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    A litte about me:<br /><br />I like to read books and think alot. Mostly about life and morality, of course a little sci-fi isn't bad here and there.<br /><br />I am a follower of Christ, learning a little more each day and loving it. I am far from perfect however. <br /><br />I want to get into the habit of writing more, but the inspiration and will power to roleplay, or write a story is just not with me, hasn't been for a while. <br /><br />I play both Runescape and WoW<br /><br />One day, I hope to have a level 99 Mudkip (u herd me!)<br /><br />

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  1. Oniyoh

    Found this Interesting.

    Miss you too man. How you been?
  2. Oniyoh

    Found this Interesting.

    Dictionary is great! However, to me and many others being a Christian is living a lifestyle. To many others who we call religious they just go to church on Sunday without any real growth. You get what I am saying? It would be like a person saying they are a physics student when all they do is go to class and not study or anything like that. I'll give you the reader's digest version. I sometimes type a lot when it's early in the morning. The people I mentioned were using religion to justify their answer. :P What I was angling at is that people will use religion in arguments as silly as that.
  3. Oniyoh

    Found this Interesting.

    I broke it up into paragraphs. You are missing out. :P
  4. Oniyoh

    Found this Interesting.

    It isn't. It's a lifestyle. Christians didn't even exist until after Jesus resurrected. :P There is a book I am reading called Not a Fan by by Kyle Idleman. It is very informative on how Christianity is a lifestyle not something you just do on Sunday. Actually the guy who showed me this video is a newer Christian I met at my church and he and I became really good friends. He showed me this video because he was fed up with the politics in church, to the point where he was no longer going to it. Shameful thing politics are, but I have seen them myself. But, I reassured him that it isn't about some building, or putting on some act, but being true and having a relationship with God and other people. He told me some of the things he was struggling with and I told me he had this immense weight because he felt guilty because of some of the things he was doing. To the point he was wondering what God thinks about him. I have seen it before, so I simply told him that there is nothing you can do that can't be forgiven. And even the bad things you are going through work to your benefit. He was relieved, and it's obvious that it's the church that threw him into this mindset. Now around my church we really are against religion to the point that some religious people have left because we refuse to do what they want. But unfortunately, there are still religious people in my church. But once you identitify them, and understand what they think they lose a lot of their sting. They become more aliken to children, rather than religious judges. That's what I told my friend Steve last night. That you know, people can be in the church for years, and yet still not grow in Christ. Those baby Christians are the most annoying thing you will run across. It's like you know you kids have hard times explaining things and sometimes they will think things that aren't true. For example when my brother was about five years old he got some gas spilled on him at a gas station. It hurt his skin as we were driving home and he believed for the entire duration of the car trip that he was going to turn into a car! He was yelling it constantly, "I am turning into a car!!" Incidentally he was turning into a green car. Not exactly sure how he figured that out. The baby Christians are even worse though. they believe they are turning into cars and nothing in the world will break them of this! Religion makes people dangerous. I am fortunately that I grew up in an Atheist home, with little to no religion, it made it easier to accept Christ at 14, and eventually get along with my current church around the age of 18. But it hasn't been sunshine and happiness, I still run into religious people. And unfortunately, it was my very family. Did you know that I am a hardcore video addict? I was surprised myself when my grandparents told my about my "problem". I was just being free of my mother's house and I use to do nothing when I was in her place but play wow and try to stave off depression. I had no job, I had not much school work, I didn't have a care or any friends outside of wow. So that's all I did. I finally walked out from my mother's place with nothing more than my roller blades and what I could carry on my back and I was given sanctuary at my grandparents place. The first thing they noticed was I played wow all the time. So began the long year or so of me being verbally and spiritually beat up on because I played video games. It became a "stronghold" in my life that kept me from God. Completely ignore the fact that the purpose of God is to be in loving relationships and I got close to many people on WoW to the point where they shared their problems and visa versa. Eventually, once I got a job and was not stopping in my walk with God. They understood what was going on, and they ceased. Actually my Grandmother not too long ago complimented me on not falling into heavy addictions during my interment at my mother's. Unfortunately, my workplace is ran by elders in my church. There is a ton of drama and politics at the little feed store I work at. But one of the biggest problems my bosses still try to bring me down on is my WoW playing. My co-workers joke about it with me and I joke about it too. Before I leave for home I look at the cashier and tell him "Alright I am hearthing" or call him a noob playfully. However my bosses liked to use it against me. Everytime I screw up at work or I am tired at the end of the work week I get asked "Have you been up all night again?" spitefully. There are instances I was asked after work when I grabbed a Redbull from the vending machine (To give myself some energy to lift weights) I was asked if was going to be up all night wowing. Again in spite. I'll admit, for the longest time it made me feel ashamed. I was keep it hidden from everyone because I felt like it was such a bad thing. It wasn't though... I struggled with what I knew and what people were telling me. I asked guildies who were successful businessmen or women and they told me to let it roll off my shoulders. Easier said than done you know, this was my family and my church family. How could I not be affected? To make a long story short (even though this is turning into a massive wall of text) I eventually broke down and talked to Josh, my friend and kinda mentor in Christ. And told him of my "addiction" he asked me simply if I get anxious if I can't play wow. I said no... then he told me that as long as I feel that it isn't wrong. And I am not getting convicted otherwise, then don't let what other people say bother you. He told me that Christ isn't going to condemn you to change, He'll convict you, but ultimately it's your choice. IE Free Will. I come to find out... that he is a gamer too. RTS, MtG, a ton of RPGs, it actually allowed us to bond. Then I find out last night that Steve, love diablo, anime, and everything else. XD My kids I teach, a ton of them are gamers. I even found out my pastor loves to hop on the xbox and play some fighting games from time to time. XD So the point I am getting at here. Is religion and the chains it bears could have kept me from a ton of friends. I no longer feel ashamed of my "gaming addiction" and actually I am going to use what I know to reach out to my children, friends and etc. Like how epic would it be if I were to explain spiritual concepts with gaming situations? Religion is crap, Jesus is not. And now I feel an urge to wear nothing but WoW shirts to church for now on.
  5. Oniyoh

