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    Will We Survive?

    Throwing this topic out to see if it gets any conversation going. Do you think the human species will reach a conclusion? I recall as a child hearing how the sun will go supernova or whatever in thousands of years so if humans are still around by then (somehow) then we would totally be wiped out. However, at the rate we are going I understand there is great question as to how many more millenniums we will last. So, do you see an end? Do you see Mankind dying off, or do you see us (as a species) evolving to the point where our mortality is still very real but no longer a threat on our continued existence? Science has made great leaps in allowing our species to thrive over the time we have been alive, but there is undoubtedly so much more to uncover. Could the unknown hold secrets to surviving forever? Personally, I don't know what to think. I'd like to say that we will find a way, but that's the optimistic me. The realistic me thinks that we're a pretty bad species in terms of how we treat our planet and how we act and that we'll die away in the next couple thousands years, if not sooner. What about you all?
  2. The Skiller

    My Departure

    To the remaining members of the Sal's community, I bid you farewell. I have decided to end my Runescape "career" and thought it best to severe all ties to the game as my previous attempts to "quit" have been in vain often due to small connections reviving my interest. That is not to blame Sal's or its great community at all, for I am nothing but grateful; it is simply time to move on. Forgive the blab that I'm about to have, despite my best efforts I am a bit overcome with emotion. I can't recall why I chose to come to these forums. I believe my older brother had an account and I was in a phase of copying his every move, but then again I like to believe I happened upon this community myself. It's a wonderful pocket of the grand RS world, one that I am happy to have been a member of for nearly 6 years (still not even 1,000 posts, what a noob I am). Though I rarely ventured beyond the debate room, I dappled in various topics across the array, and I believe many of the remaining members are aware of me, if not know me/have had interactions. It's been great fun through and through (though I do apologize for ever insulting anyone in the debate room, I could often get heated quickly). Three things I wanted to specifically mention: I made a post during the months leading up to my Prom asking for advice and I have to say, it was one of my favorite posts to read; between the joke responses and the serious ones, I loved it (even Sal commented; I felt like such a celebrity ). Thanks for that again! I often went on tangents that either didn't make sense or took an aggressive stance against others; I apologize for that, I was (and still am) a teenager and have a great deal to learn about effective and cordial discussion. It was fun though, I learned quite a bit from you all. I credit this community, specifically the Achievements sub-topic under the Runescape Discussion section, for my Quest cape achievement on my most recent, and final, account. I often go through that sub-topic to view how great other members are, and finally decided to join the ranks. If it hadn't been for that to provide inspiration, I may never have gotten that. Thank you. I hope the community continues on; it's a lovely collection of intelligent people from around the world that I am truly grateful to have been a part of. Oh, I will miss you Sal's. Take care, Skiller
  3. The Skiller

