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  1. The Skiller

    My Departure

    To the remaining members of the Sal's community, I bid you farewell. I have decided to end my Runescape "career" and thought it best to severe all ties to the game as my previous attempts to "quit" have been in vain often due to small connections reviving my interest. That is not to blame Sal's or its great community at all, for I am nothing but grateful; it is simply time to move on. Forgive the blab that I'm about to have, despite my best efforts I am a bit overcome with emotion. I can't recall why I chose to come to these forums. I believe my older brother had an account and I was in a phase of copying his every move, but then again I like to believe I happened upon this community myself. It's a wonderful pocket of the grand RS world, one that I am happy to have been a member of for nearly 6 years (still not even 1,000 posts, what a noob I am). Though I rarely ventured beyond the debate room, I dappled in various topics across the array, and I believe many of the remaining members are aware of me, if not know me/have had interactions. It's been great fun through and through (though I do apologize for ever insulting anyone in the debate room, I could often get heated quickly). Three things I wanted to specifically mention: I made a post during the months leading up to my Prom asking for advice and I have to say, it was one of my favorite posts to read; between the joke responses and the serious ones, I loved it (even Sal commented; I felt like such a celebrity ). Thanks for that again! I often went on tangents that either didn't make sense or took an aggressive stance against others; I apologize for that, I was (and still am) a teenager and have a great deal to learn about effective and cordial discussion. It was fun though, I learned quite a bit from you all. I credit this community, specifically the Achievements sub-topic under the Runescape Discussion section, for my Quest cape achievement on my most recent, and final, account. I often go through that sub-topic to view how great other members are, and finally decided to join the ranks. If it hadn't been for that to provide inspiration, I may never have gotten that. Thank you. I hope the community continues on; it's a lovely collection of intelligent people from around the world that I am truly grateful to have been a part of. Oh, I will miss you Sal's. Take care, Skiller
  2. The Skiller

    The Luck?!

    Had this happen just tonight, thought it was pretty amazing. My reaction was to immediately shout "You gotta be ******** kidding me" a bunch, and basically getting hyped over the 2.9m that I got (I play poor). Anyways, yeah! That's my first time ever killing dagannoth kings so nice start to the world of bossing!
  3. The Skiller

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    I noticed CNN and other major news networks (of the democratic party) took down polls put up hours after the debate asking the public who they thought won. Apparently the polls were heavily in Sanders' favor (80% for most) and following that, almost every network ran Clinton as the clear winner. Is it not interesting to anyone that Clinton was declared the winner by so many of these big media companies, given that they have supporters who also bankroll her campaign (TimeWarner and CNN for one)?
  4. The Skiller

    My First (real) Achievement!

    This achievement in particular was significant to me! It took hours upon hours or running throughout Gielinor and though I nearly blew my brains out at the hand holds of Mourning's End Part 2 (anyone?!) I suffered it out and now have a pretty cape (my first achievement cape of any kind)
  5. The Skiller

    Gun Control in the US

    I feel the American political system approaches tragedies such as this the same way every time: create discussion, say changes must be made, then let it die out and move on. Frankly, that's what the approach seems to be with a lot of controversial issues. People don't want to make change, they want to keep their votes. I understand the 2nd amendment won't change (even though it was never intended to arm citizens with assault rifles that they could tote up and down main street), and I also accept that American society has become too gun-loving to ever take serious action with gun laws. Sad truth, but one I accept.
  6. The Skiller

    Do we want to know?

    Hey guys this came to mind last night and I thought I'd throw it out to get a discussion going. Basically I'm wondering how everyone feels about this back and forth argument that's been going on since Edward Snowden released all the information he did. The question goes: Do we really want to know? What I mean is information that's classified and kept at a high level of secrecy. We want to know that a terrorist threat was stopped, or useful information was gathered that led to the rescue of innocent civilians held prisoner (or what have you). We also want those kinds of things to happen. However, we don't want to hear that the way the information was gathered was through waterboarding or another "interrogation" technique, because then we get in an uproar (at least some of us). So where do you stand? Release all the information because the public deserves to know? Obviously this extends beyond the CIA's counter-terrorism acts, and into public data collection, etc. Or, tell us the stuff that concerns us and keep all the knitty gritty private? Or don't tell us at all? Or _____(insert).
  7. Mamma mia! Had to. Passion is a good thing but only in small slices. Had to.
  8. The Skiller

    McDonald's Will Serve All-Day Breakfast Starting Oct. 6

    If America is going to continue leading the world's growing image ( :rofl: ) at least it'll be with the best kind of food.
  9. The Skiller


    There's a few problems with changing these laws, and I believe there's a larger picture perspective being taken with cases like this. Before I expand on that, let me be clear: I don't think two consenting teenagers (even if not at the legal age) should be prosecuted for engaging in sexual activities with one another, such as this case. Now, in regards to any charges of possession of child pornography, sexual exploitation, and related charges, you reach a tighter situation. Changing these laws can cause rippling effects, possibly weakening the ability to prosecute actual sexual predators. I'm not saying making a law that allows consenting teenagers to sext is going to open a door for perverts, but it is a tricky legal area.
  10. The Skiller


    Smash. I love Smash.
  11. The Skiller

    The last person to post here wins

    Sobend shall not win.
  12. The Skiller

    Will We Survive?

    Depends. Are "people" a general term the way various species of monkeys or apes are referred to (as "monkeys" or "apes")? If so, then no. If not, and "people" are how we see our specific species, then yes. If we evolve into a subspecies and are no longer homo sapiens, then I would say it would be up to that new species to determine how they refer to themselves.
  13. The Skiller

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    Ah who doesn't mistake the frail white politician for one of the greatest NFL running backs (who is the opposite color). My mistake though, complete brain fart.
  14. The Skiller

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    I feel terrible about 2016. Trump is turning the Republican Party into a joke, and though it's much too earlier to actually affect voters (I believe), he's dividing the early set voters which creates division which weakens the chances of real Republican candidates (I like Ben Carson personally, though he won't get it). This leaves the Democrats. Hilary Clinton is a terrible choice; I see her efforts to conceal/destroy information and protect herself as poor presidential traits. While I understand the need sometimes to withhold information for several reasons, I still find the way she and her people handled/are handling these emails and other documents dishonest. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it will stick with her, though I hope so. The problem is, that leaves Bernie Sanders, a man who, while seemingly honest, caring, and all about the people, is two hops short of a complete socialist. Socialist ideas will cripple our nation's economy, and those who don't believe so are underestimating the efforts companies will take to transfer their business out of country to avoid paying higher costs, which is what many of them (socialist ideas) rely on. I'm an American, I can vote, and I honestly have no one in mind that I trust. Which scares me. EDIT: Grammar mistakes EDIT2: Barry Sanders is not Bernie Sanders.
  15. The Skiller

    Music Recommendations Thread

    My great goodness, this song is fantastic (no lyrics). I also like this guy, when I need a little bit of humor and some rap.

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