    Cry Havic

    And from my wildest of dreams. I knew the truth from the moment I was saved.
  6. Oniyoh

    The Greatest Commandment; The End Of Stupid Laws.

    Ah life has been crazy. :P I now live with a roomate on my own. :) I teach teenagers at my church. I am looking to be a police officer. Life is good. How are you?
  7. I have returned! To post and spread some important information. So let's begin. The Greatest Commandment; The end of stupid laws. Something a lot of people seem to miss about Christianity and it’s not about a bunch of stupid laws. The truth of the matter is that Christianity is about having freedom, true freedom. You see people are simply made to worship something, it is like something that hardwired into us. Whether it is a belief in a deity or in the belief of ourselves, a government, a philosophy, the list goes on and on. I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t believe in something. Unfortunately so great is this trait humanity has known as faith that we use it as a way to make ourselves seem superior. I am guilty of it, in more ways than one. But I tell you this: The greatest commandment and the thing so many churchs and Christians miss is you are suppose to love one another! Now this isn’t a type of love where you are pushover, it is a love that is tempered with wisdom and strength. Fellowship and forgiveness. Once you can reach this point, amazing things start to happen. I am getting ahead of myself though, let’s examine the scripture basis behind the great commandment. “Mat 22:34 But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. Mat 22:35 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, Mat 22:36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Mat 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. Mat 22:38 This is the first and great commandment. Mat 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Mat 22:40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. “ Do you see what is happening here? The Pharisees at this time were huge religious leaders, and believed solely in the law and the law alone. They missed the mindset and what God really wanted in people’s lives: to be free of death, to have loving relationships with everyone. Not just romantic relationships, not just happy friendship, but true caring relationships. But you get churchs and these self-righteous people who don’t even know what the truth is. You get people who turn the holy word into a bunch of rules and regulations saying “If you do this and keep these rules, you will be holy then” WHAT!? No, God didn’t intend for it to be that way. You need proof? How many times do you see pompous and “holy” religious leaders putting down someone for their sins? How often do you go into a church (Or for some the last time you been in a church) and you felt the moment you talked about anything that you would be harassed and shunned. “Oh you dirty adulterer! How dare you look at pornography!” “Oh you horrible sinner, how dare you walk into this church with the weight of sin wrapped around your neck” And what does that do? That turns God’s word into a tool to condemn man, when it is meant to be a tool to free man. The greatest commandment my friends is to love God, and love one another. That’s it. I will go more in depth on what the true power of love is, what real love is later down the road. But for the time being know that it is all about love man! Now some of you may say, “Well what about the ten commandments! They are really important!” While the ten commandments are good, you have to realize something. And this will shock you, the writing down of laws was not God’s idea. Don’t believe me? Check Exodus chapter 18. I’ll paraphrase the story to get this moving. Essentially Moses had lead the Israelites out of Egypt and was encamped around a mountain. At the time Moses would settle the disputes that people were having and instruct them what God wanted. Then along came Jethro, the priest of Midian, and father-in-law to Moses. (It should be noted that Midian’s religion was polytheistic, worshipping a multitude of many Gods. Not just the Hebrew God. ) Now Jethro saw what Moses was doing and said, “Hey what you are doing is good and all, but it I far too much for you to do it alone. Why don’t you ask God for a bunch of laws, then teach those laws to people and have them help you.” Moses went along and did what Jethro has suggested. He asked God and God, whom is giving in abundance gave Moses some laws. (“Ask and you shall receive.” A bit of a side-note however: God used this folly of man to how Jesus’ grace and mercy operates. So even here, God was fully in control. ) So no, it wasn’t God who said, “Hey Moses, maybe you should write down some commandments. “ It was a polytheistic priest in-law who suggested it. Not God, some religious nut. Now… the next little interesting thing is this. The Ten Commandments, while their creation was flaky are still righteous and good things to keep. But you have to realize when man gets something like the Ten Commandments they will use it to condemn people when that’s not the intention of God at all! Now all things God gives are perfect and true, it is man who turns God’s word into some perverted and deathly. Now Jethro may not have ha good intentions in his heart, but it is often said that the road to damnation begin with good intentions. And oh how people used the Ten Commandments, added more to them, that’s right. About the time the Lord Jesus came into the world, the religious leader at the time had added so many commandments that there were literally thousands, upon thousands of commandments. They were absolutely ridiculous! An example would be that it was sin to walk out on grass on the Sabbath. Because you may accidentally knock over a grass seed and plant a seed. And that is working on a Sabbath an that I a horrible sin! That’s right.. On certain days… walking on grass… may lead to eternal damnation. Isn’t that just plain ridiculous!? And how far off it really is from God’s intention. Which Jesus has summed up nicely, “Love God and love one another.” BAM, just like that. Not “Love God… and judge others!” Why can’t we just let God change people and we just build fellowship with them. Wouldn’t that make our lives so much easier? Not having to worry about what law some man broke. “Well Bob I am sorry I can’t love you because you broke the law under article 6, section 5 which state that having a cleanly shaven face is evil. Now get out of my sight you horrible sinner!” Absolutely ridiculous, but it happens! It happens in here and now. And let me tell you this. If anyone, ANYONE is out trying to use the law to condemn men, THEY ARE WRONG. It is God’s job to change people, our job to love them. And if a brother is struggling, you go to him in tender kindness, alone, and speak with him to restore his relationship with God. ( Galatians 6.1) Let me say that again, you go to him in tender kindness, not condemning hatred. And finally… let’s examine the last thing Jesus said. “Mat 22:40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” By just up keeping the law Jesus prescribed you keep the intention of all the other commandments! How simple, how easy! Now does that mean you aren’t going to always love other people? Of course, but that is what grace is for and forgiveness. Next time I write, I am going to cover exactly what it means to love people. Not this weak, beaten own, kicked over type of love that people seem to like to portray Christians as. But real, powerful, life-changing love that God intends for all people. Until then!
  8. Oniyoh