    More Girl Stuff

    Hey everyone, I was here last with a post about my prom situation. Well, it's different now, but I still need advice and possibly reassurance. Let's begin. I've been at college for a full trimester (last fall) and now a week of the second trimester. Since I've been here, I became friends with a girl named Alli. We hit it off, I found out she had a boyfriend early on and I respected that, but we were still friends and hung out in groups mostly. Secretly, I did like her; she's super nice and incredibly gorgeous, it's hard to not develop feelings. Anyways, a few weeks before thanksgiving, she breaks up with her boyfriend (of 3 years). I respect the length of their relationship and know she'll need time, so I'm just there. I don't get too involved, I just keep talking to her, hanging out occasionally, being a good friend. A few weeks later, break comes. Our break lasts from thanksgiving till January so I leave for 6 weeks and don't see her. However, we text a lot and things began to seem to take a personal turn; we are expressing our mutual feelings and care for each other. She tells me she misses me and is anxious for me to get back because she wants to hang out in person and see where it goes. Well, I get back about a week ago from today. We hang out on tuesday, watching a movie and not doing anything (like romantic). That's fine, it felt nice just to hang out together. To keep the story short, I felt like there were plenty of moments to kiss her while we were hanging out and I didn't. Then the movie ends, I leave, stand in my dorm for about 2 minutes, then text her saying "I forgot something", head back over, and kiss her. She returns it, we say goodnight, that's that. Off to a good start. The next night, she comes over. She can tell I'm upset (which I was) and I tell her I'm just wondering if she's ready to try this. I told her how I wanted this to work so if she wasn't ready I could wait longer and how I didn't want to ruin things by kissing her and blah blah. It went on for a while, me saying all these things about trying really hard and wanting her so bad. Something must've worked because she sat next to me on my bed and again to keep a long story short, we basically covered second base and were heading for third when we both agreed to stop. She told me how fun and unexpected that was and how it felt right but she wanted things to go slower. I agreed with her. The next night, she came to watch a movie. We just cuddled, kissed a little, and that's it. It was a very...close time though. I felt close to her, she said the same thing. I thought things were going great, we'd take it slow and slowly become a thing, then into a relationship. Well. Yesterday, I go over to talk to her. She tells me the following (in a shortened version): 1. She likes me, as more than a friend. 2. She wants this to work with me, she wants to try things out. 3. She just can't right now, she thinks too much about her ex and what she could've done different (she blames herself). 4. She doesn't want me to leave, she just wants time and a little space (to go much slower). 5. She distinctly said how it's not that she's pushing me aside as her friend, and "I mean, if I wanted you as just a friend I wouldn't kiss you the way I did. I don't want you gone." So, give me a break if I don't see the crystal clear message she's sending. I really want this to work with her, and I know I need to just follow what she says and give her space. I just wanted to hear the expert opinions of the community; you were all super helpful with my prom situation I figure maybe you could help here. NOTE: Due to Lynnretta's post, I became aware of an important fact I missed. She is definite on her break up, from everything she has told me. Her thinking about her ex is more like thinking about how she handled it, and as she said "things I could've done, should've done" both regarding their relationship and when she was breaking up with him (it was a long, hard break up as he was extremely upset and went about insulting her and constantly attempting to contact her). UPDATE: I talked to her again last night and she told me that it's not that she wants me to just be her friend, she just can't be as serious as I was. So I told her how i was going to approach much more relaxed and just see where things go and she got ALL over that idea and was agreeing with it and telling me how that's exactly what she wanted. So I was a little confused because the whole going with the flow thing may lead to me making moves or trying to kiss her ya know? I asked her about that and she said "I don't mind flirting, I would flirt back. We are close, I just can't be in a relationship right now." So I'm approaching currently with the mindset that I can flirt/make moves on her, I just need to be relaxed and understand this is not a relationship or even a "thing" right now NEW UPDATE: Went over there to watch tv and hang out, made a move, she responded, to keep the baseball terms up, I hit a triple and rounded for home. Where do I go from here? NEW UPDATE: Ok I don't really understand women at all. I went back over today and made it all the way around, and everything seemed great. She used the phrase "us" when we talked about keeping it secret for now, and I was a little thrown. Should I have a talk with her about it or just let it go? We're not together obviously, and though the "participation" brought us closer, I don't want to take it as an excuse to jump back into my serious mode. Any ideas where to go?? Also I apologize if this is getting out of hand in terms of description, or if it seems I'm not just reporting to boast. I promise I'm not and am genuinely confused by the past few events. Thanks everyone, and I can keep this updated as it progresses.
  4. The Skiller

    The Luck?!

    Had this happen just tonight, thought it was pretty amazing. My reaction was to immediately shout "You gotta be ******** kidding me" a bunch, and basically getting hyped over the 2.9m that I got (I play poor). Anyways, yeah! That's my first time ever killing dagannoth kings so nice start to the world of bossing!
  5. The Skiller

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    I noticed CNN and other major news networks (of the democratic party) took down polls put up hours after the debate asking the public who they thought won. Apparently the polls were heavily in Sanders' favor (80% for most) and following that, almost every network ran Clinton as the clear winner. Is it not interesting to anyone that Clinton was declared the winner by so many of these big media companies, given that they have supporters who also bankroll her campaign (TimeWarner and CNN for one)?
  6. The Skiller

    My First (real) Achievement!

