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    Congratulations! First of all, why do you have 4 Rune Defenders? I want to know how you got 1768 Gold Charms, too.
  2. Terminator

    Runescape Hd - Members-only Beta Launch

    I like the "RuneScape HD - Members-Only Beta Launch" Update. In my opinion, it is good and hopefully, this would make players change their opinion on the graphical look of RuneScape.
  3. Terminator

    ~| Don's 99 Attack Party |~

    Thanks, would have hated that Which cape color do you want to use by the way? I would like to be on the Gold Cape Team.
  4. Terminator

    ~| Don's 99 Attack Party |~

    I will be able to come althought you should know that there might be a player who will not listen in the Clan Wars Minigame and start to kill you so you should make sure that Auto Retaliate is turned off.
  5. Terminator

    Safety First Emote

    Thanks! I am going to get it as soon as I will be online.
  6. Terminator

    Safety First Emote

    I noticed that there is a Safety First Emote. Now, I know that you get it in the Barbarian Village Dungeon, but I do not know how to get it.
  7. Terminator

    Why I Like The Wilderness Removal

    In my opinion, it is true that players can do things without being worried. However, I did like the fact that we were able to kill each other that way. I find it funny that there was a protest for a very long time and every day, I would see if it is still active. In conclusion, we should be happy with what we have and move forward.
  8. Hello! I am not a new member in the Sal's RuneScape Forum, but I was inactive for a long time because my friends and I were playing another game which was the reason for that. I decided to be active because I remembered how I got a lot of information from here and how I used to search around this forum every day.
  9. Terminator


    Congratulations! However, you should try fighting monsters at The God Wars Dungeon. Good luck! ^_^
  10. Terminator


    Congratulations! :D I think that you are going to do well on your exams. Good luck!
  11. Terminator

    Terminator's Goals And Achievements In Runescape

    Thanks! ;) Thanks! :D It is very fun to be a member; more skills and new quests. Thanks! :D - I am getting 70 Firemaking by burning Maple Logs in Falador. I am going to sleep because it is quite late, however, here is a screenshot of 63 Firemaking:
  12. Terminator's Goals And Achievements In RuneScape Introduction Greetings! This is my goals and achievements in RuneScape. I wanted to make a topic last month, but in my opinion, it would be better to post it on December 1. I am a member in RuneScape which means that there will be many goals and many achievements. I started playing it about 2 years ago, however, the actual date of starting is unknown. Here is more information about myself: date of birth is June 6 (1995), born in Israel, likes to play Online Games and favourite colour is yellow. Recent Achievements In RuneScape Clue Scroll Level 1 - 63 Firemaking - 40 Herblore Goals In RuneScape My goals are 99 Firemaking, 99 Strength, 99 Ranged and 70+ in all skills. These goals are very hard to get and they should take a long time so do not expect them in 5 months because they can be changed, however, this section will be updated if there will be a change. Special Occasions In RuneScape Jagex Moderator Loudon Other Notes About This Topic It would be very appreciated if you would post in this topic because it would benefit your Goals And Achievements Topic. If you do not have one, it does not matter to you although if you do, you will recieve a post for posting on mine. There might be a time that no levels will be posted because of school (which means working on projects, studying for tests or a lot of homework) or leaving for a couple of days for an holiday. If you see a screenshot with your username in it and you want to keep it private, contact me via this forum. There might be a time that the Special Occasions In RuneScape Section will not get updated although big drop parties, fun events and famous players will be posted in this section. Thanks!
  13. Terminator

    80 Magic

    Congratulations! You should get 85 Slayer. Good luck! :)
  14. Terminator

    November 18: 70 Fishing!

    Hello! After catching many Lobsters and being entertained by the Canting Away Clan Chat: Thanks!
  15. Terminator

    60 Construction! A Goal Achieved

    Congratulations! You should get 70 Construction and make a party. :o
  16. I am going to come! :P Hopefully, we will have a lot of players.
  17. Terminator

    Log Of Emoberk - 2482 - 99+ Skillz

    Congratulations! Are you going to get 70+ in all of your skills? Good luck! :P
  18. Terminator

    We Don't Need No Education!

    Hello! The education in Israel is very bad. Some of the teachers in Israel are not teaching beause of 3 main reasons: paid unfairly, around 40 children in a class and asking to increase the amount of hours in school because of other long strikes. It started 23 days ago and is continuing without a "moving process" or a solution. The older ones are affected because they have exams and some teenagers get bored so they decide to hang out in a park, talking until the local police tells them to go away. The younger ones like it, but many think it is time to stop and find a solution as soon as possible before many teachers will quit their job. Israel's Government should find a solution with this organization before the future of some will get ruined. Wake up! I am a member in Runescape which is good. I am fishing Lobsters which will be used for F2P PKing and looking forward for more good updates: Assist System Update - good, but it quite annoying that you can not assist while doing a quest. I am doing an hard quest, but stopped so hopefully, the time will come and it will be finished. :s Thanks for reading!
  19. Terminator

    November 12: Some Updates

    Hello! First of all, the strike is continuing and for anyone who is interested, school starts for me at 8:50 AM which is good. I decided to convince friends in real-life to play Runescape and they accepted. They are becoming very good, but it takes a lot of time to explain to them some of the basic things in Runescape, such as Random Events. It is very fun to play with friends! <_< I am fishing Lobsters because 70 Fishing is my goal. I thought about getting 99 Ranged because it has a good Cape Of Achievement and it is very helpful for F2P PKing, however, this goal will get started later. Thanks for reading!
  20. Terminator

    We Don't Need No Education!

    ...? 40 to a class is common elsewhere too.But really while I do agree that teachers in Israel probably face problems, they aren't going to solve anything by refusing to teach. :/Although being paid unfairly must really suck.I hope a solution is found soon... :/However, the teachers were ignored many times. The government is going to force them to work, but the organization has their "secret weapon": if this will happen, around 3000 teachers will decided to quit their job and this is a very bad thing.
  21. Terminator

    Assist System

    Good update! It would be very helpful for players who want 99 Cooking or 99 Fletching. Fast experience! :)
  22. Terminator

    99 Attack Achieved

    Congratulations! I wasn't online, but if you ever see me online and you are about to get something good, tell me. What's your next goal? Good luck! :)
  23. Terminator

    No School For A Week

    The teachers in Israel are not teaching because of some reasons: payed unfairly, around 40 children in a classroom and asking to increase the amount of hours in school. It is very confusing, but here is an example: tomorrow, if the strike continues, school starts for me at 10:45 which is good. However, it is very annoying to the older ones who will have exams soon. You should remember to sleep longer than usual and most importantly, have fun! :)
  24. Terminator


    Congratulations! I am sure that you will get it. Good luck! :P
  25. Terminator

    I Did It! I Did It!

    Congratulations! It was fun. We should do a bigger event next time: Castle Wars and a Singing Competition. :D

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