    The problem with communism is that they fail to recognize human nature that someone is going to always need and crave the power. Unlike democracy which has more balance to those in control of power, communism abuses the system to an extent that it becomes deadly. There is no controlling of "party leaders" who were suppose to be equal to everyone else, since the communists seek to control all of the forum, there can be to free market for graphics and ideas in forums. They say that there is 'power through equality" and yet there are ranks. Furthermore how impersonal are they? They refer to us as "Comrades" bot "friend" not "citizen" not even "brother" just comrade. It's and insult to the little man. (Muwhahaha, anti-communist propaganda!)
  9. Oniyoh

    Help Fight Communism; Join The Fight.

    DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR DISGUSTING PROPAGANDA! THEY ONLY USE TO DESTROY THE VERY FABRIC OF LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! DOWN WITH COMMUNISM! Note: CAPS IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL! Liessssssssssss! Oniyoh, when the American Revolution comes (and not that puny, soft-hearted one you call a "revolution;" in my day revolution consisted of oceans of blood, not ponds or lakes!), you will be the first against the wall. WE DON'T FEAR YOU SOVIET SCUM! Americans and FREEDOM shall triumph! (Oh man this would be a perfect time to link the Team America: World Police theme song, but it has excessive cursing in it XD ) FREEDOM IS THE ONLY WAY!
  10. Oniyoh

    A Fine Day Indeed Comrade

    You attempt to provoke hatred and fear among us. You are attempting to separate us into different levels, we are one! ~Магический AND YOU ATTEMPT TO RUIN THE VERY FABRIC OF SOCIETY WITH YOUR COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA FLITH! Down with communist!
  11. Oniyoh

    Help Fight Communism; Join The Fight.

  12. Oniyoh

    Help Fight Communism; Join The Fight.

    Have you ever been a member of the Sal's Communist Party?
  13. Oniyoh

    Help Fight Communism; Join The Fight.

    Be wary, the sal's communist traitors have been known to send spies into groups like this. I call for a check on the loyalities to the people here. Each person should answer this question, honestly and as quickly as possible: Have you ever been a member of the Sal's Communist Party? Fight for freedom!
  14. Oniyoh

    A Fine Day Indeed Comrade

    DOWN WITH THE MOTHERLAND! The Red Menance seeks to take our graphics, take our lives and ruin the very foundation of democratic society! POWER THROUGH FREEDOM! I URGE YOU ME BROTHERS, FIGHT FOR FREEDOM AGAIST THE RED TIDE! Henceforth, I call for a scourging of the groups in the scape lounge who claim to be agaist the motherland! These groups could contain soviet sal spies hoping to ruin the chance of freedom from the inside out! WE MUSTN'T LET FREEDOM FALL! I say to you now this question that each new recruit to these anti-communist group: Have you ever or are you a member of the Sal's Communist Party? DOWN WITH THE MOTHERLAND, SPIT IN THE FACE OF THE RED TIDE!

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