    This achievement in particular was significant to me! It took hours upon hours or running throughout Gielinor and though I nearly blew my brains out at the hand holds of Mourning's End Part 2 (anyone?!) I suffered it out and now have a pretty cape (my first achievement cape of any kind)
  7. The Skiller

    Gun Control in the US

    I feel the American political system approaches tragedies such as this the same way every time: create discussion, say changes must be made, then let it die out and move on. Frankly, that's what the approach seems to be with a lot of controversial issues. People don't want to make change, they want to keep their votes. I understand the 2nd amendment won't change (even though it was never intended to arm citizens with assault rifles that they could tote up and down main street), and I also accept that American society has become too gun-loving to ever take serious action with gun laws. Sad truth, but one I accept.
  8. The Skiller

    Do we want to know?

    Hey guys this came to mind last night and I thought I'd throw it out to get a discussion going. Basically I'm wondering how everyone feels about this back and forth argument that's been going on since Edward Snowden released all the information he did. The question goes: Do we really want to know? What I mean is information that's classified and kept at a high level of secrecy. We want to know that a terrorist threat was stopped, or useful information was gathered that led to the rescue of innocent civilians held prisoner (or what have you). We also want those kinds of things to happen. However, we don't want to hear that the way the information was gathered was through waterboarding or another "interrogation" technique, because then we get in an uproar (at least some of us). So where do you stand? Release all the information because the public deserves to know? Obviously this extends beyond the CIA's counter-terrorism acts, and into public data collection, etc. Or, tell us the stuff that concerns us and keep all the knitty gritty private? Or don't tell us at all? Or _____(insert).
  9. The Skiller

    Is my avatar weird?

    That smiling guy below my name is Bob Ross. He was a host for a TV show called "The Joy of Painting". I don't want it giving off a vibe that I'm that guy, or look like that guy, or resemble Mr. Ross in any way. I'm only 19, and I don't even have a beard or fro. Am I ok? Or is a mandatory change necessary? 12:56 am concerns. Thank you all, The (very young) skiller
  10. Mamma mia! Had to. Passion is a good thing but only in small slices. Had to.
  11. The Skiller

    McDonald's Will Serve All-Day Breakfast Starting Oct. 6

    If America is going to continue leading the world's growing image ( :rofl: ) at least it'll be with the best kind of food.
  12. The Skiller


    There's a few problems with changing these laws, and I believe there's a larger picture perspective being taken with cases like this. Before I expand on that, let me be clear: I don't think two consenting teenagers (even if not at the legal age) should be prosecuted for engaging in sexual activities with one another, such as this case. Now, in regards to any charges of possession of child pornography, sexual exploitation, and related charges, you reach a tighter situation. Changing these laws can cause rippling effects, possibly weakening the ability to prosecute actual sexual predators. I'm not saying making a law that allows consenting teenagers to sext is going to open a door for perverts, but it is a tricky legal area.
  13. The Skiller


    Smash. I love Smash.
  14. The Skiller

    The last person to post here wins

    Sobend shall not win.
  15. The Skiller

    Will We Survive?

    Depends. Are "people" a general term the way various species of monkeys or apes are referred to (as "monkeys" or "apes")? If so, then no. If not, and "people" are how we see our specific species, then yes. If we evolve into a subspecies and are no longer homo sapiens, then I would say it would be up to that new species to determine how they refer to themselves.
  16. The Skiller

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    Ah who doesn't mistake the frail white politician for one of the greatest NFL running backs (who is the opposite color). My mistake though, complete brain fart.
  17. The Skiller

    Flag Bearing, Flag Wearing

    There's this whole issue about the Confederate Flag, and it showing up in the Southern States in the past few weeks. Due to this, the media is now gathering anything Confederate-flag related and throwing it into the mass, as many organizations and groups sign petitions to remove the flags, keep people who wear the flags out, or stop certain people from performing (this goes to Kid Rock who had numerous organizations in Detroit urge him to stop supporting the Confederate Flag or they would ask him not to perform in Detroit as he is scheduled). Frankly, my understanding (and question soon) is this: If you wear the flag, and I mean knowingly adorn it upon your body or outside your home, in full understanding of its origins and symbolic representation, then you are supporting the separated Southern States that formed during the Civil War in an effort to maintain slavery laws that were in place at that time. Question: Do people think otherwise when they wear these flags? What else is there? The flag is a symbol of the Southern States that detached from the US and formed their own group-the Confederacy. This group supported slavery, alongside other laws that the Union, or rest of the US, did not. Knowing this, as I would guess most who wear/support the flag do, then choosing to wear this flag as a shirt or drape it over yourself or hang it outside your home or business is to say "yes I support what that collection of states stood for". If that's true, -.- If that's not true, (what do you think it means to wear it?) This can be extended to people who wear any flag as a shirt or put a flag outside their home, though beyond this Confederate Flag issue, nothing comes to my mind that holds the same confusion when I see people wearing/supporting this. End note: Are they all just racist? Is it that clear and cut?
  18. The Skiller

