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  1. @@Moog, I had a link to my twitter and blog on here which is awkward, haha, but that's just what I specifically mentioned. The entire six years I've been on here are cringey.
  2. Why would I link all my real world crap to a runescape forum? that is a special kind of stupidity especially since my real world crap has never contained any kind of content let alone runescape content. I'm glad I'm not interesting enough to stalk cuz y'all could have found out my real name with a little internet configgling. teenagers seeking relevance should not be allowed on the internet without supervision! Also my account is Loki?? I know I did that recently but jesus christ. edit: how do you remove an outdated result in a google search? because I'll search my name on google and something will show up in the search thumbnail (??) that has information about me long since deleted. when you go to the link it'll say something like "nothings there that doesn't exist" and I want to get rid of the info floating around in the thumbnail but I don't how or if I can. I had a poll. preps or emos. wtf.
  3. I hate tours and touristy things (I'll obviously be a complete tourist and I will most definitely take many blurry pictures and possibly wear a fanny pack but I do still want an honest experience). What do I do?
  4. I keep seeing these people on my social networking sites that are like "When I wake up tomorrow my president still better be black" and I just want to sit them down softly and stroke their hair and say "You're new at this, aren't you?"

    1. nazgulwing


      If they were gonna vote for someone based on race, it should've been Gerald from Hey Arnold

    2. Arianna


      We dodged one hell of a bullet though: if Romney won, we'd have disproven the "once you go black, you never go back" axiom! :o

  5. I thought I put too much garlic in my nacho cheese sauce, but no! It's perfect!

  6. Does anyone longboard? Any info on someone interested in longboarding?
  7. this comment is about mostly nothing
  8. I finished season 3 of Torchwood and season 2 of Doctor Who. I'm done now. Goodbye.
  9. Ianto.

    1. Amber Pyre
    2. Fabio


      exactly what I wanted to type Amber!! but you beat me!!

  10. Accepting the condition your body is in is a whole lot different than being okay with it. Do you really think fat people aren't aware they're fat? That because they don't realize that they're fat, they stay fat? I'm not going to debate that with you because when you read it you're going to realize how stupid it sounds. I don't know where you got the "I'm fat, but everyone else is so it's okay" thing from but it was definitely not from the news anchor. What did the man think he would accomplish by sending that e-mail? Did he really think Jennifer was going to agree with everything he was saying and quit her job? Or try and lose 100 lbs. as fast as she could? Obviously not. So what was the point of the e-mail? According to many of you, fat people should not be in the public's attention. The man raised a reasonable concern, in an insensitive way, and should be listened to. Okay, well, Let's dive into this some more. He says she's too fat to be on TV, some of you are kind of like, yeah. So, obese people should not be in the media. That tells me, either fat people shouldn't be seen or fat people shouldn't be successful. Noo, you say. We just think she shouldn't influence the children. Yeah, because when kids see a fat person they think "I want to be fat when I grow up." Once again, nooooo, you say, but they may think it's okay to be unhealthy. Well, I say, have you ever heard of parents? Teachers? Health class? School? Kids who have brains in their skulls? Has anyone here seen Easy A? Well, it's about Emma Stone, who's a a nice galty chick who isn't actually a a nice gal. Amanda Bynes leads of group religious pricks who decide to torment Emma Stone because she's "ungodly". See, Amanda has a good reason for being a terrible person!She doesn't want Emma Stone to influence the school with her a nice galtiness!Because it's okay to bully when you have a reason. God isn't a good reason,you respond, /r/atheism and all that. But our country's obesity problem is a very good reason! What are fat women in the media going to do? Really? Tell me, please, how that's a problem.
  11. I think there was a lot of ignorance behind the e-mail, but I don't understand how it couldn't be an attack. The concern for impressionable viewers is like adding "no offense".

    1. Dimosthimise


      She also voiced Zojja in GW2 - drove me crazy when I couldn't match the voice.

    2. Smilefishy


      Felicia Day <33333

  13. I love this video! It's absolutely fantastic. I agree with everything she said. I've always been at a perfectly average weight, usually in the lower half of the healthy BMI scale. My parents have always been lovely, nothing ever even remotely near a put down about my looks or weight. I was home-schooled and never had to deal with hurtful classmates, I only ever watched PBS Kids and the only time I spent on the internet was playing Runescape. I was a huge tomboy and would rather play tag than touch a Barbie. However, our culture of "only one ideal" was prominent enough that it even took it's toll on me. I remember crying in the bathroom because of my fat thighs at ten years-old. How does that happen? I think it's so sad. I'm not trying to be whiny because I have nothing regarding my life I should be whiny about, what I'm trying to say is that insecurity is not a problem or an epidemic, it's what life is now and it shouldn't be that way. Anyways. Yeahhh. P.S. I cannot stop singing the first three lings of "Carry On My Wayward Son". Everyone I know is bleeding out their ears.
  14. Why all the arguing against states' rights then? (curious) I don't discuss my point of view here but rather speak out against what I consider to be improper or incorrect arguments. I use Sal's to hone my discussion skills, not to debate what I believe in. Either that or welfare is the 7% I don't agree with. you're so fat (Either that or article 1 section 8 of the US Constiution gives Congress, not the states, the power to "lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts an provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States." and as such it is my Libertarian prerogative to ensure the proper federal support for these programs.) Is that really referring to ourwelfare program? As in, helping the needy? Or the welfare of the country? Not disagreeing, just an honest question. I'm Jon Snow.
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