's old forum!! To bad he decided to move on.
  16. Agent F

    Stairway To Heaven

    As you can see, I'm not chopping down trees. I'm clipping away vines that would otherwise choke plant-life.
  17. Agent F

    Stairway To Heaven

    I'm one step closer. I also got a farming level too, but nothing major there.
  18. Agent F

    Luckiest Moment In Rs

    Getting a dragon pickaxe drop only a day or two after their release was probably my luckiest moment. I told myself, "This is the last kill for the night." It happened to be an excellent decision.
  19. Agent F

    Bring Back Our Tech Support Team!

    Being a former member of the Tech Support group, I cannot agree with bringing it back in the form it was previous. There were far too many issues with moderating the area. I don't want to de-privatize information so I'll stop there. The group was also intended to help with site projects, but that didn't extend past submitting information into the three databases. Sal is content with developing alone. Along with the title came the belief that these members were experts in the field and they always knew best. This wasn't true. I admit to making a few mistakes in some threads (but I still agree with my post in that laptop battery thread). Being not apart of the group for a year afterward (a few lapses in activity included) hasn't stopped me from giving the same level of advice as I did when I was in the group. Nothing is stopping anyone else from doing the same either. In the previous form, the Tech Support group was setup and executed poorly. I don't see a problem with "wannabe mods". If they are helping out the community by posting intelligently and notifying Mods of problem areas, why does it matter if they strive to dress in green or orange? I see it as a strive to further helping the community, or at least they're doing so in the process.
  20. Edit: Everything seems to be in order now. If it's good to you, take the code here below. If not, let me know. Edit @ Mods: The below was not in a spoiler because it is supposed to illustrate exactly how it will turn out when he uses the code. No one spoilers their whole skill log because "it's a long post." When you edited my post, you actually messed up the display giving the impression the code I supplied will show the same mistakes. You caused more problems than using the vertical scroll-bar is, but to keep you happy, I have properly nested it in a spoiler tag. Furthermore, had I not stumbled upon this notice purely by chance, I would not have caught the "correction".
  21. I can see a problem already in the first line. You must close tags in the exact opposite way they were opened, especially with paragraph tags and center tags. Throughout the code, you opened a paragraph tag, opened a center tag, and then closed a paragraph tag w/o first closing the center tag. Fix those mistakes and try again. Edit: Make sure you don't try to center a paragraph tag. Check these examples. [center][p]text[/p][/center] is wrong. [p][center]text[/p][/center] is wrong. [p][center]text[/center][/p] is right.
  22. Agent F

    Outlining Texts

    Wordart has the stroke capability.
  23. Agent F

    Is It Safe...

    A whois lookup of an IP address doesn't give details about the end user's location. It gives details on the server they're using to connect with. My ISP is located in Colorado, but I live hundreds of miles away from that. @ OP: I guess it depends on what the purpose of the bulletin board is. If it's just for fun, I find no reason in giving accurate details on my personal information. In those birthday fields, I usually input a random entry. They just want to ensure you're over 13, 18, or 21 depending on the circumstance. I'm above all three so my real age doesn't really matter for that purpose.
  24. Agent F


    Go to the real debate room: Tech Discussion with Caboose talking about Linux. That other board is a joke.
  25. Agent F

    Is Sal's Dying These Days?

    This is the exact opposite to a thread posted in May/June the past couple years. The same reason affects this thread and its like predecessors.

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