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    I feel terrible about 2016. Trump is turning the Republican Party into a joke, and though it's much too earlier to actually affect voters (I believe), he's dividing the early set voters which creates division which weakens the chances of real Republican candidates (I like Ben Carson personally, though he won't get it). This leaves the Democrats. Hilary Clinton is a terrible choice; I see her efforts to conceal/destroy information and protect herself as poor presidential traits. While I understand the need sometimes to withhold information for several reasons, I still find the way she and her people handled/are handling these emails and other documents dishonest. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it will stick with her, though I hope so. The problem is, that leaves Bernie Sanders, a man who, while seemingly honest, caring, and all about the people, is two hops short of a complete socialist. Socialist ideas will cripple our nation's economy, and those who don't believe so are underestimating the efforts companies will take to transfer their business out of country to avoid paying higher costs, which is what many of them (socialist ideas) rely on. I'm an American, I can vote, and I honestly have no one in mind that I trust. Which scares me. EDIT: Grammar mistakes EDIT2: Barry Sanders is not Bernie Sanders.
  19. The Skiller

    Music Recommendations Thread

    My great goodness, this song is fantastic (no lyrics). I also like this guy, when I need a little bit of humor and some rap.
  20. I find 07 to be fantastic not only for the nostalgia, but for the longevity. I've been playing constantly for going on 4 months now and have yet to reach a stale period. However, as Sobend said, try both and see which you enjoy more!
  21. The Skiller

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    Could not have said it better myself. I particularly agree with the Carson and Christie points. It's unfortunate that Carson doesn't have significant name recognition or a political background; I'm very interested in the idea of a non-political candidate (you know, no corruption). As far as Christie goes, I need to make a larger statement first: this debate was so early and so large solely so Fox could set the candidates up in a pissing match against each other, and it worked beautifully (for those that bit). Christie bit hard. He was on the attack and it came off bad. Really looking forward to Sanders vs Clinton (with a little Biden in there too), especially since Sanders doesn't seem like the guy to attack Clinton during the debate (which he totally could).
  22. I don't like the idea of the player vs player sailing. I hope that's an option for specific areas, rather than regardless. Bout time though.
  23. I like to take breaks from games when I feel myself running thin on enthusiasm for them. You don't say specifically if that's happening with RS3 and yourself but if it is, take a week off. Try a different game, take a run through an old Pokemon game, etc. Come back after a week and see if you're super excited, or bored coming back. Either way you have an answer.
  24. The Skiller

    Will We Survive?

    What makes you say this though?
  25. The Skiller

    Flag Bearing, Flag Wearing

    Can you provide a source? Otherwise I can say I read once that "The South and all its inhabitants hated black people for all time." Also, I believe the Civil War, from the Confederacy side, was fought over the disagreement in the 10th amendment, which delegated power not specified to the federal government, to the states. Slavery was the main issue, as it was not stated by federal law at that point that slavery was illegal, thus the Confederacy saw it as their state right to make the laws regarding slavery, whilst the North disagreed. That's how I understand it and how I understand slavery was one of the main issues. I don't understand how people can view/use the Confederate flag as a symbol of national pride; that's what the American flag is for. They don't live in the Confederacy, or even in a separate union called "the south", as much as they believe. They live in an area of the United States that is geographically situated in the southern (south-east for some) part of the United States. They are as equal states as any other group of states; the fact that they have a history of being a separate union does not mean that their people should think they now have two flags to fly because they once were something. I don't see the pride of that flag either; it doesn't represent you as a southerner. It represents the Confederacy and what the Confederacy fought for. You can't change that, that's what the flag was made for and what it died representing. I get that people like to be open-minded and accepting and obviously I'm for that, but not if it means I must be ignorant in exchange.

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